5 Signs your Dad is a Greaser

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

In lieu of Fathers Day I thought it would be fun to make a list of “How to Spot a Greaser Dad!” Since the dawn of time, ladies have been attracted to the bad boy persona and facial features the Greaser subculture tends to have. But have you wondered if your dad is a Greaser!? Does he have these characteristics? If so he might just be one, even at heart!


A Greaser would gravitate towards a white or black tee with rolled up sleeves. These T-shirts are often accompanied by blue jeans. Leather jackets are often worn. To top it all off he will wear some Chuck Taylor's and accessorize with a comb, bandanna, switchblade, or chained wallet in the back pocket. This dad would be the leader of any self-proclaimed man cave.


The staple look would be a pompadour using a greasy pomade to slick the hair back. If your

daddy’s hair isn’t being transferred to the bed pillow or if he’s not sweating pomade in a hot summers day, then he is not using enough! If you haven’t guessed this is how the term “greaser” came along.

Fun Fact: Elvis Presley used products like Vitamin E and jojoba oil to style his hair and replace his conditioner. He them used hairspray to set it. He would alternate different hairsprays, so his hair would get too dried out. And he dyed his hair every three weeks with L'Oreal!


Do you catch this dad listening to oldies? Greasers listen to 1950’s or 1950's style music such as rock n roll, rockabilly, or doo-wop. You can catch them going to live local bands at dive bars or rockabilly weekenders!


The number one hobby would be cars! Traditionally it would be a pre-1975 car. They cost quite a bit of money. Any greaser wouldn’t mind combing through the local junkyard in search for a decent classic to turn into a project. Greasers aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and restore a beauty! You can also find them dragging you to the local weekend classic car shows!


A greaser dad will show TONs of love to their little girl or boy. He will protect that little girl from men (because he knows what they are thinking) and teach his son the basics from respecting woman, shaving, and styling with pomade!

The big Aura of attitude you put out is style and toughness. Is your dad a greaser or do you know someone who is? Do you recognize any of these greasers?

Let me know below!

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