Inked Beauty with Blondie Braaps - PINNED Podcast: Episode 31

Inked Beauty with Blondie Braaps - PINNED Podcast: Episode 31

Join in as I speak with Miss PINNED January Blondie Braaps! We get into her start of modeling, hardships, & prison tiktok?!

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Episode Transcript

Miss Pinup Miami 0:05

Hello, and welcome back to the pin Podcast. I am your host Pinup Miami, and today is Episode 31. This is the podcast where we talk about modern topics with a vintage flair. If you don't know if it's your first time, thank you for clicking on here. I hope you subscribe and listen on to the rest of what we have to offer here. And if you're a returning listener, welcome back. I love you. I appreciate it. You mean the world to me. I just want to say that if you want to know about our guests behind the scenes, check out our Instagram at the pinned podcast official or mine Pinup Miami. You could also give us a text at 183348 pinup. I'll read any shoutouts or any suggestions that you have for the show. I've reached out to a couple of guests that you guys have suggested and I'm excited for you to hear them so make sure to give us a follow. Today I have a very exciting guest we got blend Blondie brats. You can find your Instagram Blondie, underscore raps on Instagram, and she is a model a personality a bombshell, a sweetheart are the list could go on and on January of the pink calendar that is sold out. But if you guys still want one, you can head on over to her cuz she has some in stock. And her what's your website? Bonnie makes it easy, easy for you go Blondie browses. It'll show up or follow her Instagram and send her a DM and say, Hey, let me catch up you $20 $25.

So tell us about yourself.

Blondie 1:42

Oh, shoot. I don't know, like where to start. But tell me you're modeling your us. I don't really consider myself a model actually. But a lot of people say that I am your model.

And you guys are not watching on YouTube, you can watch the Pinup Miami YouTube channel, you can see this podcast, and you'll be the judge she's a model or not. So I think it all kind of started. I don't know if you've heard of ink mag. Mm hmm. So it all kind of started with that. Just one day, I was like scrolling on social media and I saw an advertisement like, you want to be on the cover of this magazine. I was like, yo, sign up and try it. And it's turned into the big huge thing. Like I was working like, every day to do stuff for that competition. And it was a lot of work actually, like I was busting my butt just about every day, every weekend. So during that competition, I started doing like photo shoots, like just to get content out there on my social media and to put stuff on the like my page for ink mag and all that. So just doing all the photo shoots going out and doing events because I was dressed up in costumes and like trying to pass out flyers like a vote for me type thing. And

so I think it just all started from there. And then after that, that was technically my first like Polish magazine. So it was for the cover of ink mag. But unfortunately, I got third place, which is still cool. I got I still got a page spread in it. So that was January issue, I believe. But um, so start from there. And then just from then on, like I just kept doing like photo shoots and submitting my pictures to other magazines and just kind of started going from there. And people are coming at me now like, hey, like I want to shoot type thing. So I guess that's like, that's exciting, is cool. It's fun. So April might be twin sister, she's like seeing all that stuff now too. So she's like, wants to be a part of it. She's trying to do it too. So we're trying to work together on doing that stuff. And like a lot of the brands are starting to come out to me now to like, hey, can can I send you this so you can get pictures and all that and I'm like, of course, like it's cool. It's fun.

Miss Pinup Miami 3:56

What is like one thing that you learned with ink magazine, like the competition to be on the cover? Just

Blondie 4:05

there's a lot of work. Kevin good, like a good work ethic and like, like, don't let people tell you no, you know, and then if you have, like, have this like dream or inspiration to do something, do it. Like, don't give up and just keep working at it. You know, and just don't take no for an answer. You know, so I was just trying anything I could to figure out how to like, get around things, you know, because I've one time like someone told me I can't remember like what they said, but they said something about like about me not like making it or something I was like that just like made me like drive harder to compete in that competition, you know,

Miss Pinup Miami 4:48

some positivity to pity and I like they took that negativity and made it like, you know, I can do it. Yeah,

