Gatekeeping in the Pinup & Vintage Community Featuring Kat Martinelli - PINNED Podcast Episode 42

Gatekeeping in the Pinup & Vintage Community Featuring Kat Martinelli - PINNED Podcast Episode 42

What is gatekeeping? Have you been a victim to someone gatekeeping? Join me and the wonderful Kat Martinelli as we dive into the subject of gatekeeping, vintage, society, and more! You won't want to miss this episode!

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About Kat Martinelli

Grew up in CT, moved to south Fl 5 years ago just moved to central Fl. She loves the vintage community here️ she grew up going to car shows with her dads 57 Chevy in the poodle skirt her mom made. After her teenage emo phase she knew pinup was the alt life for her. She's also 15 year hairdresser 3 year salon owner which comes in very handy when you do your own photoshoots.


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Episode Transcript

Miss Pinup Miami 0:05

Good day and welcome back to the pin podcast. This is episode number 42. And I'm your host Pinup Miami. And here at the pin podcast, we talk about modern topics with a vintage flair. If you haven't listened to before, and you stumbled across this podcast, I want to say welcome. I hope you stick around. And if you are a returning listener, you already know that I love you guys. Thank and ladies, thank you so much. If you haven't followed us before, make sure to follow us at the pin podcast official on Instagram. You could even shoot me a text at 183348 pin up and I will answer really quick or if you have any tips or guests for the next show recommendations. Let me know I'm always open. Now today's episode is sponsored by concert right? I want to say it in Spanish but concert radio rock and roll. It's a tribute show that's gonna be presented in guy all show if you're in South Florida, it's a tribute concert to the music legends of the 1950s and 60s, you're gonna enjoy a trip down memory lane on April 16 at 9pm. Tickets are only $25. But if you use the promo code Pinup Miami with uppercase p u. m, I'll put it in the show notes below. You'll get $5 off and you get to sit in a special table with a pinup ladies. So even though the show when you log in to the Eventbrite link that I have down below, it tells you that you need to RSVP with your party. My promo code will automatically sit you at a table so if you're going solo, you don't have to worry about the two people minimum. So isn't that great for every one that's out there.

Now, today's episode, I am so honored to have a beautiful friend of mine that I'm honored to call her friend. She is Kat Martinelli. She is a pinup model. She was in the pins calendar 2021 Miss March I was so honored to have her on there. She is a hairstylist, a salon ER and a salon owner of the beauty parlor in Orlando. How are you?

Kat 2:15

Hi Pinup Miami. I am fabulous. Thank you so much for having me on your podcast. I am truly honored.

So am I for everyone that's out there. You have to make sure that you follow her on Instagram at the pinup kitty cat. And at the ads cat that bombshell beautician also have her links down below how so how is it being a beautician during these crazy times the last year you have your own salon? I mean, yeah, you're right. It has been crazy, just crazy, crazy. People have been coloring their own hair at home and cutting their own hair home. So that's been a lot of fun fixing, fixing those DIY messes. You know, but we're just you know, learning how to pivot just like we all are trying to navigate during this crazy panorama time. And how in the salon Are you able, because we've all gone through funks I'm pretty sure you've been able to like make over a girl to make her feel beautiful. Have you had any of those experiences doesn't have to be during the time of COVID it could be any time. You know, how does that impact you? And how do you see that that impacts women going to the salon.

Oh my god, doing a big makeover is like that's my favorite. That's just that's what drives me to continue to keep going to work every single day. I'd say my my favorite girls are the ones that struggle with thinning hair. And I can give them like gorgeous make over a fresh haircut color, add some extensions, and whenever they get those little those little tears of joy just like Yes, yes, I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. I'm

Unknown Speaker 3:56

helping people. So

Unknown Speaker 3:57

those are you know, hands down the absolute best.

Miss Pinup Miami 4:00

How important do you feel being able to style how you like affects the personality? Or your self? ego? Yes.


self esteem.

Unknown Speaker 4:15

Yeah, let's keep the ego in check there. Yeah, for sure.

Miss Pinup Miami 4:17


Unknown Speaker 4:17

so see, I mean,

Unknown Speaker 4:18

I mean, I mean, think about it, think like think about the days that were unpinned and, you know, not you know, not putting our best foot forward for whatever reasons, then, you know, you definitely feel a different way than you know, taking the time to get ready, do your hair, do your makeup, put on your your best dressed and that absolutely fuels all your self esteem and your self worth and in my opinion, you know, that sounds very vain and shallow but that's that society today. That is that's what we're where we're at in the world

Miss Pinup Miami 4:58

looks and it's really Nice that nowadays like in modern times, it's not 100% perfect, but we're able to do what we want with our hair and not be like, told, oh no, you have to wear brown or natural hair colors like now it's being more accepting. Do you notice that more hair color more colorful hair colors coming through your chair?

Unknown Speaker 5:20

Oh my god, absolutely Miami. I

Unknown Speaker 5:21

mean, I mean,

Unknown Speaker 5:22

I've been doing hair for, like you said 15 years and even even in the last year, I've noticed an uptick, even. I mean, it's been crazy. I feel like we've advanced so far in such a short time period. Um, honestly, most of my clients in Orlando are getting the vintage styles with a fashion color, you know, looking just like how you and I look on a daily basis. So that's been really really cool to, you know, help people kind of come out of their shell or try to try vintage for the first time try you know, pin up hairstyle. It's just, it's amazing.

Miss Pinup Miami 6:01

Oh, and by the way, I love your logo for your salon.

