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Vintage on Wheels with Vintage Girl Studios - PINNED Podcast: Episode 54

All About Rockabillaque FL! with Simon - PINNED Podcast: Episode 53

Come join me and Simon as we talk about the up and coming Rockabillaque Florida! The largest FREE Rockabilly Weekend, there will be music, contest, vendors, cars, & more! Also..... a pinup contest hosted by me!!

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He have worked for over 25 years in the entertainment industry initially working in radio, publicity, and band management before transitioning into digital media bringing him into the world of television, music artists, and live music. I worked on many TV shows including American Idol, Weeds, So You Think You Can Dance, Californication, and so on. I have also worked with Elvis Presley Enterprises, David Beckham, Adam Lambert, The Spice Girls, Carrie Underwood, and more. He was nominated for an Emmy for my work on the television show Dexter. After leaving the corporate entertainment world he went solo and started producing festivals and events including Rockabilly On The Route and now Rockabillaque which is now in its 8th year and is in two states, with plans to expand even further with more Rockabillaque's.

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Episode Transcript

Miss Pinup Miami 0:07

Good day. And welcome back to the pin podcast. I'm your host pinup Miami. And here at the pin podcast, we talk about modern topics with a vintage flair. Today's episode number 52. And I'm so excited to bring on Simon. He's the producer and owner will owner of Viva la hub productions and producer of rockabilly cue, which if you don't know, I'll be hosting the pinup contest. This is going to be the second year. And it's such an honor to rock the stage with such beautiful women. Amazing bands and the cars motorcycles. Yes, it's an event that you're not gonna want to miss out. Alright, Simon, how are you doing today?

Simon Calton 0:45

I'm doing great. Thanks for having me.

Miss Pinup Miami 0:47

I'm so excited to have you back on the podcast. You were here on episode 23. So it's like, now it's 52. Yeah, I

Simon Calton 0:54

mean, was that like a year ago? Yeah, I

Miss Pinup Miami 0:56

did take a little hiatus. But I came back. And so it's about a year. So yeah. How exciting. How and I had the pleasure of joining in in Charleston. Going to rockabilly Q and Charleston. It was such a different experience, but amazing as well. Thank you for having me there.

Simon Calton 1:16

Yeah, of course. I mean, that was like a modified version. This year. We'll be bringing back the full the full version of it for Charleston as well.

Miss Pinup Miami 1:23

Yeah, cuz usually in Charleston is in downtown. I forgot the name but like, a whole street, right?

Simon Calton 1:28

Yep. Yep. Because that whole area, but we have it all over the neighborhood. But we have a little vintage main street that's been revitalized, that we do the festival lot.

Miss Pinup Miami 1:39

And just in case, nobody would. For the people that weren't there in Charleston. I have the pictures up on my website. The winner was from rockabilly cue in Charleston was Miss Kitty van. Kitten. She's so cute. She's great. And then for first runner up and crowd favorites you had the most amazing like turkey outfit. I thought that was super innovative was Miss Raising Hell

Simon Calton 2:04

yeah, I love her. I'm good friends have both actually too so because of course the community is a little small so you get to know a lot of different people so

Miss Pinup Miami 2:13

and then the second runner up was JoJo dynamo and she actually won another event that you hosted right?

Simon Calton 2:19

Yeah, she won Miss Winter Wonderland the first time we've done it and that was yeah, that was a Christmas market celebration that I do here in Charleston look like to try to add a little retro field any event that I'm like that I produce so

Miss Pinup Miami 2:32

have you incorporated Elvis and on the last podcast we talked about your Elvis experience in love for Elvis? Has there been any updates in your Elvis life or collection?

Simon Calton 2:42

No, no no updates. I mean, I you know, like I would i My love for offices never ending but uh, but I Yeah, you never know. I've definitely tried to get like a cool Elvis impersonator to perform at an event at one of my festivals, but it's it's hard to get them sometimes and then you know, I'm kind of picky on who would want to do it like no offense to some of the later day Elvis's but i like i like the 1950s or early 60s Elvis so the best

Miss Pinup Miami 3:13

Do you like when they look like Elvis? Because I've seen some impersonators that are talented but they don't look like Elvis.