Blondie 4:54

it made me like want to work harder and be like, I'm not gonna take no for an answer. You know, so I don't know, it worked out though, so and then just being I'm just trying to be like positive with things too, because there's a lot of times where I like run into things or, like I ran into a lot of people that were really positive about it. But then there's also like those. I think they're called trolls troll on social media. And there's people that are just mean like, really mean and negative. And they were like, talking about how I look cuz I'm like a tall a really tall person. So like, they would say, like, I was like a man, like, I look like a man type thing, just feeling the same, like dumpster rolling. It's like, I get like, constructive criticism. But if you're gonna say something negative, and just talk about people, like, why even say anything? Like, there's like enough negativity going on? Like, we don't need to hear? Well, I don't need to hear like that. Like, just say something like, you don't have to say something mean, like, if you don't have anything nice to say or something constructive to say to me, like, just don't say it. Like, what's the point of wasting that energy?

Miss Pinup Miami 6:02

I agree. I feel like some people waste their energy being mean, for no reason. And I also think it's because they have issues. Yeah, like, or just,

Blondie 6:11

I don't know, if it's just like, people just being jealous, or they're just not happy with their lives. So they gotta try to make other people lives like, like, miserable or whatever, but I just tried to ignore them. But it's something it's really hard. So sometimes they'll be like, sucks. It really sucks to hear that stuff. But sometimes it's gonna like, not listen to them, you know, so, Oh,

Miss Pinup Miami 6:35

I know. I but what was your so we heard about your experiences, what has been like one of your best experiences in modeling in your, in your experience? Besides the calendar, of course.

Blondie 6:51

I was gonna say I was gonna say that the inked mag was I don't know if it was just because it was the first time I've ever got to do something like this. But when that competition ended, and I got the phone call of like my results, like like almost like sorry, like crying so I got the results like I wish I was like the cover but like I was really happy with the third place but um, it the results and then they they paid for my trip out we went to Las Vegas paid for my trip out to Las Vegas paid for like the hotel stay. And then you get driven to a we did it out at a park I think I believe it was called a Valley of Fire. I think that's what it was called. But it was back behind Las Vegas. And they drive out there to this bus and got like our outfits all done like hair makeup. And it was just an awesome experience. It was so fun. It was great. And just having like that trip, like paid for and it was an amazing experience. And all the behind the scenes and all the hard work you put into it. You're like,

Unknown Speaker 8:00

oh, it paid off. Yeah, it

Blondie 8:01

was it was really, I don't know if it was just because that was my first experience. Like, that was like a pretty big magazine for my first time thing you know, so like, after doing it, I don't know if it was just because the first time you know, but it was just so cool. Getting flown out there. And I just felt like a rock star like in I get off the airplane and there's this like Mercedes like limo van waiting this the guy picks you up and you get in. And they had like this big they had screens all over so the screens had like my picture and like, oh, third place winner and I just felt like rocks are so

Miss Pinup Miami 8:37

cool. It's awesome. Even that little detail.

Blondie 8:41

It was so cool and fun and the other girls that were there they were really they're really nice and cool to like hang out and get to know because you're only you're like competing with these people and you don't get to know anyone and you only see them on their socials. Yeah, that stuff so it was cool. So let me Anna we still keep in touch I keep in touch with the second place girl every now and then. So

Miss Pinup Miami 9:03

that's nice. It's not like it sounds better than America's Next Top.

Blondie 9:08

I was gonna say the pinned calendar. That was a good experience too. Because like I absolutely loved like my set. I loved the location and car you picked for me like I just felt like that was me like, That's like my style and it was so fun. Like I just loved the whole going to get your hair and makeup done and pictures. It's just a lot of fun.