Unknown Speaker 6:06

Thank you so much. That was done by another pen up out in California. Her name is Katie cabana and she is just a cutie pie. She made my logo right before the pandemic and it just makes me so happy. I will get her tattooed on me one day because I just think it's so cute as

Miss Pinup Miami 6:26

it is to truly identify style, your style. And you know, the beauty part of the way is all set up. It's just perfect. And I can tell when somebody sees it. They know what they're going into when they're going to your salon. You know,

Unknown Speaker 6:40

yeah, and I don't know if you know

Unknown Speaker 6:42

this Miami if you've looked closely at it, but the little flower that the girl has in her hair and the logo is a is a Mary Blair inspired flower. And I was like, just need this for me.

Miss Pinup Miami 6:56

And if you guys are watching on YouTube, the back of her room she had you have the old like Walt Disney World. It's great jail, like super old school for my husband. Oh, yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 7:10

got it all. And

Unknown Speaker 7:12

Madame liotta is over there. And but yeah, the map is true vintage and then the two pictures on the side are picked him up at Disney Springs last year. Yeah, I love this old map. So much.

Miss Pinup Miami 7:25

So beautiful, beautiful. And it has so much history. Just like the pinup community, you know, the pinup community? You could it ranges in vintage repro. You know, you there's so many things out there. And lately, well, I've noticed an increase, especially on tic toc people that I guess are setting what pinup should be gatekeeping you know i for this. I looked up gatekeeping because I wanted to get the real definition on gatekeeping. Right. So gatekeeping is the activity of controlling and usually limiting general access to something. In this case, I feel like when it comes to the pinup world is telling someone you know, you can't do that. Because that's not pin up or vintage. So I've seen girls online post up, especially when they just get started. I'm sure you've heard comments with girls going in the salon to get started that like, Oh, I was told that I can't have pointy nails because that's not vintage. I mean, you know, but there are people that are so strict on vintage and their gatekeeping say, Oh, well, you can't be part of this community because your nails or you can't be part. Have you ever witnessed this?

Unknown Speaker 8:39

You know, I just had someone tell me at the salon the other day that she won't wear polyester because it wasn't in fashion. You know, for her favorite time period that she wanted to dress it and you know what, honestly, I was like, that's dedication. That is that's amazing. Like, that's amazing that you took the time to really learn the history of it, but we're in 2021 babe, like, you don't, you don't have to not wear polyester like so. It's such a I don't know. And I also I also feel like the whole you know, oh, you dress 50s you can only dress 50s now if I feel like dressing 60s 70s 80s modern, like whatever I feel like that day and I'm going to dress up and I'm going to get dressed up for me that day. I'm going to get dressed up for what makes me feel happy. And dressing vintage does make me feel happy almost every single day. But on those days. Hey, I'm feeling a little sassy. I want to wear my hair like a shag or doodle ball. 80s crazy.

Unknown Speaker 9:41

I'm going to do that too. And, and I do.

Unknown Speaker 9:45

Yes, absolutely. That's what that's where I feel like the gatekeeping kind of just just goes one step too far. Like, don't let people be whatever they want to be whatever makes them happy. They're not hurting anybody else.

Miss Pinup Miami 10:02

That's your lady in the salon. She said she won't wear polyester. I appreciate that. That's her decision. Because Yeah, you're right. That's the whole thing for her. But that's

Unknown Speaker 10:12


Miss Pinup Miami 10:13

If she were to say, if she had another client be like, Oh, well, if she was in your salon, and she looked to your right and saw another girl on vintage and said, Oh, that's not polyester, you know, that's a different kind of, that's like negativity and saying, Okay, then you're saying that girl's not vintage? Because she don't have polyester on come on? You know, I did, I did come up with a list of different cake keepings that I have come across one thing that I have fallen in the beginning. And the reason why I saw is that there's a lot there. Well, I don't experience it a lot now, but there was a lot of fatphobia in the vintage community. Because it's so difficult to find, especially with people that believe that true vintage is the only way. You know, it's it's really difficult, not that there weren't any fat people in the 50s 40s, you know, in any era, but it is difficult to find, because new old stock, they made a lot of small sizes, so of course, there's going to be a lot more small sizes. And then, you know, these repro companies, they make their clothes, but even the 5x You know, I'm not in a modern size. I'm like an XL, 2x sometimes, and repro sometimes I'm 4x 5x so I can't imagine somebody that's even a little bigger than me, you know, having difficulties of finding clothes

Unknown Speaker 11:31

that are absolutely extreme. I've seen that too. And almost i've i've seen on both ends of the spectrum, like plus size and like petite petite petite girls that are like, I can't find anything to wear because I'm an extra small. So I've totally seen it go both ways, too. With with plus size and PT being afraid of oh my gosh, I'm not in true vintage because I didn't have anything in my size. That was true vintage and and then feeling like oh gosh, like I hope these girls except me like that needs to go we are you're leaving that in in last year. And we're not bringing that with us anymore. Absolutely.

Miss Pinup Miami 12:06

I agree. And then another thing that I found in gatekeeping is the social status of because or location. Because if it for example, Miami and South Florida, I'm not sure Nando I know it's not that far off. But it's really rare to find the same vintage you find here in California. You know, it's different type of vintage. I'm here Miami's very Art Deco. If I were to go to an estate sale, the clothing there would be a little different than if I were to go to any state sale in, in California. And as years go by these estates wills will have more modern and modern goods. So and I know we have Yeah, we have the internet like eBay, but that's also price gouging because then they start saying, oh, oh, it's so hard to find plus size vintage, beloved vintage, they call it so we're gonna charge you this dress. 250 bucks, just cuz it's like a waist 30 which is plus size, you know? Ridiculous. I'm exaggerating. That's

Unknown Speaker 13:15

no, but that's not okay. That's not okay.