Simon Calton 3:20

Yeah, you know they get they get past some of them get plastic surgery and stuff. I you know, I was a judge for the International Elvis Tribute competition that Graceland throws every year and this is years ago and Justin Shand or one I think that was his name. And he's a huge Elvis guy, but he looks like Elvis like it's and he looks like a like a young Elvis.

Miss Pinup Miami 3:40

I gotta look him up.

Simon Calton 3:41

But I'm pretty sure he's had a special but I think he's had a little bit of work done. But you know, whatever. You're an Elvis Tribute artist. You got to you got to look the part. So

Miss Pinup Miami 3:51

I don't doubt it. There's people that get surgery to look like a Barbie. I'm sure you've seen it. They are like $10. And they're like, oh, chiseled plastic looking

Simon Calton 4:00

yellow, creepy, but whatever.

Miss Pinup Miami 4:03

So I want you to tell us a little bit about how the pandemic has affected you didn't have rockabilly cue. Last year, everything seems like a blur. But last year, um, how's it affected you in your in your work?

Simon Calton 4:17

I mean, it definitely. I lost 90% of my business when the first shutdown and 2020 Thankfully, Florida was like four weeks before. I mean, it was literally maybe three weeks even it was right before the shutdown. Because it was it was like the third weekend in February and the shutdown was like March 15. So yeah. But you know, you gotta roll with it. I mean, it is what it is. I mean, I did some, you know, we started doing the virtual live stuff, which you know, you started doing, you know, back in 2020. And I had bands playing, and you know, I kind of worked around it the best I could, there was nothing I could do about it. And then last year, we no we didn't do Florida, but we did do a modified version of Charleston, but this year, we're kind of like rolling everything out, like all my events are back. And it's exciting. It's you know, it's like, my body's not used to being hunched over the computer so much like working on, you know, all the different updates and emails and posts and all that but, but it's exciting to be back in. And I'm really looking forward to being back down in Florida for rockabilly key Florida.

Miss Pinup Miami 5:20

And not only one day, but two days, you're coming back with a bang.

Simon Calton 5:24

Yeah. It's such a big success. And you, you have to think you have to remember that we started promoting rockabilly Florida, like, maybe two months before the festival. I mean, it was pretty fat for the turnout we had. I mean, we didn't really start it until mid December. I don't think we announced until January actually. So yeah, it was a really quick turnaround and we had a huge turnout and we now we announced in September so we've been promoting for over six months now. So you know, and that we made it two days and we have more bands, the lineup is like amazing.

Miss Pinup Miami 5:59

And number one thing is free.

Simon Calton 6:01

Yeah, yeah. And that's why you know, that's one of the things I told Florida weekly I go a lot of these bands you're seeing you would never see them free ever see them free. Like this is a rarity that you would you know get to see in a reverend Horton heat Slim Jim phantom Delta bombers. Good. You know, Tammy Savoy, you go down the list. And there's no way that these artists, I'm excited to see her. Yeah, no, she's amazing. Yeah, I was that was on. She's been on my wish list for a while. And I was really excited to to get her to play.

Miss Pinup Miami 6:32

Are you looking forward to any specific bands that you've never seen live seen them at rockabilly QR? Have you seen them all live?

Simon Calton 6:38

Tammy? I'm definitely excited to see. Delta bombers are always like an amazing live act as far as ones that I haven't seen. I don't know. There's so many good ones to I mean, there's just so many. If you've never seen the Swayze, they're out of

Miss Pinup Miami 6:54

mine. I was about to bring them up. Yeah, they're

Simon Calton 6:57

they played rockabilly cue in 2019 here in Charleston. And people still talk about it. They were people's jaws were dropping like people begged me in Charleston and bring them back again. And I would like to bring them back here for next year's are this year's I should say. But yeah, I know. They're phenomenal live, but I mean, all these I wouldn't book a band that I wouldn't listen to myself. And I'm a fan of all I mean, I think they're all great bands. And it's very eclectic music wise. Like it's not all the same type of rockabilly, psychobilly hockey talk, you know, jazz swing, whatever.

Miss Pinup Miami 7:27

music going.

Simon Calton 7:28

Yeah, it's very eclectic. And I like that because my taste is eclectic. And I think people's tastes as eclectic nowadays even more so. So

Miss Pinup Miami 7:36

I was gonna mention this way these when I saw them on the lineup, I was like those though, that's my, that's my issue right there. Locally mean,

Simon Calton 7:43

remember how I found them, but I just I do a lot of like, read people submit to me, but I do a lot of research too. Because I like to find bands that I think are great that I don't know about and, and I brought them nobody knew who they were in Charleston, but I thought they, they were phenomenal. And they of course, their lie back was incredible. So, I mean, they really, really bring it.