Miss Pinup Miami 9:31

Yeah, and that's that's what I love usually, because we had COVID this last this the current last year I'm like confused because we're still in January. The whole thing is like a home makeover and I really want to give like I have so if you guys don't know I run a pinup calendar that I do. It's pins calendar, you go to pin if you want more info and I'll have applications out by the end of January, and I like to pick all types of girls to showcase on the calendar and last year I did a car theme And when I saw blondies application, I was like, Whoa, we're starting the year with this bombshell. And then I really love Mohawk Bob. So rat rod. And I was like, you know, that's a very nice car. And I thought her in this car would match. So I tried to match like the car with the look. And and yours was really good, I

Blondie 10:20

loved the pictures were amazing. And then just like the photographer, she was really easy to work with, and then having you there, like, kind of coaching and be like, hey, you should do this, or let's do this. Let's try this. Like it just, it just, it was fun. It really helps having like, those extra eyes and extra people there to help you do stuff, you know, and so just you like to, because like, I was kind of like reading up on stuff. But to be like a good mom, you should kind of like know poses, like practice poses, but it's also like, that's great to have. But I also love having that extra extra help with the people in the eyes, you know, so it's, it was cool.

Miss Pinup Miami 10:57

I liked it so much. Oh, perfect. That's what I like to do. Because me and Maddie I teamed up with her because I used to model for her for her plus size bar photography. And what I like about her is that she and I see eye to eye when it comes to what the vision and we also want the model to really be comfortable. And Mama's not seeing what she's seeing in the camera. So she could be low, she could be high. So her input on you know, what she sees is helpful. And then from my experiences, I try to style, you know, a certain way. And I think it works well because then the model knows like for example, you'll have your poses that you've been comfortable with but then I'll think of something she sees something in the camera maybe see something in the camera so I really it's like a nice teamwork. And that's what I really try in everyone. You know, once you break down that like nervousness of new people, yeah, then your coffee cuz you are rocking it on the floor on the hood on the side of the car.

Blondie 11:52

Yeah, like know your angles to like, a lot. And then she

Miss Pinup Miami 11:59

she has some really high heels.

Blondie 12:00

Yeah, those are kind of hard. They look nice, but they're hard to walk in. So

Miss Pinup Miami 12:06

yeah. So how is it in other shoots when you shoot for other magazines? Is it is it more like you there the pressure is just on you and they take the photo.

Blondie 12:14

So I've been working a lot with like the same photographer, he's become like one of my friends. So it kind of helps when you kind of like work with the same people. But when I work with new people I don't know we kind of just talk about things for a little bit. And I'm like, hey, like I like I always like shooting on my right side. That's where all my tattoos are. So I like say that or I'm like well I like this I kind of standing up because I don't have any girl likes us but I don't like crunching down and sitting down in posts. I feel like I'm like bigger. Yeah, trying to find I'm like any I like getting ways where it makes you look like long and thin type thing. So like, I always like try and work with new people because it's just great getting that different content. And then you always are learning something to like with new photographers and even working with other models like doing the doing the group shoots are really fun too. So

Miss Pinup Miami 13:09

and I love this ice when you did like you were like cold. I was like wiper look ice. I don't know, that

Blondie 13:15

was probably the intimate picture you're talking about. I was like it is supposed to be like um, so that's why I went to the Valley of Fire because they want to we're actually supposed to go out of country and go somewhere really cold. But that that didn't work out. So we just were like, the photographer was like amazing, like, went out to these canyons and he photo edited or photoshopped it to make it look. He turned it all blue. So it looked like brown eyes. So my thing was like being like an like an ice queen ice goddess. So I'm pretty sure that's the picture you're talking about. Because I was like leaning against a glacier. Yes, the free like top and I had like a skirt thing. Yes.

Miss Pinup Miami 13:54

Yes. They picture. I love that photo.

Blondie 13:57

It turned out like amazing. And that's the other thing too is like sometimes, man like I feel like I'm like not looking good in these pictures. So that's another good thing too is like looking at what the photographer is getting and sometimes like wow, like that picture only turned out really good. So I don't know like I've felt like that where I've done a shoot where I'm like, I'm like not feeling like I'm taking good pictures at all and then it ends up being like one of my favorite sets. It's so weird. What's your favorite? Is

Miss Pinup Miami 14:25

it the ink mag your favorite set? Like after you see the photos you're like Ooh,

Blondie 14:30

it's it's really hard to say except like I feel like I've ran across a lot of really good sets. Okay, so let's make it easier what

Miss Pinup Miami 14:40

what kind of photo to do you want to do like a dream shoot of yours? Shoot. I thought that would be easier. Um, you shot with bikes you shot with rods.

