Rock & Roll Latino with Víctor Rocco - PINNED Podcast: Episode 33

Rock & Roll Latino with Víctor Rocco - PINNED Podcast: Episode 33

Do you ever catch yourself singing or wish your life is a musical? Well join my Guest Victor Rocco from Musical Radio Rock and Roll and myself as we dive into a chat about musicals in English and Spanish leading into his creation of a Rock and Roll Musical!

Want to make a shout out on the next video? Text to 1-833-4A-PINUP Insta: @pinnedpodcastofficial _________________ About Víctor Rocco Santiago GUIONISTA – DIRECTOR - PRODUCTOR Empezó su formación artística en el Instituto de Cultura de San Juan a los 6 años de edad haciendo obras teatrales, comerciales y mini series. En EE.UU. estuvo dentro de un grupo selecto en las clases de teatro musical y drama dentro de “McArthur” en Hollywood, dónde pulió sus talentos por cuatro años, consiguiendo ser parte de la sociedad de actores (Thesbian). Ahí tuvo la oportunidad de estar en un sinnúmero de producciones entre las que destacan “The wizard of Oz” y “Grease”. Fué parte de la producción así como también presentador, comentarista y reportero de muchos programas televisivos en las cadenas hispanas más sobresalientes de los Estados Unidos, entre ellas, Univisión, Telemundo y CNN en Español. Coach de actuación para artistas independientes en producciones de Nickelodeon y Telemundo. Creador, director, productor, guionista, presentador y líder de contenido del Show televisivo, “ONdaPoP” y del musical Radio Rock N’ Roll ________________

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Episode Transcript

Miss Pinup Miami 0:04


and welcome back to the pin Podcast. I am your host, Pinup Miami. And if you're a first time listener, welcome, I hope you stick around. And if you are returning, thank you so much. I love you all. We're on episode number 33 at the pin podcast where we talk about modern topics with a vintage flair. And if you guys want to find out about a guest ask questions, make sure to follow us at the pin podcast official or on my Instagram Pinup Miami. And today I have like the epitome of vintage with a modern flair. We have a victor Roco How are you? Oh, well, friends, Holland Rocco.

Victor 0:45

I'm so excited. I'm very excited to be here with you one because you're super nice. And to because you are very iconic when it comes to this beautiful world of pinup and rock and roll and 50s that I absolutely adore.

Miss Pinup Miami 1:02

Oh, thank you. It's my passion. So I try to bring happiness and fun and beauty and empower women with it with my love of vintage and rockabilly. And you do the same because you have tell me first let's talk about you. What is your background in entertainment?

Victor 1:21

in the entertainment industry? Well, I'm an actor, I gone to school to prepare for musical theater. And my my real background when it comes to musical theater, Spanish musical theater. And I had the opportunity of coming here to the states and get more shaped right now from Puerto Rico with a mother from the Dominican Republic. So I have that mixed, you know, from the Caribbean. And nothing I've been I've been here and studying theater and musicals. And I'm very excited to be here with you. Where else with your question?

Miss Pinup Miami 2:00

No, that's a good that's a good answer. You answered the question. So, what kind of musicals were you I love musicals? Like, what was your first musical? Did you think are you sing? Yes.

Victor 2:13

Well, I think I sing Yes. I don't consider myself a singer. I am an actor that no no's his voice and, and I could sing. But I don't consider myself a singer. I'm a first actor. And then I could sing and I could also dance was one of the first musicals that I ever saw was Greece. And that made me fall completely in love with the era. But one of the first musicals that I participated on. I don't know if you ever heard of the musical bye, bye, birdie.

Miss Pinup Miami 2:45


Victor 2:46

Which is also from that era. So that was that that was my first musical ever, or more meaning and what are that I had the opportunity in Puerto Rico. They did a lot of variety shows. And in those variety shows, they had like a 30 minute montage. And they actually did, like, from scratch a musical but with Puerto Rican songs, and they just made up where they put those songs together. And so that was how I really started

Miss Pinup Miami 3:20

as a Puerto Rican Do you like what's a story?

Victor 3:24

I love with a story that you know what? I'm waiting for the new version with Steven Spielberg. I'm so excited. I'm really really excited. I seen some back. Some foolish, some people have late lit in the internet, and I love what I leaked.

Unknown Speaker 3:45

I beg you. So

Victor 3:45

I told me every time that I mess up with a pronunciation so thank you. And I want you to know that I this is my first English interview. So I name my English interview virginity with you.

Miss Pinup Miami 4:02

It's so scandalous, we're gonna be on TMZ losing his virginity on the podcast.

Victor 4:09

I'm very excited and I like was say stories, not only because of the message, but because of the beautiful dances and songs. And it was just beyond my expectations, the first time that I saw it, and I know that this time is going to have like a particular Latin flavor because actually the people that are playing the Spanish people in in western stories in this version, they are Hispanics. In the first one we had a few we had like maybe by maybe four called Rita Moreno and all that but not all of them were were Spanish so now we're going to have more Latin flavor. So I'm very excited.

