Goodwill South Florida - #GIVEBACK

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

It comes to no surprise that I shop at Goodwill South Florida. From finding gowns I need to separates, shoes, décor and more! There is always something unique to find, that’s why when I got invited to Goodwill South Florida Headquarters I was excited to learn more about this amazing organization.

First off, Why I Shop at Goodwill?

I have 3 main reasons:

  • Find something unique Shopping at this thrift store helps me create my own style. I can mix the old and the new. It’s a refreshing feeling to walk into their numerous locations not knowing what you’ll find. There are unlimited opportunities to come across something pre-owned that is fabulous, funky, and even something I can up-cycle.

  • Reasonable prices At Goodwill you can find something valuable for next to nothing! I love that you can create an elegant look without breaking the bank! Even some Halloween looks to ugly Sweaters! Just check out my pictures!

  • Help the community Not only does Goodwill help keep reusable goods from landfills but they also provide jobs and programs for large numbers of homeless, veterans and ex-offenders. Goodwill provides a second chance to individuals that are trying to make their lives better. In itself that brings me a “spark of joy” knowing that my donation or purchase is going to help someone in my local community and also make an impact.

What is Goodwill South Florida?

Starting in 1959, Goodwill South Florida, a nonprofit organization serving Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe counties, has become a significant support system for people with disabilities and other barriers to work. They have numerous services to help towards their goals, meaning they can support employees and offer rehabilitation services.

  • Manufacturing - They fabricate American Flags in house - Largest manufacturers for uniform for the Armed Forces. - Business solutions

  • Commercial Services - Custodial Services - Laundry Services

My Favorite Parts of Goodwill South Florida Headquarters

As I mentioned before, I had the honor of being invited on a tour “behind the curtain.” I got to see firsthand how Goodwill of South Florida operates. I must say, I was humbled! Upon entering I was greeted by Melissa, Creative Digital Manager, with a wide smile. Seeing all the employees, I can see how appreciative they are to have found a place that gives them opportunities and a new lease on life.

Their manufacturing facilities are huge!!! Coming from a manufacturing background, I must say they have ample space, trained employees, and machinery to mass produce. No wonder they are one of the largest suppliers of uniforms and flags.

My favorite experience was listening to the "The Spirit of Goodwill" Band. The band is made up of people with a variety of physical, developmental, and psychological disabilities such as autism, mental retardation, Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy, visual impairments, and behavioral disorders, among other disabilities. And it was such an honor to have them play just for me!!! Check out the video!

What can we do to help?

Now you know Goodwill is not just a store. It’s also a source for helping out the community here is a recap of what you can do.

  • · Donate - Money - Clothes, cars, furniture – One man’s trash is another’s treasure

  • Shop at stores! or online!

  • Purchase a Florida or US Flag

  • Business - Can hire a Goodwill Graduate - Business donations - Provide manufacturing services - Laundry service

  • Volunteer

Thank you for this opportunity!




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