Miss Pinup Miami 13:18


at all. When you shop vintage, don't you find like on Etsy or on eBay? That it's way more expensive than like, mostly anywhere?

Unknown Speaker 13:29

Absolutely, absolutely. I mean, just, even on Facebook marketplace, you type in anything vintage, and it's just a giant price couch. You're like, what do you

Miss Pinup Miami 13:39

even use repro clothing? I mean, I know that the youth and their repro. But you know, it's still they match the same price or it's even more expensive because they're not available anywhere else. Have you ever noticed that?

Unknown Speaker 13:56

My girlfriend sent me a poshmark link the other day and she was like, look at this pinup girl clothing dress. It's so cute. And it was $5 off the original price. Use tags off everything. And I was like, how? Why would any why would anybody do that?

Miss Pinup Miami 14:12

And I also think it's society's fault because we keep buying there's other girls that do buy it. I know you I mean I'm speaking for myself, I'm not gonna buy that dress that your friend sent, even if I love it because I'm like, Well, I'm not gonna get to try it on I can't even return it. What's the really the positive side there is just an exclusive dress that they have. They don't sell anymore. You know, I rather get the new maybe a new Reaper item that's the same cost and then you have like fetishizing minorities you know, just because old, um, let's say old vintage dress has a certain type of print. You know there's a lot of repro or modern designers that use that print thinking it's okay because it was part of a vintage garment without thinking of the You know, the things that it could affect today?

Unknown Speaker 15:05

Right? And it's at that point, you're like, Who's that fault there? Is it the company's fault as a society as well as our fault for still purchasing these from these companies? You know? Where your radar from the artists at that point? Yeah, where do you separate the art from the artist that helpful? And where does it become like, Hey, we should not be supporting this brand anymore? Because vintage styles, not vintage values, you know, where where does it? Where do we cross that line.

Miss Pinup Miami 15:34

And I completely agree with the last one that you said of the, you know, where, who you buy society where they're buying, if people really want to change, you have to affect the company's dollars. And I'm not talking just vintage and anything, even makeup brands or some makeup brands that have a terrible worth work ethic that is public, and people knowing this to buy from them or a hair brand or any type of brands. You know, as a society, we need to know where our money goes. So because money talks at the end of the day, so if they see that everyone's giving their money to this organization, they're just gonna keep keep keep growing, because they know people are still wanting it. If people yeah, they'll say, Oh, well, the product is great. I don't care what the owner does. I mean, I don't agree with that. That statement, what do you think of that? Would you still

Unknown Speaker 16:25

you know, the it's so interesting that you bring this up? Because this is something I've been talking about for weeks now, which has canceled culture gone too far. When do you separate the art from the artist? When do you know I was watching? I don't know if you watch the the Mia Farrow documentary on HBO, where it talks about you know, Woody Allen's a legit, you know, sexual, whatever, that whole nightmare allegations. And it's like they discussed in the documentary, would you continue to watch a woody allen fair of Woody Allen movie if you knew that he was involved in something horrible? Or do you see him as a very respected producer, director, every actor everything that he's done? And where do you say like, wow, that's beautiful art? Or do you say that is a terrible? person? I can't do this anymore. That it's so interesting, right?

Miss Pinup Miami 17:23

Yeah, it's really interesting. And I, it's just difficult because, you know, you, I don't really know a lot of Woody Allen films. But when it comes to like, let's say, Well, I can't really, I'm trying to think off the top of my head. Like, I'm Kat Von D. I know she had a makeup line. And the drama, I think it was about vaccinating her kids, you correct me if I'm wrong?

Unknown Speaker 17:53

Yes. No, no, I remember I follow her along. Yeah,

Miss Pinup Miami 17:57

it was a big deal, right.

Unknown Speaker 17:58

And then it was a big deal. And she goes, I'm not going to vaccinate my child. And basically kancil culture came after her and was like, come on, he's out. She's not going to vaccinate her child, we're, we're not going to support this company anymore. And, again, it goes back to she makes amazing makeup. She makes amazing tattoos, you know what, you know. And now I just heard that she's going to be a singer. She's releasing an album soon. And it's like, at what point do you say, Hey, I don't I don't like the artist, artists core values. But I respect the art. Where do you draw that line?

Miss Pinup Miami 18:38

See it quick, I'm quick to say like, Oh, I won't buy for like, Okay. In my opinion, and a, you know, everyone's opinion is gonna be different on this subject is I try my best not to support I mean, the the Kat Von D, I think the vaccination is her own opinion if she wants to do it or not, in that case, and I think we took a scandal culture took it a little too far, because that's somebody's personal choice, but she did rub it into the company's, you know, intertwined. So that's the problem there. She intertwined with our company, because we can all have our own point of views. You know, I'm pretty sure Bill Gates had, you know, his own kind of like thoughts in his head, but he doesn't publicly, you know, put it into his, into his company's media. You know what I mean?

Unknown Speaker 19:28

Right. So, so then it's like, okay, at what point do I not share so much on my social media, where people who might have a different opinion, might say, Hey, we're not going to support and a PD candidate more because she, she has her medical marijuana card, and I'm completely against that. Where do we draw that line?

