Key West's Local Rockin' Band - Patrick & The Swayzees

Ever want a night out that includes dancing, fun music, lively atmosphere, and a stellar performance?! Well if you haven't heard of Patrick & the Swayzees you are missing out!

Who are they?

Patrick & the Swayzess is a band comprised of different members that originate from Key West. While most Key West bands are known for their tropical "Jimmy Buffet" vibe, this band will have your toes tapping and hips swaying! They play the most amazing hot covers from oldies, soul, and Motown. All with a modern twist! Most amazingly they have their own original songs! I truly hope that (sooner rather than later) they have CD's at their shows......I would buy one in a heartbeat!!! My dream would be to have their energy in a vinyl. Fingers crossed!!!

Fun Fact: Patrick is the bands bass player.

I have been following them for a couple years on their social media pages. I finally had the opportunity to first see them at an event at a local tiki bar in 2015 while working with a retro clothing company at the time. When I first saw them they had a female in the group.... It gave them a different dynamic but overall, even with a couple changes throughout the years, they always stay true to their vision.

What makes this band different? Their energy! I literately always have a good time, and when I drag someone with me, they are so happy they came! The lead singer Les Greene is so energetic. He has such rapid foot movements, splits, amazing dance moves, large voice. He is an amazing talentl! A fun fact: he tried out for American Idol and got the GOLDEN TICKET to Hollywood! I don't watch American Idol but lets just say I did for him :) Here is a link to his audition

Another energetic guy in the group that has been there a while (in my view) is the keyboard/vocal player Rivers. I think he is super talented and is the youngest member! Take a look at the video below! Better yet GO CHECK THEM OUT!

If Patrick and the Swayzees are in town please be sure that you will see me there! If you want to find out where they are performing check them out

Check out my highlight video below of one of their performances I saw earlier this year!