Miss Pinup Miami 8:04

I've been watching them here for who for many years, and I took friends, I took my boyfriend on one of our first dates like three years ago to see them. I've never seen them in Key West because they're originally from Key West. But anytime they play Miami, they're always at Sweet liberty of your Miami. Um, it's such a fun environment because it's like a whole show and you're always on your feet and you're just jamming out and and in the main, the main the singer is always jumping doing splits jumping on the crowd on the tables in the bar.

Simon Calton 8:34

Yeah. High energy for sure.

Miss Pinup Miami 8:37

Yes. So and so what would you say is like the difference like the difference between the biggest difference between Charleston and Florida is is the community because I feel like Charleston in Florida Yeah.

Simon Calton 8:53

The the culture the kind of car by pinup rockabilly culture in Florida is definitely much bigger. And so that it's just it there's more there's just a lot more going on with that I think the one in Charleston is Charleston is successful because people it's a fun of it. And so but as the years have gone on more and more people come that are more into you know, mid century culture and pent up and in cars and bikes and all that but the one in Florida is definitely like a lot more of a you know, like a a full fledged festival It's not a casino it's you know, it's got the big bands it's got the you know, the the pinup conscious is one of the big attractions the car and bike show, you know gets bigger every year and the people that come out a lot more people are into it and dress the part and you know and really get into it. So I feel like it's they're similar in some ways, but the different because it's the one Charleston is more of like you take over like a little mid century neighborhood and all the restaurants and bars are involved. And this one's more of a Florida's was more of an old school Las Vegas spectacle almost, you know, it's at the casino, it's got a big stage, it's, you know, it's like bringing out that we have the little that we have the cool lounge inside where Bands are playing, which actually, this year, they're actually the bands are playing inside. They end night, which is last year, they only played after the mainstage was done. So that'll be kind of cool, too. For people who want to cool off have a cocktail gamble a little, there'll be like 130 to 130 Basically every every day of the festival.

Miss Pinup Miami 10:30

That's so exciting. And I love it's going to be cars and bikes.

Simon Calton 10:35

Yeah, no, it's gonna be great. I'm super excited. I can't wait to get down there.

Miss Pinup Miami 10:41

So I have a few questions from the viewers on Instagram. They want to know what is the status? The first question is what is the status of rockabilly on the route

Simon Calton 10:53

ah, rockabilly on the route so rockabilly on a route is what kicked us all off. We my co producer, Angie, who I did the festival with we developed it by the seat of our pants 2012, I think it was, we redid it for five years in a town called to carry, we took over the town for four or five days, it was really great. But she didn't want to produce events anymore. And we we had kind of outgrown the town, we I will always have a love for to come carry. But it was a lot of work to put it on. And, and like I said she I would, I didn't want to do it without her. And she didn't want to do festivals anymore. And so we retired it. And the idea now is I would like to bring rockabilly cue to, to route 66, and bring it to a casino and all that. And it would be and I already asked for her blessing to call it like rockabilly cue on the route. So it's a tribute to rockabilly on the route. When that's gonna happen, I don't know, because I barely have enough time to do what I'm doing now. But for a couple years, I can see it being over 66 It's, it's It's next on my list of where I want to bring rockabilly q2, but for for anyone who was there. I mean, I went to vivo last year, and people brought it up to me, like left and right, like, they were just like, oh, you know, we wish we would have gone or Oh, we miss it so much. You know, I people love that festival because it was just this cool, old route 66 town that had like, you know, revitalize places, but also abandoned places. And it had you know, the route old route 66 strip with motels and diners and really great photo ops. And it was, you know, it was it's a cool little town That Time Forgot. But also, they've done a bunch of revitalization too. So it's a mixed bag on, you know that. But yeah, it was I really love the five years we did it for I don't see that coming back. But we definitely I definitely want to bring rockabilly cue to merge 66

Miss Pinup Miami 12:51

That would be so much fun. I've never gone to route 66 But I would love to visit. The next question is what kind of vendors can we expect at rockabilly que?

