Halloween Makeup How To - Scary Scarecrow

yeah....THATS ME!

Get your pitchforks ready! This look will make strangers run away and unrecognizable to your friends!

List of Materials With Links to products

  • Overalls (Local Goodwill) I didn't find overalls but I sewed one from a pair of jeans from Goodwill - using the same technique as this blog - click here

  • Gingham Blouse - long sleeve (Local Goodwill)

  • Boots (Local Goodwill)

  • Random Fabric (had around house) you can buy at Walmart Used to create small patches on jean

  • Scarecrow Hat (Spirit Halloween or On Amazon)

  • Craft Hay (Amazon)

  • Glue Gun/ Glue (Amazon)

  • Black & Brown Grease Body Paint (Amazon)

  • Liquid Latex (Amazon)

  • Liquid Blood (Amazon)

  • Paper towel (around the house)

  • Bald Cap (Amazon)

  • Twine (Amazom)

  • Yard of Burlap

  • Rope (Around the house/ Amazon)

  • Bowls (to pour blood/latex)

  • Weapon prop - I used a Sickle, you can use a pitchfork or even knife! (Amazon)


The costume itself was pretty easy to find and set up. I also designed it so I wouldn't be melting in the Florida heat!

Using fabric remnants I applied patches to the overall and towards to give it an old wearied down look. Then around the end of the sleeves, pockets, and shoes I hot glued hay - it give a stuffed look without the heat!


This is when I feel visuals are the best way - Check out video at the end to see a time lapse of my application - took me about 2.5 hours to create this look.


  1. Moisturize Face

  2. Apply Bald Cap

  3. Apply first layer of Black Grease Paint on eyes - This is the best time to get close to your eye before applying more stuff

  4. Put Burlap over face and cut holes such as eye, nose, mouth.

  5. Pin excess burlap in the back with a clothespin or if you have a friend have them cut the excess fabric.

  6. Apply liquid latex on burlap to set it on your face

  7. Using paper towels soaked in liquid latex fill in whole and create texture around open wholes. At this moment feel free to get some hay and stuff them into the mix....adds to the "stuffed" look!

  8. Let the Liquid Latex dry

  9. Cover with a mix of the black and brown grease paint

  10. Tie Rope around neck (make sure to be comfortable)

  11. Using twine sew your mouth to give an illusion that its sewn shut. make it loose enough so you can drink and eat at your party!

  12. Using paper towels apply liquid blood as desire on face and clothes

  13. Add props such as contact lenses, weapons, hat, etc

  14. Your ready for a local scare!

If you have any questions comment below or email me at jennifer@pinup-miami.com.

Also if you recreated this look please send me or tag me in Instagram @pinupmiami !!!!!! Would love to see what you did!

Happy Halloween!

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