Miss Pinup Miami 19:49

there? See, that's so interesting, because that's, that's an upcoming, we're saying this is so interesting, so much, but it's um, it's really is because that's a great example. Cuz that has grown a lot. There's even respectable, like huge companies that are okay with some medical marijuana but then you still have those people thinking, that's terrible. That is, uh, you know, like, wagging their fingers. And absolutely. And I'm sure they won't buy from that company. So that's harming the company. So I guess you're right. How so as your as for your salon. Do you ever think about what you put online affecting your business?

Unknown Speaker 20:30

Oh, boy.

Miss Pinup Miami 20:33

Oh, boy.

Unknown Speaker 20:36

I was raised very, very, very strict, very religious. And so deep down inside, it's been ingrained in my head, you know, will this come back to haunt me in the end? Will this come back to bite me in the butt way before kancil culture was even a thing? It was? Oh, gosh, should I should I hide this part of myself? Should I shall not get this tattoo. Should I not? Should I not reshare? This? Absolutely. I? I absolutely. I second guessed almost everything I post because I go, oh, gosh, what if what if this person doesn't like this, but I will say Miami. In the in the past, I would say six months. I I felt like I started sharing more of the things that I am truly passionate about on my page. And I found more of my people, my people being like, Yeah, I love that I support that.

Unknown Speaker 21:26

I want to

Unknown Speaker 21:27

get my hair cut by you because hey, we're practically the same person and we would have so much in common to talk about. So I've been learning like don't don't don't hide those parts. Because there are so many amazing people. Exactly. Be yourself. There's so many amazing people in this community. And there's already so many people like us and you're just gonna find your people. The more the more that you are yourself.

Miss Pinup Miami 21:50

On Tick Tock. There's a girl get I don't know her name, but she I'm sure you'll know her when I describe her. She lived in Maryland and rolls house. Oh, yes.

Unknown Speaker 22:06

What's your handle? I can't remember.

Miss Pinup Miami 22:09

I don't remember either. That's why I said I don't remember but everyone will know when I say she lives in Marilyn Monroe's house. She's so

Unknown Speaker 22:15


Miss Pinup Miami 22:16

She is cute. But there was like a couple of like vintage pin up tick talkers that were trying to ask her to support another creator that she looks the same, like a Marilyn Monroe. She's not a look alike. But you know, I'm just describing her look. And people kept coming. Like this girl, the one that lives in Maryland and Rose house her fans again her fans are mostly people that are not in the vintage community for the most part because she has like a million a million of subscribers. But they went in attack this other girl that look like like Marilyn Monroe, and even reported her page so much that they blocked her into her tic Tock and you know, she was a big creator. It wasn't like under a it was like in the millions this other girl had. Um, and all these other pinup people came out and tagged her saying you should come out and tell your followers not to you know report this other girl She's not even doing the same thing as you is just at the vintage pinup community we all are in it because we all love it. We all have the we all know a pinker we all know a bobby pin. We all know of course set a cincher a pointy bra a petticoats. You know a Marilyn Monroe everyone knows Marilyn Monroe I'm sure you can name 100 blondes you know that you've come across from gafford at your salon to anywhere Um, so it's really crazy that a fan base will attack another creator because they look like another one and it's funny because it's outside outside people the vintage community attacking like crazy.

Unknown Speaker 24:00

That's so sad and

Miss Pinup Miami 24:03

she didn't even address Aki See, I

Unknown Speaker 24:10

I need to go back. Oh, that's so sad. You know, I want to say like in the vintage community that would never happen like you know, as people in the venture community like we we love and support everyone and we want everyone to be vintage and be themselves. Do whatever makes them happy. So I you know, I want to say that Oh, no Rabinovich community. But the fact that I think it's very interesting that they weren't even in the vintage community, and they were still trying to, to tell this other girl. I mean, honey, yeah, there's so many of us. There's, there's plenty of tiktoks to come around. We can all just like Marilyn Monroe and all go on Tick Tock sinking into our cute little dances and there's room for all of us. Yes, that's ridiculous. That's so silly.

Miss Pinup Miami 24:55

I found it so interesting. It wasn't the girl that lives in Marilyn Monroe's fault. Cuz she didn't tell him to go attack but I don't know, I guess what I've been thinking in my head was should she have addressed it to her fans? Because she really did hurt the other creator? Would you have done something like if you hear that your fans are you know, or your patrons or your salon are attacking another salon? Would you say something to the people that go to your salon? Or would you stay quiet about it?

Unknown Speaker 25:25

I would absolutely say something as a Connecticut girl. I got a big mouth and I wouldn't be like, Oh, hell Nah, not here. So I actually did have an incident many, many, many years ago where one of my clients was bullying another one of my clients via social media. And I felt partially responsible because the client one texted me and said, Hey, can I have client two's phone number? I lost it. And I was under the impression that they were close friends. And I was like, Oh my god, of course, I will help each other. I will help you guys out. Well, well, client number one decided to bully client number two the whole time and then I proceeded to see on social media afterwards. And I said, Absolutely not. This is not okay. This is Nope. This is not what I'm about. I'm about women supporting women. This is unacceptable. I apologize profusely to my poor client number two who got bullied? No, I will. Absolutely. And and you know what, and if anyone starts gossiping or talking smack about anybody from as Nope, not here in front of me. I don't want to hear it.

Miss Pinup Miami 26:37

Hmm. I'm with you. And I think that's why we click

Unknown Speaker 26:43

since day one, I remember the day I met you.