Simon Calton 13:02

Hi, it's very diverse. There's jewellers of car and bike show related, there's vintage clothing, there's artists, there's, you know, just an eclectic array of, you know, Home Goods, vintage items. It's just, it's, it's very eclectic. I tried to be you know, I tried to make it, you know, as diverse as possible. So it's not just like, row after row after row of vintage clothes, like I want it to be, you know, old enough, some

Miss Pinup Miami 13:27

people will love that. Yeah,

Simon Calton 13:30

we do have we have vintage clothing, boots, for sure. But I like you know, want to appeal to different people. I just like the cars in the show or the music on the stage, I want it to be eclectic.

Miss Pinup Miami 13:39

Are the cards in the show gonna be a certain gear? Is it pre 70s? Or is it

Simon Calton 13:44

it's pre 84, we were a little loose on it. Because I found that people really liked seeing the cars I don't I don't put modern cars in it. Which means anything like in 84 thing is a little bit loose. I prefer stuff that's like 70. And before 70s. And before, I mean, I could be stricter and go like, you know, nothing before 1968 and all that. But I find that people get really excited about seeing they collect the cars, rather than just seeing, you know, cars from the 1940s to the 1960s. So it's very eclectic. And I think that's part of what the charm of you know, rockabilly cue.

Miss Pinup Miami 14:23

The next question is, what is your personal favorite car you've seen a rockabilly cue?

Simon Calton 14:30

Oh, wow. That's hard. I mean, I've seen so many great ones. I don't know. You know, I can't fit say one off the top of my head. There's been so many amazing ones over the years. That's the

Miss Pinup Miami 14:44

most wildest one you've seen. rides I love rat rods because their own personality onto them.

Simon Calton 14:51

Yeah, for sure. I mean, I'd have to like be able to pull up a photo or something like I've seen some. It's hard to describe, but I mean, there's some this past year in Charleston, there was Amazing cars like jaw dropping beautiful. Some of the best I've seen in Charleston. And we always have good cars, but this one, I mean, it was just like, I don't know if COVID People got real creative, but there is some beautiful, like beautiful restored paint jobs, you know, custom work. Really, really amazing. You know, Vintage and Classic and Rat Rod hot rods and all that.

Miss Pinup Miami 15:25

And even musicians had their cars there, Jared Penny had his, his car was beautiful.

Simon Calton 15:30

Yeah, he's a beautiful vintage truck. But ya know, it's, I just love you know, I love that there's always like cars, even, you know, I see the photos, they submit them online, but seeing them in person is just a whole other experience.

Miss Pinup Miami 15:44

Next question is, is it hard wasn't harder to find musicians after the pandemic,

Simon Calton 15:50

it wasn't harder. It was, I actually there were, we wanted to get a few international acts this year. And it was hard. That was hard. Because you know, the, there's coke travel restrictions and all that. I'm not gonna say who because they may come deeper. And I don't want to you know, but there's some pretty big rockabilly bands overseas that we wanted to get. And we even tried to, but it just was so complicated with, you know, travel visas, and there was a, there was an air like, we could confirm them, but then there was a chance they might not be able to get into the country. So it really wasn't worth it this year to do that. The one that got away that I really am saddened by is that we were and I can say this because of what happened. But we were working very hard for over two months to get Ronnie Spector to play. And of course, she passed away. We weren't able to work it out. Because of she just you know, she wasn't traveling as much. And there wasn't, you know, there wasn't a negative reason why we couldn't get her but it just, we just couldn't work it out of her schedule, and travel and all that. But, you know, when she passed away, I was just like, I mean, obviously, I was sad, because she's a legend, but it also was like, Oh, my God, but you know, we wouldn't have gotten her anyhow. Because if we would have booked her obviously, she passed away. But it is very sad, because that would have been amazing to have her and now there's never you know, that opportunity is gone, which is you know, she's a she was a legend. Now.

Miss Pinup Miami 17:19

Next question is What is the craziest band story you have?

