Got my Vintage Findings!

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

The House of Finding Logo

Vintage lovers of South Florida! Get ready for an amazing Vintage shop opening in Miami Mid May 2018!

This boutique definitely has the most appropriate name, because if your trying to find something vintage - this is The House of Findings!

The House of Findings is run by an amazing woman with a strong history in fashion & vintage, Mayra.

"Mayra has a 30-year career in the fashion industry. She developed high level skills while employed as a buyer in New York's garment district from 1979 to 1989.  She has also represented young designers. Launching the careers of many now well established professionals, and merchandised several designer jewelry brands. "

Mayra opened the first House of Findings in Miami in 1989 - 1995 and then moved just outside of Boston and created an online Boutique! Now! We get to have her back in Miami!

When Mayra told me about her opening, she invited me to a private viewing. I was super excited! I am a vintage connoisseur.

I was greeted with a smile from Mayra as she was unboxing beautiful trinkets for her Boutique. The House of Findings is an experience you must check out. She has vintage items ranging from the 1920's - 1990's. There is something for all vintage lovers!

Her decor has a timeless and luxurious ambiance. You will feel like you are being transported to another time!

While not all her items are displayed, I certainly saw many pieces that caught my eye! I went home with a few new hats!

'"Jennifer, this all sounds nice but what's the catch?!" Your probably thinking about the price. I must say (being someone who buys vintage) her items are very reasonable priced for the era, condition, and quality of each piece. Confidently I say , your findings will find a place in your home without guilt.

My New (to me) Hats!

If you already know me you know I LOVE hats! I tried so many hats and fell in love! I purchased these three hats (the beginning of many purchases!) I'm sure I will be wearing them around town, car shows, PINNED brunches and more!

When the House of Findings opens in Mid May, there will be so much vintage clothing, hats, jewelry, decor, and more!

If you can't wait till the opening, contact The House of Findings via Instagram @thehouseof findings to schedule a private viewing!

Comment below on what items you are looking to see in this new South Florida Location!

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