Blondie 14:56

I would like to do more pinup and rat rod stuff but another one magazine I've been having my on was house eek mag. Okay, so I tried to apply for them, but I didn't get picked. So now, okay, I really want to target this magazine now, since I didn't get

Miss Pinup Miami 15:12

I like your motivation I like when like you get torn down you're like no, I'm gonna

Blondie 15:16

do it. So like, I think that's another one I have my eye on right now but I can't really say what's my favorite set, you know, like because I just, I feel like I've do so much different stuff and then I'll just work with people and I just end up really liking their, their, their work, you know, so but I do have my eye on a couple photographers. So we'll see what happens with that.

Miss Pinup Miami 15:41

Do you have a split? Well, you said you like pinup? Is there another style that you like, I really like the your motorcycle vibe. Yeah, like the leather. I don't know if there's a need to this morning. I'm like chick.

Blondie 15:51

I don't, I'm not sure like I do like that dark, grungy, like, horror, kind of like, I like that stuff, too. But I kind of gravitate towards the pinup. So I feel like I feel like that's kind of like what my style is turning out to be is like the pinup. And then like the dark stuff, maybe I don't know to be a grungy pants. Yeah, I'm not sure. But the more I do like, the motorcycle stuff, but I always have a lot of motorcycle pictures. I'm always going to motorcycle events. So I'm like kind of around bike events a lot. So I do want to start going to car shows dressed up pinup. Because like,

Miss Pinup Miami 16:29

trying to take Yeah,

Blondie 16:30

like I wanted to start going. And just like because there's always gonna be photographers, okay, like, that's what happened to me. I was a steel like, cycle source magazine, when I did was a seal at the time of the customer cycles. He said his wife saw me walk around. So I was just like a pinup there. And she's like, yeah, go shoot. Well, that's what I heard. She's like, you gotta go shoot her. And we end up doing like a full on photo shoot with one of Tom's bikes out in the street. That was that was actually a cool experience. He was like, This is so cool. And I think cycles versus another like, really big magazine. So I think that should be I don't know, when that one's coming. I think it should be coming out soon. But I'm really excited about that one, too.

Miss Pinup Miami 17:13

Oh, look at you. I just love I love hearing your story that I look, first of all, I love that you just don't stop even though somebody says no. And that must have taken some years of like just owning up to it and just doing it. And then your sister wants to model to show you guys some photos together. Um, we've done

Blondie 17:33

that we did one together. I don't know if we've, I don't think we've done one together. We've been at the same ones together. And like we're I'm not in the picture. And I'm like, kind of in the background kind of leader. Yeah, like kinda like, hey, like, you should move your arm or something. And then she'll, she'll be in like, the background of mine. Like, hey, like, because she was at the pin shoe. Yeah. So you got to see all that. So after she saw that, I think she's like, hooked. Like, she's like, I do that. And she saw the calendar. And she really liked it too. So yeah, I can't think of us doing I don't think we've done a shoot together. But 504 Times Magazine, I work with him a lot. He's a really good. Like, he's been, like, a huge help. Like, he's a really good inspiration and motivator. And I just can't believe how much I've learned from him. Like, he's like an amazing person. So he like, have been published in his magazine. And he wants to do like a twin magazine of just me and my sister. So after all this like COVID stuff, like, I kind of want to like get my birth shape again. And do one of those but I think that's our, like planned twin shoe so far. But other than that, like I don't, I'm not sure what's coming up in store for us. I'm pretty sure like because we have good town bike fest coming up towards that. That's in gibsonton highlights and then yes, up kind of by where I'm at. That's another really big event coming up like really soon and I'm pretty sure my other friend that's a photographer, he's coming and he's actually he's a good he I really like working with him because he has pictures of me. And it's one of my most famous pictures it's where I'm like straddling like an orange chopper and I took that picture last year and it's still cycling around getting used for advertisement and like ads for like tattoos sweethearts, like some bars and stuff like so that was a really good set. It's really like iconic I don't like people love that picture.

Miss Pinup Miami 19:36

I love that. Oh, now be like I know her.