Miss Pinup Miami 4:49

To Have you ever seen the musical In the Heights?

Victor 4:52

Yes, yes. That's

Miss Pinup Miami 4:54

what I see it.

Victor 4:56

You have not seen it. No way.

Unknown Speaker 5:02

And I know they're coming out with a movie.

Victor 5:04

As soon I hear, you know what everybody loves Hamilton. And I liked Hamilton, I saw it and I liked him the same writer which is lame, annoying me down that. But for me, his best work for me is in the height. I love him enough for now for one minute maybes because the type of musical theater that I like, is more into into our song more than rap. Although, perhaps, as a lot of rap, rapping, but hematomas more rap. So I love I love into heights, and you're gonna like it too. As a matter of fact, when we finish, and you're like,

Miss Pinup Miami 5:43

yes, please, I Hamilton, I love the music. So I knew all the music, you know, and I was so excited when it came on Disney plus, because I was like, Oh, I'm gonna finally get to see it. And my sister saw alive. But then when I finally saw it, I was like, I like the music. I didn't really I don't know, some people would kill me for saying that. But I didn't like the meat. I didn't like the whole thing together. But I like the music separately.

Victor 6:10

I could see the height, I could see why is different is refreshing is something that you know, you're not expecting. So that's awesome. And for the people that you know are from this era now that they like grab a going and all that stuff, they can actually enjoy a story that has that type of music that they like, for me, I grew up with the real classical musical theater and, and with great melodies and stuff not to knock off Hamilton, because I think that's a work of art. But if I went with either one of those two jobs that Lehman Miranda has done a winner with definitely yes, real second identify with the story because his Puerto Rican, Dominican and the Cubans and a lot of these awesome.

Miss Pinup Miami 7:00

And what is your favorite musical?

Victor 7:03

grease, grease, and now my musical ready to rock and roll?

Miss Pinup Miami 7:12

Do you want to keep boy, let's keep talking about you first. And then we're going to talk about your your creation that I had the honor of seeing I felt like VIP but that's another story.

Victor 7:25

So the first physical that I ever saw was Greece. I'm 40 years old right now. And when I was

the person that actually went to the movie theater that I did, I could remember going to the movie theater, it was 99 1987. And he was a 10 year lounge, the movie greets in Puerto Rico. And with the Spanish, notice Spanish tracks but the Spanish voiceover Okay, the first time I ever went to a movie theater that I could recall. And I could tell you that from the moment the movie started, I was like this bill I could not believe when my eyes and my ears were seen and listening. I fell in love with a story with the songs. I actually have the original records from from back then from Greece that I so that's my favorite musical of all time when I saw it in Broadway with Laura Olsen. I think that's her name. I'm not sure if you remember if you recall, but there was a show that was called You are the one that I want. And they were shooting the daddies to go in the sandy grease.

Miss Pinup Miami 8:43

I gotta look into that.

Victor 8:45

So I went to Broadway and I still had bear and then I saw it here as well. Plus, I've done grease twice. One is actually three times one is the director for for my workshop for my Spanish worship. One as an act as an English actor, which was as you can see, with my with my accent, I didn't have a main role. And then for the Spanish version, I was playing one of the T shirts.

Miss Pinup Miami 9:14

Um, you know, but I gotta say that your English is not bad. I would have never known that you didn't like how you say that you don't speak English all the time. Because for me it sounds really good. Or maybe it's because I'm miamian and I I get

Victor 9:31

so strict with I love Spanish so much that I joke with a mutual opinion. I take care of my Spanish you know, look to see who speak Spanish well, and I help them and I correct them if they mispronounce something. And because I do that I am very conscious of my English, because it sounds like you just pitch like the next Pixar movie.

Miss Pinup Miami 9:57

Taking care of the Spanish language that could be The next Pixar tear jerker movie.

Victor 10:03

Let me actually write it down.

Miss Pinup Miami 10:07

There you go, you're hurting here first. My you know, actually my favorite musical. I have a tie. I used to be the I used to have the Broadway like not the Broadway like in New York, but here in Miami and Broward, I used to have the season tickets. And I love wicked. And I love Phantom of the Opera like these two, they're my faves.

Victor 10:31

It is I think he has become a classic already. And I am waiting for them to actually make a movie.

Miss Pinup Miami 10:41

That's gonna be awesome. I hope it does justice. I read the book before I saw the musical. And I was like when I first saw it, because I've seen it three times. Every time it comes to Miami, I've seen it. And I fell in love. And I can't wait to take my boyfriend because he's never been to a musical. Like, I mean, besides yours, but that was like a snippet. And but he's never seen a musical.