Miss Pinup Miami 26:47

I loved I love them. I love meeting you. Another thing is, um in the pinup world you have um rockabilly. I think that rockabilly I love the rockabilly style, that's how I got into pinup. And and I found that you know, then you have people that only say true vintage true benches like I some of the pieces I have, which I guess now would be considered true vintage is 80s. Does 50s or 80s, those 40s. And, yes, and you know, some people say that that's not even any vintage, but I'm sorry to tell you years have passed the sprint. That's

Unknown Speaker 27:31

where I was born. So I would call that

Miss Pinup Miami 27:34

There you go. And we talked about No,

Unknown Speaker 27:38

I but I totally agree. That's, that's definitely another form of gatekeeping. Listen, like I said, If it makes you happy, do it. Who cares? You want to just rockabilly, dress rockabilly. You want to dress goth ability, dress capability, you want to dress true vintage dress, true vintage, but don't don't tell anybody else. Hey, but just because I'm doing this, I don't want you to do that.

Miss Pinup Miami 28:00

Yes. Or, you know, I actually love Okay, and I also see girls I get mad when this happens in pinup and non pinup world, but like when you go to an event, and another girl is wearing the same dress as you, you know, at first hit at first Hey, you know, you're like sheesh, I thought I was gonna be the only one. But then you know, then I realize it's pretty cool that we're both dressed the same way that happened to me at Viva East I had this girl that we walked in the room and we both were wearing the pinup girl monster dress. At first you're like, hey, then you're like, Damn, we look cute. Because then you can take pictures together and it's just shows that everyone there has the same mentality and same you know, vibe. And that's what I love even with my pencil Florida meetups. I have ladies come and they tell me Do I have to dress up I want to go because I like the girls that I met. But and they're coming jeans and a T shirt and they're never discriminated everyone is welcomed at the table at any event, you know, and that's what I try to promote.

Unknown Speaker 29:09

You know where I see the largest amount of gatekeeping is when we're at dapper day

Unknown Speaker 29:16

that's when I that's when I seen gatekeeping happening

Unknown Speaker 29:19

when we're at dapper day and we see all those little cuties that dress in vintage for the very first time and they're wearing you know the dress shop from from Disney Springs. And you know, I hear I hear what we say Oh god, what are they or when people disneybound on Dr. date? No. Let them hey, this might be their very first time trying this. Just let them be happy. Let them enjoy it.

Miss Pinup Miami 29:44

Yes, I you know, in another podcast I was talking to I don't know if you follow her magic apparatus and she she goes to dapper day. Um, and she asked me if when I leave South Florida Joyce have the same vibe as the pinup community I've created and I tell her, I don't feel that way when I go to dapper day because even when I go by myself, I feel so excluded because there's these little cliques of like people that are dressed very posh. And I feel like they're untouchable. And they just look at you weird because like, I'm dressed like, I'm dressed how I'm dressed or and I have seen the people because when I go by myself, you go from group to group, you know, I like to mingle on sociable, but I'll start leaving If I hear them say, you know, oh, look that girl like you said the dress shop dress, you know, like a surgeon generic or, or, or why she dressed the Disney bounding when it should be, you know, more glam and it's like, you know, let her it's probably her first time it's probably her 100th time. You know, she's happy. Nobody's complaining. You know? She's here for a reason. We're all here

Unknown Speaker 30:50


Miss Pinup Miami 30:51

absolutely, we're

Unknown Speaker 30:52

there. We're there to connect with other like minded people just like ourselves. My very first Saturday I just rebounded I did a Mary Poppins found with an old martial arts. It looked like a wedding dress and I did like a Mary Poppins to Disney bound and it was the best effort I ever went to. I had a blast. I had no clue. There were so many people like me. I was like, I am home. I'm with my family. These are my people.

Unknown Speaker 31:17

So how could How could How could I be like,

Unknown Speaker 31:19

oh, they're disneybounding Oh,

Miss Pinup Miami 31:23

and I always cringe. I always cringe when I hear people say the dapper day is vintage because dapper if you look it up dapper is just an excluded. What is it? I looked it up once. It's like just a very stylish style. I'm putting that very plainly. So no, you're no, you're

Unknown Speaker 31:40

absolutely right. So my needs met my husband and he does not use vintage ever, ever, ever, ever. But he was like, Oh, I was looking up day after day. And I realize it's just looking your best in any decade. You know, I I think maybe next time I will do in 80s but looking vintage look and I was like honey, I love it. Do it. Whatever you want to do. So guess what? I'll be looking I'll 50s or whatever. I feel like we're on that day. And my honey is gonna be wearing 80s Let's do it. Who cares? Right?

Miss Pinup Miami 32:11

Yeah, I have a I bought a dress literally last week. I'm not going to the April dapper day, but I'm hoping to go to the fall one and I bought a gown that is modern, but I'm wearing it to dapper day cuz it looks funky.

Unknown Speaker 32:24

Oh, I cannot wait. I cannot wait.

Miss Pinup Miami 32:27

And that's an Yeah, I buy dresses early in advance and keep them for special location. Oh, yes, exactly.

Unknown Speaker 32:36

I picked out my spring dapper day dress in 2019. So

Miss Pinup Miami 32:44

you're ready. And then your hobbies gonna be all 80s you guys could do. Tick Tock traveling and time. So

Unknown Speaker 32:55

keep your eyes peeled for that.