Blondie 19:39

Yeah, so like he's gonna be out there he's a surf hero photos on Instagram, David so he's gonna be at give town and I'm like hoping for some like iconic bow. Yeah, like cuz that that those pictures are on my website, actually. So those are still like cycling around. I'm like, Oh, well. These are pictures. I try to tag them every time they come So it's, it's pretty. Um, I feel like that's, that's probably one of the main pictures people know me but it's a picture from good town so I'm hoping to get some more from him and since my sister is gonna be there, like I want to add imagine like we're gonna probably do some twin stuff. So

Miss Pinup Miami 20:18

she's a brunette near blonde.

Blondie 20:20

Yes, she's more her hair is a little darker. She wants to start lightening it up more, but we'll see what happens because we're twins and she's a, we like to look alike. But I think our hair is kind of throwing us off right now. So I don't know.

Miss Pinup Miami 20:36

I know some twins. They like looking at like, and some are like, No,

Blondie 20:40

you know, like, so when we're younger. We're all about like, No, I don't want I want like that color. I don't want you to get in the same thing. But now we're like, hey, like, let's try to wear the same thing. Like we try to buy the same clothes. Now. Will we have basically all the same clothes now? So we we like to dress up the same? I don't. I don't know why we were like head butting each other when we're younger. This one. You're young. You're like,

Miss Pinup Miami 21:01

my sound. I know better. Yeah. I mean, I'm a twin. But I don't I don't look anything like

Blondie 21:07

Oh, really?

Miss Pinup Miami 21:08

Yeah, well, fraternal twin. She looks so different. She could be sitting in the same room with us and you would never know where even family?

Blondie 21:14

Yeah, we're fraternal too. So Oh, we close to the mean. Really. I think it depends on like, how we're dressed up how our hair makeups done, because some days were like, not even look like but then some days like people can't tell us apart. So but I like love being twins. Super cool. So

Miss Pinup Miami 21:30

now we're totally different. My sister has super straight hair. She's like, shorter by a lot. And she's a crossfitter. And like, she's one of those really Miami and Old Crow people. So you always catch her like so different. Nobody in again, live in South Florida has seen her I think she only came to the rockabilly prom. And that's it. So let me ask you about your tattoos cuz you got your first gig cuz of tattoos because it's ink magazine. When did you get your first tattoo?

Blondie 22:04

I got my first tattoos. 18 there are my wrist tattoos. But they say a live ride. Live on my left wrist and right on my right. So those are my first.

Miss Pinup Miami 22:16

Oh, you want to make sure when you waved?

Blondie 22:19

Yeah. Oh, that hurt. Like all tattoos hurt. Oh,

Miss Pinup Miami 22:24

I like I don't have any.

Blondie 22:26

I do not think tattoos sucks. But just like I love having them. But I like have a tough time. Going through the process of getting them. They just painted beauty. Yeah, right. But to me, like, I always think I take tattoos really bad. But all my artists say I'm like really good at taking them. So, but I think it's because, um, I always do such big sessions. So I'm kind of like over the big sessions and just want to start doing like smaller sessions, the biggest one that you have. I think my leg sleeve is probably my biggest piece. But the longest session I've sat for was my, my back piece, which is I think it's like 60% of my back. And I think that was about like 11 hours, like just one session. And I had two artists at the same time.

Miss Pinup Miami 23:17

Wow, double team.

Blondie 23:20

It's like another thing about my tattoos as I I'm trying to, like, try to like hit goals with them too. Like, oh, for some reason, like one of my like, that's like one of my goals was to get a collaboration piece by two artists. So that's done another one I have, it might sound kind of weird, but I actually want to get a lit like a legit tattoo. Made from a tattoo machine from like, like a prison style tattoo machine like how they would do in prison. So then like razors, I think I use all kinds of like pins like needles, all kinds of things. So like, I think that's like what what am I so the girl like,

Miss Pinup Miami 23:57

can't take tattoos.

Blondie 23:59

And then like I have like almost half my body covered. I

Miss Pinup Miami 24:01

don't need to go go viral.