Victor 11:04

You have to take him and wicked is an amazing experience. He's gonna love that, for sure.

Miss Pinup Miami 11:10

And he knows the music though. Because at home when I'm doing something I love putting on like the Spotify, a Broadway. And he knows all the songs and he could tell me from what musical they're from, but he's never seen. I think it's hilarious.

Victor 11:26

And he's so funny that you say that you hope that he makes that he makes justice to the actually show because one of my favorite shows that I saw in in the area in our center that it was with the original cast of the Broadway show was the Jersey Boys. with ABC amazing musical. However, the movie that Clint Eastwood made. I did not like it. I actually, I thought it was boring, like much. I was very disappointed. And it's one of my favorite musicals in the show in the theater is amazing. It's like Ebola, stuff happening. And your eyes are everywhere. And he's like really upbeat, the moving. He dies,

Miss Pinup Miami 12:13

I fell asleep in the movie, I was like the only reason I saw the movie is because I used to work in a pinup store. And they were using some of the dresses from the store. And I actually have one, but not from the movie like they they sell them at the store. So I have one of the dresses of one of the green ones. And that's why I watched it. But I didn't really I feel the same way. Because I have seen that one live and it was amazing. But the movie.

Victor 12:40

And I feel so bad because I went with a group of friends who wanted to see another movie. And I was convinced and I was convincing them they never seen the show, including my husband, and I might you have to come and see it is gonna be amazing. And I love it. All of them fall asleep. It was so boring. But you know, yeah.

Miss Pinup Miami 12:59

Have you ever seen a musical in Spanish?

Victor 13:02

Yes, absolutely. Because I grew up in Puerto Rico. And I have the opportunity of also working in the Spanish industry here in Miami. I see many music was in Spanish, such as visa but also in your is up to Super in Salina, my own show where

Miss Pinup Miami 13:24

we're leading into that.

Victor 13:27

But yes, in Puerto Rico, I've seen many original musicals that are not huge musicals like the ones for Broadway. But yes, I've seen many of them. And I've seen Broadway versions of them in Spanish. Which into

Miss Pinup Miami 13:42

you. I have never seen a musical in Spanish. I'm thinking I'm thinking No, no.

Victor 13:53

Well, you have to is he has a lot of he has a lot of flavor. I must say.

Miss Pinup Miami 14:00

Do you have seen operas in Italian? Or is it

Victor 14:08

I know what I see probably my lifetime about to obras and that's it. I'm not it's not that I'm not a fan of it. I could very much enjoy it, but I just rather see more action and dancing and singing and applaud. And Oprah is very elegant is very. He has to pick berries. He has a different pace, you know, so, but I rather a musical.

Miss Pinup Miami 14:40

Yes, musicals are fun. They jumped excitement operas. I have cried.

Victor 14:47

I'm dying to see that was a huge hit in Spain and UK. And they ever bought it here. 30 deaths in the music.

Miss Pinup Miami 14:56

I know I never I know they did it on TV. No, I don't know if they did that on TV like a week. Make You know, sometimes they do like this musical live on TV. I don't know if they did Dirty Dancing, but I've never seen that,

Victor 15:08

that I saw that version of that you're speaking about, and he was a fiasco.

Miss Pinup Miami 15:12

I don't like any of those live TV or like Rocky Horror Picture Show they tried. And

Victor 15:18

with a light, I thought that they, you know, they did a good job. And I think, you know, I wish it was good wish Life was good. I think Peter Pan was good. This time. And music was good with Carrie Underwood. And and the width was also very good. Oh, and hers was pretty good. hairspray live was pretty good. You know, that's

Miss Pinup Miami 15:39

the one musical I do not like, gray hairs. In my whole life? Well, you know, ever since I really started getting out there in the pinup world, I always get compared to hairspray. And I feel like it's because he's never seen another person that is fat and has like big hair. So I don't know what that kind of tastes. And I'm always like, if I get compared again, you know,

Victor 16:06

you know what I think it is I don't think it has anything to do with the size I think has a lot to do with the fact that a lot of a lot of the people that are in tune with movies nowadays does the reference that they have, you know, that are Greece, or Greece.

Miss Pinup Miami 16:24

That's why I guess I don't really go towards a lot of Greece stuff. Because I feel like it's so stereotypical sometimes. Like, I love it. I love Greece. But then then it comes to like when, when during COVID when stuff started going into drive throughs and there was a lot of drive thru movie theaters not drive thru by like, you know, the driving. Everyone in their mother played grease on my guys, too, to go talk about Greece. And I was like, why? I'm over this Greece.