Simon Calton 17:24

A, I mean, there's a bunch, but one of the funniest is probably well, there's some that I can't really tell. But we change the names. So we rock or played rockabilly on the route one year. And the hotel you're staying at this really cool vintage motel, called the motel Safari into can carry should definitely stay there if you're ever traveling through it's really beautiful, restored vintage motel, and have a great sign. So he was staying there with his band, and we had to get him from the motel to the venue. And a bomb threat was called in to the hotel across the street from the from the motel he was staying at. So they closed down like a three Brock perimeter in front of the hotel. And he couldn't get out because you know, and it was like, an hour and a half before showtime an hour before. So I can't remember it was pretty tight. I can't I can't remember the exact time but the so we couldn't get out. And so I knew the motel managers and I was calling them and we figured out a way to sort of sneak him out the back door. And I personally went and picked up his band because I wanted to make sure I got them to so we had to like sneak them out the back door and they had to walk like four blocks down because they literally you know the bomb threat. The police take that very seriously. And then we had to you know, lately they had to they had to like run for blocks and hop in the car and take them to the convention center. Wow. Yeah, so that was like, you know, when he played rockabilly cue Florida in 2020. I we were reminiscing about that story, because it was pretty funny because I was like, Is that the only time you've ever had a bomb threat when you when you were playing? And he's like, I think that's the first.

Miss Pinup Miami 19:06

That doesn't really happen often. Wow. Yeah, that

Simon Calton 19:09

was a that was a good one. I have some ones I would tell off camera that are really good, but I'm not going to tell them on camera.

Miss Pinup Miami 19:16

You're going to be full of secrets.

Simon Calton 19:20

All the bands because I know what the story is. They probably wouldn't appreciate me telling it so.

Miss Pinup Miami 19:26

So did you binge watch any TV shows during the pandemic?

Simon Calton 19:30

Oh my god. Yeah. Then watched a million things. I can't even remember. I've watched so many things. I watched the pleasures Yellow Jackets I liked I'm I'm caught. Oh, you know what I'm currently watching. I'm currently watching. Pam and Tommy on Hulu. It's about Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. It's a it's like a like a movie or a show. It's a TV show. But it's it's not it's not documentary. It's actually like a recreates their time when they were together and they Sex tape came out. And it's so over the top but, you know, and he doesn't come across very well like I'm sure he's not very happy. He kind of comes across as a douchebag. But it's not really that surprising. I mean, he's Tommy Lee's made him tattooed on his on his stomach. So I mean, but no, that's probably my guilty pleasure right now. That's it's it's definitely worth a watch. And it's it's pretty funny because it's just so over the top. It has a really good cast too.

Miss Pinup Miami 20:26

I want to see it just because the actress in it, it she's the girl that plays Harlequin, right? Yeah. Yeah, she's a great actress. And she's

Simon Calton 20:35

the guy that plays Okay, so for people that are faint of heart, it's like full nudity. So you see, oh, a lot of Tommy Lee, let's just say that like I literally the the first scene that they had, they had the full frontal, I was just like, and let's say his friend talks and moves around and dances and stuff like it's, you're gonna hear jokes, you will laugh because it's so over the top, but it's well done. It's really well done.

Miss Pinup Miami 21:01

Any good movies that you recommend this year? Because you worked in? I'm asking you because you worked in the TV industry are

Simon Calton 21:08

working. Yeah, I worked on American Idol and a million different TVs worked on Dexter. Moved movies, movies. What did I just see? Oh, I saw the new scream. That was good. And I can't remember I blank on things. I like horror a lot. So I like to screen was really good. I didn't think it was good as the one before that. But it was good. It was and I went to the theaters it. It's nice to be able to go to a movie theater again.

Miss Pinup Miami 21:31

It's weird, though, because there's not a lot of people in the theater. I don't know about where you are at. But I was the only one when we went to see the Macbeth movie that recently came out with Denzel Washington.

Simon Calton 21:40

Yeah, no, yeah, there was actually this one was a little busier. Because it was like a Saturday night. And it was a it was kind of a popular theater. But by busier I mean, there was maybe 10 people in the theater. It wasn't like it was a big theater. So yeah, not not busy, though. Like the old days. days.

Miss Pinup Miami 21:57

I used to make a line for popcorn. There was no line. I was shocked. I was like, Oh, okay. So let's see what last question is, what is your favorite part of rockabilly cue, like I guess the highlight one of your highlights of rockabilly cue.