Blondie 24:04

I need someone to do this.

Miss Pinup Miami 24:07

Now on Tick tock, and it's gonna be so random. But on Tick Tock. There's this thing called prison tic Tock and you could see like people filming in prison on Tick tock,

Blondie 24:17

and prisoners are filming Yes.

Miss Pinup Miami 24:18

Oh, apparently like, the system is corrupt. And like people that work there, bring them cell phones, or they stick it in places and like they slide him in. Don't ask me It happens. And it's a thing. If you go prison, tick tock. You'll see a bunch of videos of people like showing their day in jail. There's even this one guy that I was following that he would write every followers name on is so cool. Yeah. And then that makes me wonder. And people would Venmo him money or to his girlfriend. And oh, it was so much stuff. That's so weird how they cook in their cell and they just show random stuff. Some of them don't show their face. I guess they didn't want to get caught and then others show their face. I don't know how to even get in trouble, but it's interesting. It's like a rabbit hole. And you know, when you're scrolling and you're like, oh, and then he gets stuck on this.

Blondie 25:07

Yeah. Like I was, like, want to look that up? I didn't know that was a thing. It's a thing. That sounds cool, though.

Miss Pinup Miami 25:13

You'll find your tattoo artists there.

Blondie 25:16

That's a good idea.

Miss Pinup Miami 25:20

Yeah, one of the GIF from Jay. So, um, so you want to do that tattoo and what I you know, I'm curious to know what got you your name Blondie raps. Like what you do. So blonde,

Blondie 25:31

blonde, blonde hair, but I'm someone. So like, I'm really big into riding dirt bikes, and motorcycles and all that stuff. And I don't get to write as much now that I'm in Florida. But uh, so I had I have a really good friend, a couple friends. It's a husband and wife. And we would always go riding and her husband is one that came up with like the breaths because he always calls he always told me Brett, like, what's up, Brett? So it just turned up in Blondie breaths. So I think it's all because of him is everyone was calling me brats, especially him. So it turned out to be I think that's how it started just long hair, the dirt bikes and motorcycles and writing and just the word graph is cool.

Miss Pinup Miami 26:14

And you also set up for kart bike shows.

Blondie 26:16

Yeah, what

Miss Pinup Miami 26:17

do you sell? Or what do

Blondie 26:18

you do? So like I do. I started the Blondie brats brand and the website so now I try to go to events and set up my tent, which is I just try to sell things like like posters, prints, t shirts, calendar, calendar, calendar, like just little knick knack things like that, nothing like too crazy. I'd like to start getting into more clothing, you know, so maybe like clothing for like motorcycle rider, babes type thing, you know, just stuff like that. And it's not like it's not anything I'm trying to like make a bunch of money off of just something cool to do you enjoy. Yeah, just

Miss Pinup Miami 27:04

have great artwork for like your logo. So you can get stickers and they're super cute. You'll see one in the calendar.

Blondie 27:11

Like I had some really great artists commission those like they did a great job on those actually have a new one. I just got it yet. But I just definitely want to start getting into like building a kind of like, slow down a little bit like COVID thing and getting really busy with some other events with another brand. So I'd like to start building that up more. So just trying to get the name out there, you know, different ways and getting seen. But I think it's like working good idea type thing, because there's a lot of like, events and like brands and people like ask me about stuff and being a part of things. And like I'm also a part of like the tattooed sweethearts. So that's another way I'm getting like kind of out. They're known to have any tattoos, few hearts. Yeah, it's a cool group. We do all the the tattoo contests are all the events. So it's fun.

Miss Pinup Miami 28:03

I hope, I hope the pinup contest at the villain arts tattoo I saw that's where I first saw you.

Blondie 28:09

I was actually going to talk to you about it before we started this podcast. So I was like, this is the first time I saw you because I actually was supposed to compete in a competition by I ended up not competing for some reason. But I ended up going. So I don't know what happened. But I didn't compete. But I ended up going but I saw you. I didn't like go talk to you or anything though. But you're like hosting it, talk on the mic and all that. So it was cool. That was me.