Victor 16:57

You know what's funny that nowadays moms give their kids every time they go out, or they want to visit somebody, they give their kids like a tablet or like a game for them to play, or the PlayStation if this particular person that they're visiting has a son or daughter that have a PlayStation or whatever. What are these? Well, back in the days, I had the movie Greece, in the VHS, right. And it was a rule that if I went to my mom's friend's house, I was allowed to plop in the movie and watch it and rewind it and watch it and rewind it. So now that you say that, you remind me of my mobile thing. If I see

this movie, I could I could completely understand but I love it.

Miss Pinup Miami 17:45

The only difference between you and your mom is outfield that way, but then when you start playing it, I'm gonna be singing along to it. I'm always a contradiction somehow. Because I'll be like, I it's so overplayed and then like it'll be playing in the background, and I'll be like, you're the one that I will

Victor 18:04

use the Brit I love more the Spanish version in songs than then in English. I need it.

Miss Pinup Miami 18:12

I need to hear that.

Unknown Speaker 18:14

I will. Let me know.

Unknown Speaker 18:20


Miss Pinup Miami 18:22

yes, guys, you gotta pay for this content.

Unknown Speaker 18:27

So what

Miss Pinup Miami 18:30

I'm talking about musical Spanish musicals. You run out you started created of musical rock,

Victor 18:37

daddy. Yes, it was the rock and roll. And you know what is so funny that you asked me about that because rock and roll began because a group of dreamers we were doing Greek and Spanish here, it will allow you to because we had a problem with the with the copyrights. And we were trying to work on it and pay for it. But they were making it so difficult and ended up not doing the project. But the project lasted on rehearsals for about five to six months. So I own and I got a book and I started writing the story. And I put all the sounds that I love from the era of the rock'n'roll. And I use the ones they helped me to tell a story. And then I started doing the translation of those songs into Spanish. And it was a very fun experience. It was Yes, it was just like rediscovering the songs with some of them with another meaning and some of them with a Spanish flavor as I told you, so I did this musical because of that and little by little I've been you know working on it and picking certain things that I like and and fixing them to to make it better and for to bring quality that every Buddy loves. And that's why I asked you that they to come in and join me, because I wanted to hear what you had to say. Because I could definitely always use all of your ears and eyes to see this project and help me make it even better. Because my dream is to make it as huge as this musicals that we'll be talking about in your podcast. And for me to be able to, to get there, I have to listen, I have to always progress and evolve the product, and only listening to people that really know their stuff, like you know about fashion. So that's what I'm doing. As a matter of fact, I have this request for you at the end of the podcast, please ask me about a concert. And I'll tell you all about it. All right,

Miss Pinup Miami 20:50

I'm going to ask you, I am. I really wouldn't. You know, I know that when I first met you, I didn't know much about you. But I knew that you had like this, like, special gift of like, I think it's a special gift. Because it's rare, I don't see it often that people are willing to learn and improve their stuff, a lot of people are just sit on like, Okay, this is what's gonna be in the seat. So you can tell that something that you're always evolving and trying to get better. And I gotta say, I love the show, I only saw I forgot what you called it, but a snippet of the so

Victor 21:27

I have a friend, a friend who is also the, the voice, the voice coach of my actors. And so she had a concert and she invited us to do a little performance at her at her concert. So I wanted to take my actors and and develop them in this little Medley for her show. He had nothing to do with our show. But he had the word he had I had them dressed in their in the outfits with their personalities of the show, and a few a few songs that you know, we ask people less than they wanted to hear. And so I got a bunch of different people requesting different songs. And there's a reason why pretty woman was there that you're like, wait a minute, that's not really from the era and I'm like I

Miss Pinup Miami 22:21

see the people request it. There you go. people what they want, you know after speaking to you I totally see like the jersey boy. Oh my gosh,

Victor 22:34

the Jersey Boys. Yeah, the

Miss Pinup Miami 22:35

the inspiration into your musical. You know, I could totally oh my god even have the cup.

Yeah, I have my cup, but I use it to hold my scissors for sewing. Well,

Victor 22:56

you know, it's gonna tell you a little bit about the show, the radio rock and roll it is about this radio station is the Spanish radio station in the 1950s, late 50s, early 60s, that is going out of business because nobody will listen to that back then. You know, it's not a speaker for anybody that the main radio stations that were like in their peak, or the American American, you know, the Caucasian and, and with this Elvis than the four seasons and Frankie Lymon we just don't you Valley was more from the 5050s. But we're talking about early 60s. And so the story is pretty much about this group of people that work at a radio station, the last day of the radio station being opened, and having the problem that none of them want to leave. And they have been drastic to keep the radio station alive. And that's when all these songs that are the huge American hates the whole time, are translated, are translated into Spanish. And they sound amazing. And he's so much because he's the show for the whole family. For the for the kids. They have so much fun with the colorful outfits and the dancing is history. And a vocabulary that they understand, but also is fun for contemporary adults such as yourself and me that appreciate good theater. And at the same time. The people that are the elderly people love it because they could remember we're married and reminisce about their time. So it's for the whole family. And that was like our check mark once we realize that we have a show that is inclusive for everybody that does not offend anybody that to the contrary that He's inviting. That's when we realize that you know we have a huge hit. It's just a matter of continuing the progression of the evolution of this show, which is what I'm what we're trying to aim for and we're very Excited.