Simon Calton 22:12

I think it's when everything comes together and just seeing all the, you know, the hours of work I put into it. And finally seeing it in fruition, like seeing the bands on stage, seeing the cars, all parking, people are walking around, having a good time, seeing the pinup contest and all the great amazing, you know, outfits that the ladies are wearing. It's kind of like the sum of its parts. I think that's probably I just, once it. Once it starts happening. I'm I it almost is like a sense of calm. I mean, I'm still running around like crazy, but it's just like, the wheels are in motion. There's nothing, you know, I can't I don't, there's nothing more than promote. Because I'm a, I'm a, I'm constantly thinking about it constantly working on things. I'll wake up in the middle of night and get my notebook and write down things I need to do first thing in the morning, like, when I do an event I'm passionate about it's it's on my mind, but the whole time leading up to it. Like it rarely is not on my mind. And so it's somewhat of like a relief when it starts because then I'm like, oh, it's finally happening. Everything's great. And then the casino is so amazing to work with. And their team is fantastic. So I couldn't ask for a better group of people that are like my partners in this because they they work their butts off to make this the best event they can. And they you know, they're a huge fan of it. Obviously, they made it two days for this year. And yeah, so I'm just really excited to get down there. I mean, I'm leaving like two weeks in advance, because I'm so excited to get down there. So

Miss Pinup Miami 23:37

I'm excited to and I have a personal question was not personal. But just like, when I host any event or I do something I feel like Time just flies like you're having it's going so like it's just happening and you're doing everything you're supposed to be doing. But does that happen to you that it just feels like it just flew by? And you're like who amazing like, but you couldn't enjoy because you were like all in a high?

Simon Calton 24:02

Yeah, I always say that. I would love to attend one of my own events. But I never get to of course, because I'm producing the event. But ya know, when it starts, it's just like, it's happening. Like everything's going moving forward. Like, you know, there's nothing you can do about it. And it feels really good. I have a really, really good rocky look in Charleston was stressful last years because I had to make so many changes and make it fit the climate and all that and move locations at the last minute. And this one just seems like I mean, it's still been a lot of work, but it's definitely like such an more relaxed, you know, feeling because I know it's gonna be amazing. And I know that we can make it what it's supposed to be, which feels really good.

Miss Pinup Miami 24:46

Yes, I feel the same way. And I'm so excited to take part of it.

Simon Calton 24:51

We're happy to have you back again. I love working with you. Yes,

Miss Pinup Miami 24:55

I'm gonna pick up next week. The custom trophies that I had made I always make different every time I hold the contest it's always a different type of trophy. I love the ones I did for rockabilly few Charleston, it was nice, acrylic custom prints. This time is going to be different and a little bit more kitschy. Eclectic, I guess is the key word of this. I love I like my ears. Now, do you have any questions you'd like to ask me? I always ask the guests if they have any questions for me?

Simon Calton 25:24

Uh, yeah, I mean, I guess a good question for you is like, what do you feel like when you're like, when you're planning a pennant contest? Do you envision things in your head of how you want to see it? Go? I know, you. You know, you're very, you have very specific rules about making sure the ladies look presentable and you know, are not just showing up and some you know, that you want you want to contest it's as far as I can tell, to actually put some work into it. I think that's kind of amazing. Because it is like, it's it's, and I told Florida weekly this and when they interviewed me, I said, you know, it's it's one of the events, it's not just a contest, it's just as big as Reverend Horton heat playing, or the car and bike show, or, you know, the pinup contest is a main attraction. And that's, you know, and that's always been a big deal for me, because I think it's great, because I've also seen ladies competing every year, but and on your side of the, you know, on your side of it, how do you how does it feel planning it putting it together and and seeing it actually happen?