Miss Pinup Miami 33:00

And even with the internet, you have gatekeeping like I said on eBay people gouging prices on you know, I used to be able I have a huge hat collection. It's all shelving on top here. And I used to be able to buy really affordable vintage hats even in bulk now. It's like expensive even on eBay or goodwill, you know, and I blame the Pyrex lady. I don't know if you ever heard of this. You could actually you know, tell me on goodwill for those who don't know, on goodwill, you could go to Goodwill calm and they do have a web auction for like some some items. And it used to be super cheap to get on goodwill because nobody knew about it. But then there was this one lady that there was a Pyrex and this was like rock rocketed the Pyrex, which is the looks like Tupperware for people that don't know, I don't know, but glass and really pretty. Um, but she bid so much money on some pirates and it went back and forth with some other other people. And it was a ridiculous amount of money. And that really brought the goodwill website like out in the streets in the limelight, and pirates and it just really grew that I was like, whoa.

Unknown Speaker 34:16

So what do you think that is? Do you think? Do you think that there are more people joining the vintage community and that's why the pricing has gone up or do you do you think that Tick Tock has made it more popular? Why Why do you think that now more than vintage is becoming more popular?

Miss Pinup Miami 34:35

I think it's becoming well. True vintage is becoming popular because of its rarity. That's what I think I think when these women that talk about true vintage and they do it in a snotty way. It's because this is a rare brand and they know the brand and yes, I respect that they know the history behind the garment because they were really well detailed. But it's the rarity of it. And then knowing that Rarity, they're exposing, you know, by price gouging these items, especially, you know, like I said earlier with like the fatphobia. Knowing that plus size is rare, you know, I guess it's with everything in the world. Like if you knew pencils were rare, of course, you know, supply and demand, I'll charge you 100 bucks, you know.

Unknown Speaker 35:24

I mean, look at look what happened last year, how much did Les Paul get sold for? Because it was it became a ray wipes or toilet paper or anything? So that makes sense. But I wonder, I wonder why. I mean, I've been dressing vintage since I mean, well as a kid, but for I for real started when I was like 21. So I've been doing this for over 10 years. And I only feel like it's it's become socially acceptable. Now, I don't get asked why I'm wearing a costume when I go on public now. And I'm like, Why now? Why now?

Miss Pinup Miami 35:57

I think again, it's more popular and I think the accessibility with the repro brands because there's way more nicer Ribeiro brands then even five years like 10 years ago because I mean, when I first started I worked at Bettie Page clothing and then it turned into Tatiana, and then you had pinup girl clothing and now you have so many indie brands and so many people making their own clothes and I am part of the making your own clothes. But and I really love making your own clothes because then you could custom make it to your body and have fun and get to know yourself and what you want basing it off my you know vintage items with a modern twist just like this podcast.

Unknown Speaker 36:40

I love it. I love it so much but

Miss Pinup Miami 36:41

I also think it's because there's so much variety and I know whenever Greece comes up I mean I have a love hate relationship with the movie grease. I don't know if you feel the same way but I love the movie grease,

Unknown Speaker 36:54


Miss Pinup Miami 36:55

I spent love hate love hate you have the love of you know wary of watching grease because it's so much fun. But then whenever there's a grease event and maybe it's for me because I always get asked to host like when the drive thru things were happening the drive in theaters, they would reach out to have me host the night and I'd be like why is this the most stereotypical but I think it's because you know, I feel like it's a stereotypical Avenue but at the same time it's spreading awareness of a culture that I love so that's why I say I'm always like in between of like a love hate because I love it. But then I'm like oh it's so stereotypical that if I bring this you know first timers in they're gonna think that this is all it is you know, but there's so much more so that's why absolutely but but look at all this but

Unknown Speaker 37:45

look at all the stuff that you do outside of that all the events that you put on with you know your pinned events or the pin ups at the zoo event like I mean your your newsletters are amazing on first on like how like, how does she have time to plan all this? This is amazing. And you know, it's just so beautiful. I love getting your emails you're literally on my little my little favorite so I get a notification every time I get one of your emails and I've just I truly I'm truly inspired because I think you are doing such amazing things for the vintage community especially in Florida. I tell almost all my clients I'm like you know, Pinup Miami. If you don't you should because if you want to know what's going on in Florida, that's who you're gonna hear about it from.

Miss Pinup Miami 38:31

Oh, thank you. Yeah, I love my newsletters. I I think I do everything because I scheduled myself. But on the newsletters like recently, I had good feedback in the bottom I put a little nice little vintage comic in the bottom. If you go all the way to the bottom of my newsletters. It's so cute. I love it. It is so cool. I love it so much. I want to keep it special for those people that clicked subscribe on my newsletter, you know, I got to keep it fresh and I get you get to know exclusive events. There's one exclusive event on there if you're on my newsletter, so make sure to sign up on my newsletter at Miss Pinup Miami calm, just saying it's for South Florida. There'll be more. And the one last thing I wanted to ask you about is touch upon something you said earlier of, you know we're not you know, we have to normalize not being a pinup every day because it's like normal, normal life. You know, even if you're like into the modern fashion, you don't dress up modern fashion every day. You also have your regular days even to work out. I feel like there's something of that pressure themselves to wear makeup and look a certain way to sweat it out. How do you feel about that?