Miss Pinup Miami 25:01

And that's that's why I love about vintage and rockabilly because and your musical translated really well, is that it's nostalgic. So you automatically get like this calming feeling of enjoyment, you know. So when you sit there and you listen to you're sitting, I mean, everyone in your troops things really well. So it's easy on the ears. And the music is like, jump poppin, you have the lights. So it really, really does transform you into another era. And

Victor 25:31

I loved it. It's so much fun. And another thing that I wanted to reflect on on our on our show was to have different different stereotypes. So you see, our show does not have like a lead lead, per se. Everybody has equal I would say airtime. Although is is is is the stage show, but I will say no. And is very inspiring, because we have somebody that has a speech. Problem. How do you How would you say that in

Miss Pinup Miami 26:06

a speech problem?

Victor 26:10

How would you say that? There you go. I don't know.

Miss Pinup Miami 26:15

I can't study.

Victor 26:17

We have somebody who's wide, we have somebody who's blind. We have somebody who is chubby, we have somebody that is very thin. So we have for all the flavors and relatable, so beautiful to see all of us. And I could see it, I could see myself in different characters. And that's so beautiful. And that's something that we wanted to also add to that. But he's still sad that we're close. You know what I'm so mad. You know, all the clubs are, you know, open restrooms are open, everything is open. But the theater, we can have it open. You know, that's just terrible. That's something that I want to also.

Unknown Speaker 27:07

But before we get into

Miss Pinup Miami 27:08

that, I want to I what I was saying before was that I love that the lavas in your musical how it was. Because usually that song is one of those I get played out or it could be seen as a joke. But you know, it was fun. The way you translated into your musical. It was fun. And the guy that synced it forgot his name. Really?

Victor 27:33

Yeah. This is genius. He's like my brother. I love that guy. I mean, I love everybody. But him in particular. He's

Miss Pinup Miami 27:40

worked with him a long time.

Victor 27:43

Yes, that's what I love about him. You know, he's a great actor, we have been fellow actors together. And on the stage, we have done many shows together different shows. And now that I hired him to be one of our players in our on our show, the respect that he give, you know, give us and I mean, I love working with him. He's so professional, always on time knows his craft doesn't complain. He's so prepared. I mean, this guy's amazing. It's amazing to work with him.

Miss Pinup Miami 28:16

And you can see that on the stage. I mean, I really enjoyed it. Because when I heard the Obama tune playing in the beginning, I was like, Oh, no. Yeah, here we go again. But no, he admitted, he really like I said, he really made her fun. And that's what you know, what you look forward to in the show is that even if you've seen something a million times, like I'm sure you've seen, you know, Greece a million times, it's such a good musical and they do it so well. It doesn't. It doesn't. It doesn't translate as being just like the same old thing. And that's what I like about your musical. It's like, it's like the same thing you've heard but in a great rendition, like a different design that makes it fresh. Make sense? I yes. I used to be in musicals. Like in theater.

Unknown Speaker 29:05

No, we,

Miss Pinup Miami 29:08

I if I could pick like my dream job it would be to be in Broadway, to be honest.

Victor 29:14

Well, I think after this is over, we have to take about maybe an opportunity because

Unknown Speaker 29:25

the stage

Miss Pinup Miami 29:29

is this podcast because I think we have something interesting with you. Yeah, I used I was in West Side Story in like one of those, like acting places that wasn't a main character. And then I was in Saigon, which was the first thing I ever saw on stage, which was gorgeous.

Victor 29:49

You know, I wanted to ask you what inspired you Well, I'm sure you have said it many times, but I want it to be recorded podcast what what inspires you to to keep The pinup and the nostalgia alive. They leave because it's not what inspires you to do it, because that you have probably said it many times. But what inspires you to keep it up to always continuing, you know, that continuous effort that you do,

Miss Pinup Miami 30:20

that what really makes it easy is the way it makes me feel, if that makes sense. Like, especially in the last couple years when I started making my own clothes, because I used to see a lot of like vintage outfits, and I just couldn't fit in them. I've always been a bigger girl. So that's when I started learning how to sew. And that's kept me like wanting to try things like now that I've improved in my sewing, trying new things like recently I wanted to do. I know this is not 50s. But I've always wanted a 1920s outfit, but I wanted it to be, you know, not looking like a 1920s because 1920s people were flat. And I will just look huge if I were one of those dresses. But what I love about it and what keeps me motivated is always trying to experiment. And I don't know why brings me so much joy. Like when I find like, in front of me I have my whole collection of Lucite purses. And like I love collecting those. This is so pretty. And my house I love keeping it up and going

Victor 31:24

is your whole house. Vintage.