Miss Pinup Miami 28:34

And I always get told like, Oh, you know your whole thing and you don't have tattoos? And I said, Well, that's the good thing about the tattoo community. They're accepting even if you don't have tattoos, but I do. You know, I like body modification. Yeah. Because I think corset and stuff I'm not extreme or anything, but I always have one on and so I and I love showcasing beauty and all types. I mean, you've seen that in the stuff that I do. Yeah. So

Blondie 28:59

Tommy Yeah, really nice. Well, your hair like Oh, for sure. Hair stands out.

Miss Pinup Miami 29:04

So So I love that your pictures are iconic. You're doing iconic work. I love this word. Now for you. Now I'm gonna think of Blondie brats iconic, and I can't wait to see all this stuff. You have anything big coming up besides your products?

Blondie 29:18

Um The only thing I'm thinking of right now is like I don't know. I don't know if it really like pertains me but give to him like this is like, like a big event that's coming. But big stuff for Blondie brats. Like I think just April my twin getting involved with stuff like you're probably gonna start seeing like more twins stuff and then like I said earlier, like I'm hoping double iconic right? But I'm hoping to really start like really starting to build the body perhaps brand like getting more like items and clothing and then I'm working with like the custom motorcycles like, we're gonna be doing a lot of stuff the other two so like, I think it's just only going to grow from there. You know, I'm

Miss Pinup Miami 29:59

excited to see I'm excited that I know you can't wait to see the more

Blondie 30:04

that you do. And I like feel like this. Like, I'm like, thinking I'm like, I'm here with the slavery right now. Ah, and I feel I feel like you're like, the known person for pinup. So like, when I saw that villain, the Tattoo Convention, I was like, oh, like, This is crazy. Like she's hosting this big event or big contest, and then I'm talking to her now. Like,

Miss Pinup Miami 30:27

there you go. It's funny how life is sometimes

Blondie 30:30

it's like a small world. It's crazy. So,

Miss Pinup Miami 30:34

um, and make sure you guys follow her on Instagram at Blondie underscore bras, or just type Blondie brats on her website where you can still buy a pink calendar stickers or her pictures, you know, reach out to her if you need her to model for anything. She said, Well, do you have any questions for me? Um,

Blondie 30:52

I was gonna shoot. I was gonna say, maybe like, what's your big events coming up? Or like what's like something that's happening that's brewing in your head right now that's gonna be coming in the future.

Miss Pinup Miami 31:03

Oh, I am really trying to. So this year, it really threw everything out of whack. I was supposed to travel and host a couple of other contests out of state. But I'm really trying to improve on my technology wise, like my YouTube channel. I really want to do since I go to a lot of events. I want to showcase all the events that I go to so people see what's out there. Yeah, not just thinking Oh, Jennifer just does events. I also go to a lot well used to go to a lot and we'll be going to a lot. So I want to bring in a fun, like pinup, Pinup Miami kind of way and showcase the community. And when I say community is the pinup rockabilly world that I love and enjoy. And I just really want to showcase on because I think rockabilly and its own site is very old school. So I really try and everything that I do, and even with this podcast, the tagline modern topics with a vintage player is I want to bring the technology and bricks below exploit Miami, South Florida wherever I could go with the culture and love that I have for pinup and rockabilly. Thank you. So I'm excited for that. Thank you so much for being on the podcast. It means so much to me. And next week, I will see you all or hear you all if you're listening, and Wednesday, so have a wonderful day. And please wait stay safe. Take the vaccine if you can and have a wonderful day.

Blondie 32:23

I want to say thanks for let me be a part of this podcast.

Miss Pinup Miami 32:27

Like I wish she came all the way to the pin studios.

Blondie 32:32

Got to make it though. Like it's Yeah, I'm like excited all the pins of coming up like school.

Miss Pinup Miami 32:37

Yes, I hope to bring the rockabilly prom, either the late next year, late this year or early next year. I did a rockabilly prom at the Gold Coast museum before COVID. And it was so beautiful. It's a reason to dress up like elegantly and brunches. And yeah, I can't wait to see you coming around. And the calendar. I'll be working on that. So thank you all and have a wonderful week.



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