Unknown Speaker 39:48


Unknown Speaker 39:48

I feel G is where do I even begin with this? I feel so I am someone that suffers with chronic depression. So I feel a certain way about, oh my gosh, I don't have the energy to get dressed up today, I don't have the energy do my hair makeup today, man, I am disappointing myself, man, I'm disappointing. Whatever content I could be creating today or whatever it may be. So I guess I feel there's so much pressure to look a certain way every single day. And Instagram and social media makes that pressure. So much worse. And something I've been trying to focus on my, my social media presence is, Hey, if you're struggling, first of all, reach out to me, because I'd love to struggle with you. But secondly, it's, we're human. And especially now during COVID life, like, it's hard. It's hard to get through every single day and every single week and every single month. So be kind to yourself, be kind to your future self. If you don't have the energy to get dressed up and up every single day. Don't get keep yourself. Don't put that extra added pressure on yourself. If you want to go work out with not an ounce of makeup with with last night's on rerolled set, then go work out if you want to, you know even sometimes I struggle when I'm adding to the salon and I think oh my gosh, who are my clients today? Oh, well, I have some gorgeous pinup babes coming in to get their hair done today. Let me make sure I dress extra cute to impress them.

Miss Pinup Miami 41:34


Unknown Speaker 41:35

And then I think know what, just be yourself because they're gonna love you regardless.

Miss Pinup Miami 41:44

And I just feel

Unknown Speaker 41:49

just don't put that extra pressure on yourself.

Unknown Speaker 41:52

Just be yourself.

Miss Pinup Miami 41:55

Like I am for the podcast, for example, it's probably the most laid back look I have because what I love about the internet is that I know I put this on my YouTube but I don't do the back of my hair. It's in like a little messy bun in the back. I do a little roll. You know, I try to keep it simple. And since I wear my glasses since I need the screen, I don't need to wear lashes or anything extra. Yeah, because I scheduled myself to record my podcast and I do it after a long work day. So when I get home, you know I can't wear my calf tan or colorful dresses. I do have like a semi uniform, which I'm sure a lot of people have a certain way at their jobs. So I just switch on and put my comfy caftan and flower messy bone in the backseat. So

Unknown Speaker 42:46

that's what we call movie magic.

Miss Pinup Miami 42:51

Movie Magic and little poopy roller podcast,

Unknown Speaker 42:53

podcast magic.

Miss Pinup Miami 42:56

It's the pinned magic boy. But you are so right. I think if people get even on like the first even the first example I gave on here about the girls nails not being appropriate. Like what if like it was just playing like, you know, the girl didn't get her nails done or you know, don't judge her like you said everyone is going through. Everyone's going through a difficult.

Unknown Speaker 43:20

We're all even rolling right now.

Miss Pinup Miami 43:22

Yes, I don't even have my nails

Unknown Speaker 43:27

in so long.

Miss Pinup Miami 43:29

And I haven't done my eyebrows. I put some foundation on. But you know that it's the truth and like I was a victim. And I know I had a hairstylist two weeks ago on the show. And now I have another one but I'll confess to you that I have dyed my own hair and cut my own hair during this time. Um but I have to get it fixed because I can't all Miami come to Orlando. I'll

Unknown Speaker 43:54

help you.

Miss Pinup Miami 43:57

If you had yellow hair, you know.

Unknown Speaker 44:00

I love you though.

Miss Pinup Miami 44:02

Thank you. I'm gonna ask you a couple of questions from online. So really quick. How did you get into pinup?

Unknown Speaker 44:15

Okay, so, oh, my father has a 1957 Chevy Bel Air. So I grew up going to car shows with my family and my mom sewed. And so we would make like little poodle skirts together and we go to the car shows and I just would have so much fun riding around on my dad's Bel Air. So fast forward. You know, I would always listen to those 50s cassettes 50s 60s Classic hits on cassette, I remember. And then so fast forward a few years and then I you know, it was 2009 everyone was emo or so Or golf. And I was like, that's me. I'm going to be a super emo kid for the rest of my life. And then I was like, you know what I told them that this is sustainable. So then I started dressing I actually started dressing rockabilly, just like you said, I think it's the perfect gateway especially in between those two of like the emo scene kind of punky I love that I love that like punky vintage vibe. So then I started dressing more true vintage, and that has kind of evolved over the years. Like, I truly consider myself a Disney pinup. Like if there's a Dhanraj that's what I want to be,

Miss Pinup Miami 45:36

I think perfectly describes you

Unknown Speaker 45:42

that that's me. That's what I want to be known for. Um, so yeah, and then I want

Miss Pinup Miami 45:48

to animate you into a Disney Princess, you know, that would be a

Unknown Speaker 45:54

Yes, please. And then I decided to just reinvent myself. I was like, you know, like, going back to what you're saying with, you know, thinking of how people perceive me as a professional and I started thinking, I you know, I came from a very small conservative town. And I was like, Oh, I don't think people are gonna really like this like super tattooed super punky emo girl. So I saw vintage and pinup as an alternative lifestyle that was classic. That was socially acceptable that people looked up to people respected. And that's that's what fully sent it for me that I was like, This is This feels good. This feels like home. This just feels like me.

Miss Pinup Miami 46:41

And it's perfect. Love you. What has been the most difficult thing about owning a salon?

Unknown Speaker 46:48


Miss Pinup Miami 46:49


Unknown Speaker 46:52


Unknown Speaker 46:53

The COVID COVID has been the worst part.

Miss Pinup Miami 47:00



Unknown Speaker 47:04

let me think about that for a second was the hardest thing about owning a salon,

Miss Pinup Miami 47:07

or was there you know, I think this will be fun. Have you had any really difficult clients? Or have you had any clients that just stare at you when you shampoo their hair? I mean.

Unknown Speaker 47:17

So my first job in the salon was as a shampoo girl. That's all I did all day long. And yes,

Miss Pinup Miami 47:21


Unknown Speaker 47:22

awkward and that people start moaning and Oh, god, that's just so No, please don't do that. Just close your eyes and relax, please. Because that's, that's my time to meditate. And reground myself for the days when I'm shampooing, I just kind of zone out and I'm like, this is this is relaxing for me. So should be relaxing for you as well.