Miss Pinup Miami 31:26

Yes, my whole house is vintage. Except you know, my bedroom. People will be surprised to know this is gonna be the first time I said this on any of my videos. But my bedroom is actually the most non vintage thing except for my goods. I have a little bit duar with like old mannequins and bras like it's like a I have a lot of mannequins in my house. And they were like really nice, like nice 90s that are cute. But the rest of my bedroom is very Gothic Victorian like. Yeah, it's black and red and it's very Goss. Like, I don't know, a lot of people compare it to the cabin de

Victor 32:12

well, three, well, three things that I want to say one the look for you is they're flattering on you. I mean, it looks beautiful. You look I seen your your Instagram so many times and I kid you not know his design is not to kiss ass. I'm just telling you the truth how it is that how I see it is is very flattering. Everything that you put on. So you know lamora from back then that the style is very flattering to you is beautiful. Another thing that I want to say is, well not I want to say I want to ask is are you planning to invite me to have because I want to be your house girl. Oh, my God, we thought in my head Can I come in?

Miss Pinup Miami 32:58

Yes. I'm going to invite you to my house and we'll have some fun vintage stuff, we should go thrifting together, that'll be fun.

Victor 33:10

And my last question for you about this round of conversation is it's so funny cuz I usually asked Do you have any questions

Miss Pinup Miami 33:17

at the end, but give it to me.

Victor 33:21

My other My other question is, have you thought of opening your own store of like the physical store because I know that you have a lot of a lot of things that you brand and stuff. But like your own, like physical store view of original pieces.

Miss Pinup Miami 33:40

That's one of my dreams. I was supposed to actually get it started in 2020. I had money saved up but because of last year what happened a lot of my money went into you know, saving my house. But you know, so it's taken a backseat. But that is one of my dreams. There's a lot of little dreams that I have

Victor 34:02

been very successful. You're I told you this in person. Maybe you don't feel like that. But I do see you as an icon of the legacy of of what the prenup in the 50s is. So I feel like that and I'm sure a lot of us that are seeing this podcast right now or hearing this podcast feel the same way. I respect your craft tremendously because you you commit to it and you do it. So take with such taste. Pain being very successful.

Miss Pinup Miami 34:41

Well, since you hit me with all those questions, I'm going to hit you with a couple of questions that I got from Instagram. Let's do this. So you answered this one. How did you get started? What is your favorite song for the band to play? Perform for the musical to perform.

Victor 35:02

I have two Okay, the first one which is called radio rock'n'roll is the opening act. It is this is an original song that soon we're going to be launching as in the big platforms that everybody can hear it. And I love our own version of the Jersey Boys like we have a we have like a New Jersey Boys Medley it has big girls don't cry Sherry and welcome document together. And I love I just love the clean dancing and singing love it.

Unknown Speaker 35:38

Yeah, harmony.

Victor 35:39

Yes, yes. Okay.

Miss Pinup Miami 35:43

Um, how was it in the beginning of your musical? Like, I'm guessing they're asking. I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 35:51


Miss Pinup Miami 35:52

Yes. Just stroke. I know, you have to struggle with our copyright. That was interesting to know, you know, some people don't think about

Victor 35:59

that. Chile with Greece. And I was not the director, producer,

Miss Pinup Miami 36:03

for Greece.

Victor 36:04

And we were so led down that we couldn't do it that when I came home, I'm like, you know what, I'm not gonna stay with this. And I started writing the struggle with where the rock and roll was to find the correct actors for the show. It was to find the right people for the right roles, because there's amazing singers, but they can't dance. And there's the actors, they can't sing. So for for me was first voice. Good afternoon, very good voices. And then, okay, dancers, but that I could mold into Spanish actors. And so that was that's how it started, you know, casting. So for me, the hardest part was the whole process of casting. I think that has been that was the biggest struggle.

Miss Pinup Miami 36:52

What is your favorite location to play what's been your favorite location to play in the musical American room,

Victor 36:59

I will forest and forest has been our house. And we we've done shows and special presentations in different places. We've been lucky enough to do that. And altiris has been my favorite. And I'm going to tell you why. He has a vintage feel to it. And when it's for people, it feels very welcome and home and employed. And everything is supposed to be taking place in our various stations. So it feels like the back in the days radio stations that had like a little stage and people could go there and see live shows other radio stations. So I loved that I loved it there. Now, we're gonna take it. This is for season two huge stage and build a big set. And that's when COVID came. So I'm sure I get that opportunity with the whole cast. That's gonna be my favorite place.

