5 Things you Find at a Tiki Bar - Tiki Tuesday

What makes a tiki bar? Have you ever wondered what actaully makes a tiki bar "tiki"?

Entering a tiki bar is like entering an enchanted world - a getaway - a perfect place to let go of all your worries. Today I will be showcasing 5 things every tiki bar will have!

5 - Decor/ Ambiance

The number one thing you will notice at any tiki bar is the decor and atmosphere. When you walk in you will notice it is dimly lit (unless outside by the water) its an intimate setting with highlights of color showcasing its nautical decor. You will also notice the furniture will mostly be wood and rattan with bamboo over the walls and ceiling. Alongside you will also find totem poles.

In the background you will find tropical or surfabilly bands playing - maybe even live. And for a special treat you can sometimes catch a ukulele player!

4 - Fusion of Polynesian Food

At most tiki bars you will find a fusion of Chinese, french, and american cuisines. And most likely they are cooked in Chinese ovens.

My go to dishes are:

  1. Pupu Platter

  2. Pecking Duck

  3. Pad Thai

3 - Funky Drink Names

Usually all tiki bars have their own separate menu of tiki drinks, displaying them in a large photos. Its the adult kids menu!

These drinks have the most outlandish names, from a fake place, based on a fear, about a women, anything under the sun!

2- Fun Barware

Tiki bars is the place to have your beverage served in an array of fun cups! you can drink out of a coconut, pineapple, shark, helmet, or bowl. Most popular are tiki mugs.

Some bars even have their own designs and you can buy them! My favorite things about tiki is there is so many, you can find a star wars one to a golden girls one - one for every fandom.

1- RUM!!

Tiki drinks are predominately rum based ..... so lots of rum!

Just like the drink, they have their own menu, and they are categorized by island pr taste. Most bars even have flight specials to try out rum and if your lucky they host symposiums on different topics about their rums. so check out your local tiki bar!

Honorable Mentions

  • Water Features - They don't have to be at the water but it does help give that " no worries" Margaritaville vibe. Some locations create their own water features with a fountain.

  • Hawaiian Shirts - if the sea of tropical attire doesn't get you what will?!

See my video for more!