Don't Be A Monster!

Updated: May 15, 2018

Only 170 days till Halloween! If you have been to my house or ask me what my favorite films are you would know I'm horror movie fan!

Classic horror films tell the stories of misunderstood and different creatures that are striving to be accepted or loved. Take for example Frankenstein, he wants happiness and love. Even the classic Mummy strives to find his true love. Heck even the Phantom of the Opera!

What traits do these monsters have? They are different than societies norms. Which in terms people treated them different and offensively, it would be safe to say (to a certain extent) they were bullied.

I have been a victim to bullying in my life. I used to let bullies get the best of me and have gone through a couple of rough situations because of them. Fortunately, I learned to love myself and was lucky to meet individuals who were there to support me in my growth. They have helped me achieve the confidence I have today.

So why I'm I writing this blog and why am I wearing a T-Shirt? I don't usually wear T-shirts but this one is special! I wanted to support an amazing cause called Don't Be a Monster. Don't be a Monster is a a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works alongside Haunted Attractions across the US through unique and entertaining anti-bullying assemblies for 4th-10th graders. Their mission is as follows:

"We work to educate and empower youth to be leaders around diversity, inclusiveness, and show them how to stand up for their friends and peers."

This great organization has such an amazing message and I truly wish to support and ask if your able to buy their merchandise, donate, or attend a haunted attraction that sponsors this cause please do so!

Such Cute Packaging!

I purchased their Don't be a Monster Shirt. SOO CUTE! I must also say I love the packaging! It came in an orange Happy Halloween poly-bag (very appropriate) and they also included a certified card. This card states I am officially a Lifetime Friend of Franks! Who else can say that?!? I mean, all you have to do is buy a shirt ;)

I made this purchase because, especially in this day and age, people are being monsters to one another and hurtful with their words. Which can lead to individuals to feed into the bullying or become more distant from society. So I ask if you see someone being bullied that you take a moment to stand up for them. Standing by and doing nothing is just as bad as the bully themselves.

Below I included a video from Don't be a Monster that I find truly moving and that everyone should take a moment to view.

Lets try to be kind to everyone, the world will be a better place. Comment below on what feelings you got after watching their video and any tips you might have.

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