Miss Pinup Miami 37:55

I think so to enter, then I'll be in those props. Okay, so

Victor 38:01

I can't wait to do nothing cuz you're gonna help me say something. Because of you

Miss Pinup Miami 38:09

know, I'm saying I'm gonna take the props home.

Victor 38:15

Take them.

Miss Pinup Miami 38:17

There is actually my friend. He's the one that made the telephones that are hanging in the wind, the one I use for the promo photo, he made that off of one of my vintage phones. He does production sets for a company in Margate. And whenever he does, like, events and stuff that are retro inspired or something retro, he gives me the props that the company is going to throw away. So I have in the back room like this huge, like retro TV that says I love pinup because it was for a party. And I think I think I said I love Vivian. Like he changed it to stand up and he gifted it to me and then I actually have little bite like big foam things for vinyl record players I say grease on them as the core and

Victor 39:02

a cool I can when

Miss Pinup Miami 39:07

you'll be invited, I promise. So the next question is How is COVID affecting musical value?

Victor 39:18

tremendously COVID has affected us tremendously because we're actually that ready instead to go and we have sold tickets for the show. We will already prepare. And yeah, they told us No. What we did was, you know, had a meeting and we said okay, so we have this passion this project that we cannot put anything, let it die. So we have to do something about us. We reinvented ourselves and what we did was we announced the the Instagram that we're having right here, so musical and our YouTube channel and what we did was We started developing a documentary of everything that has occurred behind the scenes. So soon, you guys are gonna be hearing a little bit more about that. And also music videos of different songs that people wanted to hear either from from the show, or that we're not on the show that people wanted to know to see the Spanish rendition of it. So so far we have a song that is called steady Eddie that in English is called in Spanish, it's called le le. And we have pretty woman Spanish, and we also have Chica yet and hopefully in the next few weeks, we're going to be launching it.

Miss Pinup Miami 40:40

I don't know if that was that was not in the Medley right? I remember the Eddie one because it was Eddie Eddie.

Victor 40:48

Steady, Eddie done the steady Eric. So, but Attica js is flat out Spanish rock'n'roll from the 60s long it's not it was not it was not an adaptation. It was flat out Spanish. For Spanish people and, and I included it I included in the show.

Miss Pinup Miami 41:14

How are the songs picked?

Victor 41:17

Well, there's a story to be told. And so I need a song that helped me to tell a story. He had to be he had to make sense. Every show has to have the friend dilemma or problems to be solved at the end, you know, because there has to be a story that has, you know, beginning middle and end and there's a few things that there has to have a structure within the story. And, and so that's when I started listening to different songs. Okay, so this verse in this, this verse from this song can help me to tell this part of the story. But in English, it doesn't make sense. But I could adapt it to Spanish. And I could make a say another thing in this particular area, and so forth. And that's how I started different songs. And, and that's how you pick and choose different songs. However, at the end of the show, this is surprised. And there's several songs that not necessarily are telling a story, they are performing those songs for an audience. So at that point, all the ones that I loved, and I didn't want to come for anyone to come from my second story. I bought them they're

Miss Pinup Miami 42:35

smart, sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. And the last question that I have is, is the lineup of your musical, like the songs that you use the same as today?

Unknown Speaker 42:49


Miss Pinup Miami 42:51

guessing if you had a one, or has it changed, so is it are you using the same songs as when you first made your musical Have you changed, added,

Victor 43:04

I change and I added I listened, I listened to the to the professionals. And you know, there's certain things that do not add up, you know, for, for example, the first time that we were on stage. Like the following day, I switch a song and the girl had to learn a whole new song and a career graphy for the following day. I had on that was called Moscone back in in Ghana, from Roskilde, Oracle back in the day. And that is the only sound that did not work out with the audience. And I split it in I went home that same night. And I said, I started rewriting the script. So I would use stupid qubit in that part. So I went ahead and I rewrote a few things. And I adapted stupid Cuban in Spanish, and I send it you know, to the girls that she could learn it. And so I had to like work with her like two hours before the show. And she did an amazing job and nobody knew. So I pay attention because you know, we're doing a show for I'm doing a show for me, for my own benefit. And for my ego, I'm doing the show, to detain for people to love and like it in one want more, so that we have to listen and we have to adapt certain things and maybe change the lineup and so forth. So yes, and the lineup for the cast as well too. We have such a few actors, some of them because their careers have vowed to do amazing and great things that I'm very excited. Some of them because they you know, unfortunately, they were not giving me what I needed for that particular character. So I had to switch them and and but there's no hard feelings and now we are we all get along. Yeah. And I can't wait for us to do the premiere. So I could have Oh my abs or my Maria's or my, you know, the different the different characters, and yeah, they're that will be so much fun.