Miss Pinup Miami 26:24

i Well, I've been hosting the first contest that ever hosted was at a tattoo expo here in Coral Springs in 2016. And I keep photos and history of all the winners and contests on my website, because it's for me, I wanted to create a contest. The way I do it is not normal, like everyone else. I wanted to create something that the girls that doesn't know somebody could have fun, and the girls that have a group behind them and a team. I'm going to explain this. But like when I first entered a contest, I thought that the girl that shake their ass one because it was an audience favorite. So I felt like I put a lot of effort into it. But it didn't matter. And then I felt kind of said, even though I shouldn't I mean a lot of people and that's what the contest. Also, people meet other women in the community that love the same thing they do is so deep. And that's what I love about the pinup contest. And then I have the judges portion for that. But then I love the crowd favorite because I also admire the people that come with a crew or like I call it like their writer dies. And it's amazing, because I find that so incredibly like admirable. So I don't want to put that away from the girl that brought her crew when they're cheering on. So I'd like to do a crowd favorite and the judges favorite just to balance that off and be even. And I give the score sheet to the contestants when they sign up. So they know the criterias they know this five points for hair, five points for dresses. And the judges I I mean, they do take a while to add because I really want to make it fair. And they don't know when they're looking at their paper. Like a lot of Pete like, I make it super like it's so I've thought out of everything I could to make sure everything is super fair, because I truly believe in being fair and giving chances. So like the judges have a score sheet and only has a number, but by the time that they're filling out, you know, and I have so many girls enter, they don't know who the person was, until they saw them and they score them and they go you've been a judge so so you know, and then you add it up and it gives you a true answer of like who is like the judges choice. And then from there while they're adding I love to do an audience because for example Miss raising hell she had like this turkey in her presentation. So even if she didn't bring a crew, she's winning the crowd. I mean, I don't know I don't know the people in Charleston, but like it's, it's just I love that dynamic. And they're so opposite, that I really when I do this, I mean, some people could just host the contest and just toasted but I like to create an experience for girls that don't know anybody and really love the fashion and love the pin up that want to try it out. Have a fair chance and then have the girls that you know could win a crowd over so there's two different like, together, if that makes sense. Yeah, no, it makes total sense. And if that's what I really put in then with the prizes and the judges like for rockabilly Q in Florida this year is going to be I'm so excited. I have Heidi Calvert photography she has photoshot Pinup Girl Clothing she mostly does a lot of like those like wonderful like product photography use for Pinup Girl Clothing, unique vintage sour posts, all those big brands and a lot of this pinup girls gnome and she also does pinup boudoir and like glamour shots and it's so clean and crisp and she's a editorial style. And then from Rhode Island we have somebody flying down vintage girl studios, and she's really good at vintage style. photography that is super modern, but vintage like it looks timeless. And she even has like a old camera that she like makes shift to do Polaroids. And she also does 10 like those old, kind of like 10 photos. And she's flying down. And then I have a burlesque dancer locally on the West Coast Miss Marina lane, and she's all about glamour. So I wanted a whole mix of people in the scene in that editorial and local for less because it's all about the brown the circle of rockabilly and eclectic mix, like, like you said,

Simon Calton 30:39


Miss Pinup Miami 30:41

Does that answer your question?

Simon Calton 30:42

Yeah, definitely. You get so excited about it. It's awesome.

Miss Pinup Miami 30:46

Oh, yes, I get so excited like that. I wish I could do this, like for the rest of my life?

Simon Calton 30:52

No, I mean, you're kind of like, you know, you've been building your brand. So you're

Miss Pinup Miami 30:56

Yeah. And then the lives are really great because I loved when I went to Charleston, a lot of the girls there like knew me from your from the rock of if you don't follow rockabilly cue on Facebook, make sure to follow them. I'm live every Sunday at 5pm either doing hair makeup or some kind of tips. And this upcoming Saturday, I'll be doing pinup tips, tips and tricks for the pinup contest. So if you're in the contest, and you're listening to this podcast, make sure to tune in live and you could ask me any questions that you have.

Simon Calton 31:24

You said Saturday, do you mean Saturday? Are you meant Sunday?

Miss Pinup Miami 31:26

Sunday? Sunday? I'm so sorry. My apology Sunday's 5pm.

Simon Calton 31:34


Miss Pinup Miami 31:37

Yeah. So Simon, I want to say thank you so much for being on the podcast. Again. It's truly an honor and honor to have you here, be able to rock the stage and rockabilly Q. And yeah. Thank you so much.

Simon Calton 31:50

Yeah, I love working with you. And I'm excited to see you at the festival.

Miss Pinup Miami 31:54

Yeah, and I'm making a custom dress and everything. And I'm going to be using the hair flowers I made on my live two weeks ago because the first rockabilly cue, I wore yellow and blue, so I thought I'd keep the tradition and wear yellow and blue again, just

Simon Calton 32:09

go. Awesome.

Miss Pinup Miami 32:12

All right, make sure to tune in next week, because next week, I'm going to have on the podcast, vintage girl studios from Rhode Island and she's going to be one of the judges. So we'll be able to talk more about photography modeling and also her skating. She's gotten into roller skating and photography. So we're gonna dive into that. Alright guys, thank you so much for listening and I will catch YOU on

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