Miss Pinup Miami 45:10

Oh, that's gonna be like the reunion of moussaka. I love the name

Victor 45:17

guys on Instagram and also Yeah,

Miss Pinup Miami 45:23

I'm gonna make sure to put musi got underscore and about to rock and roll in the description. I'll put their Instagram, their YouTube, make sure to check them out. And

Victor 45:35

are you going to YouTube instead of saying music? musical underscore ready to rock and roll is backwards is when you rock and roll musical? Oh, yeah.

Miss Pinup Miami 45:44

Musical. And I mean, it's kind of obvious how you picked a name because it's rock and roll or something I was gonna ask you how did you come up with the name but I feel like it's

Victor 45:57

generally good for you. But I also wanted the opportunity of maybe later on, do an English version. and musical Mr. Seagal in Spanish is right. In the same and rock and roll to. So I wanted a name that could cater to either Spanish or English. There you go. So if I needed to make some switches or some changes, so there's just a few things that I'm gonna that I want to tell you. But I am not sure if you're done with the questions. I know that. That was the last question. Well, there's a few things that I want to tell you we are confirmed to be doing two live concerts, adult photos that are all there is going to be called no chest, they rally of rock and roll. And we are going to have a few guests, either from the show or people that are well known in the Spanish industry that are singers, or even in the America community, American community English speaking artists that are going to come and sing those big hits from that era, not necessarily only from the 50s, but also the 60s. And maybe we could get away with some ad stuff. But we're gonna try to keep them going to the 50s and 60s, and it's gonna be so much fun. It's going to be nostalgia all over again, is going to have amazing sound system or photos is beyond belief is so good. Don't you agree?

Miss Pinup Miami 47:33

Yeah. And the lighting. I mean, I'm sure I saw a small version of it, but I loved it. And it sounded really well.

Victor 47:42

So I wanted to let you know the dates that we have already separated for from that show. We have Friday, April the 16th. And we also have Saturday, June the fifth. So those are the two you know, June the fifth and the one that is coming like right right now right now is gonna be April the 16th, which is a Friday night. So the show stars, and then a club and that'll play around with the Spanish time when I say nine o'clock, nine o'clock.

Miss Pinup Miami 48:13

That's that's how I am with my events. I'm like we started this time.

Victor 48:18

We have to respect the people that you know, they get there on time is the right. And so you're gonna be it's gonna be fun. And I also wanted to let you know that we are coming out with kind of like a comic book of the show. Ready to rock and roll. That's good. Yes, I can't wait to show you. The few. The few illustrations that I've gotten from the artists

Miss Pinup Miami 48:42

is amazing. I mean, it also be like a yellow carrot and yellow haired character. Oh, we

Victor 48:48

have we have it is this is

Miss Pinup Miami 48:55

a very casual 50s Look, but

Victor 48:59

think of think of the Archie's gem in the Holograms. Remember bride all put together in a blender balloon. You got what we're working with.

Miss Pinup Miami 49:08

Ooh, that sounds so exciting. And how can how can somebody buy tickets to the event? like Instagram you posted?

Victor 49:16

We're gonna have the event posted on event Eventbrite. And so I just spoke to Alfaro. I think it was yesterday. And I thought, look, I want to do something this whole coffee situation has been going nuts, because the dealer you know what we're going to do? The show is close. And so he goes, why don't you do a concert here and I'm like, you know what, I'm gonna do a concert. We're gonna do two. And I asked him for those dates and he gave them to me. And we are planning we're looking for theaters. Not necessarily to do the show with an audience, but to digitalize the show, kind of like what Hamilton did for Disney. Plus, we wanted to Do that with you know, the whole set the whole show. So we're looking into that as well.

Miss Pinup Miami 50:06

Whoo. So many good things for the future who see God. Do rock grab your rock and

Unknown Speaker 50:12

rock and roll.

Miss Pinup Miami 50:13

I'm stuttering now. I can't wait to see I can't wait to see the full show. I know I got the honor of seeing the Medley but I'm so excited and pumped to be able to see the whole show. I want to thank you Rocco, for being on the podcast. It means so much to me. And I've learned so much about you. I really like just makes it all better.

Victor 50:38

I'm glad to be here with you. As I told you, I respect you so much and I like what you do the commitment that you have. I'm all about that about people that are committed they have goals they want to showcase their talent and and co Portillo shared share their gift. You have a gift, you know, to speak and to influence. And you're using it and I love that that is so awesome. So I'm glad to be here with you. It was very fun. Thank

Miss Pinup Miami 51:06

you so much. And next week I am going to keep it musical because next week's guest is Miss mozzie D she is a singer a rock. She's in a rockabilly band called mozzie D and she is the Southwest Queen of rockin soul. She's on the west coast, and she's actually going to put we'll see supposed to if it still happens she's going to perform at Viva east. And if you guys don't know I was Miss Viva East 2018 I was happily that was one of my favorite things. Yes. So make sure to watch next week and I will see you next Wednesday.

Victor 51:46

listening and watching



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