Miss Pinup Miami 47:44

Good to know, I never know what to do. I'm like, Do I look at her? Do I look at the ceiling? I'm telling me? No,

no, no.

Unknown Speaker 47:51

Just close your eyes, close your eyes and relax. My whole thing in the salon is the experience. I want to pamper you. I want to tell you the prettiest person in the whole world. I want to give you a full makeover. I want to make you cry when you leave happy tears. So part of that is closing your eyes getting a deep conditioning mask getting that hot towel on and just

Miss Pinup Miami 48:12

relaxing finding yours then you need to do like they do at Disney that they sprinkle pixie dust at the end of your service.

Unknown Speaker 48:22

I would love to but now

Unknown Speaker 48:24

often I hear pixie dust

Unknown Speaker 48:28

I guess please on the air.

Miss Pinup Miami 48:33

The last question I have for you is did you come across any difficulties of being a pinup model in the modeling world?

Unknown Speaker 48:42

I'm going to say not yet. are going to say no. I'm going to say no, because I'm going to speak that into the future and say that that will never happen. I did have a weird photographer a many many years ago, but I wasn't doing pin up then that was still in my scene phase. Um, I would say the weirdest thing that happened. I was I was trying to do the suicide girl thing for a hot second. So I was taking like some some sexy pics and had a weird photographer that was like just keep taking your clothes off and I was like Absolutely not. My dad's a pastor he this I cannot do. The weirdest thing that's happened lately on a photoshoot is and maybe it goes back to gatekeeping actually just going full circle is having other pinups in the room. Be like don't pose that way pose this way. And I'm like, I've been doing this for 10 years. So if I don't know what I'm doing by now, I shouldn't still be in magazines. Correct.

Miss Pinup Miami 49:46

So right. That's why when we did the calendar, I never tell the girls No I do suggest you know because I do have going in there I already have a dream pose for the for the calendar but we always play around you know you were there for a while. We pulled I never said no cat. No.

Unknown Speaker 50:04

But yeah, no, I oh my gosh, I will shoot with you every single day for the rest of my life that doing that shoot for the for the pin calendar was so much fun and it was during COVID and I felt so safe and I just I loved the whole thing minus remember when I tripped and rip my dress? Yeah, it was horrible.

Miss Pinup Miami 50:21

But you My mind is that.

Unknown Speaker 50:23

But it was such a fun day. No, I had a great, amazing time with you and your photographers and the people that brought in the cars everyone was amazing. No, I actually did a shoot the year prior and someone was like no don't don't do that pose this way and it just made me second guess myself and it's like oh, have I not have I not been posing the right way this whole time? And then I was like no cat you know what you're doing? Just be yourself.

Miss Pinup Miami 50:51

Yes girl. And again like you said full circle Be yourself because that's how your business and you're getting your crew followers for your business and the clients that really understand you and will appreciate your services and who you are. So cat, do you have any like any into anything you want to like put out to the universe or talk about future plans that you'd like to share?

Unknown Speaker 51:15

Future plans, you know, I feel like I've really been hitting a lot of my bucket list items lately. Like I've been getting published a lot of really cool magazines lately. And I just got my first paid what would you call it? Being an influencer gig I just got my first paid influencer gig and you know, as horrible as the pandemic has been, it's really it's taught me to pivot and shift and not get so much self worth

Miss Pinup Miami 51:46


Unknown Speaker 51:48

my my clientele and from my profession and finding more hobbies and outlets for me to just be myself and, and help inspire other people.

Miss Pinup Miami 51:59

You know, what was one of the things I told you when we first met be you girl, you're gonna go far? Didn't I say that? Along those lines? Yeah, you did? And do you have any questions you'd like to ask me on the podcast?

Unknown Speaker 52:13

Oh, I could ask you

Miss Pinup Miami 52:18

a question. In case it gets crazy.

Unknown Speaker 52:22

I guess I mean, when I got that newsletter the other day, I was truly like, how does she do it all, especially someone that deals with with depression, I look at you. And I'm just amazed because I'm like, Wow, she really looks like she has her shit together. She's got this going on and that going on? So how do you how do you juggle doing your pain podcast during the calendar doing the, you know, the Central Florida, the South Florida chapters planning all these events for practically all of Florida? How do you do it? All?

Miss Pinup Miami 52:56

That would be my question to you. You know, I'm not I'm not perfect. But I but I really tried. This is the number one thing and this is the same answer I give every time it's really about scheduling. A lot of like the newsletters and my Sunday lives, I already have a list of what I'm gonna do unless somebody suggests something, and I switch it. So I'm prepared with that. And then my newsletter, um, I like to change the theme of there's a holiday you'll notice like for St. Patrick's Day, I changed it still said pin stuff, but it was green with like little graphics. And I try to animate it a little bit. Just to keep it interesting because again, like I said, if you are subscribing to my newsletter, and that means so much to me that you really want to support my content. So I want to be able to give back something fun to look at. And and now I have an announcement in the bottom like if anybody wants to put any announcements some ad space because you know, I'm it's growing. And it's like a private way of letting people know like, hey, look, I got this I got this, you know, check it out. You're the first to know, and I in a best way to hit somebody directly. And then literally all the other events, especially the podcast, I scheduled a date to do the podcast to edit the podcast. I do with enough time in case there's any emergencies between guests. And for the pin South Florida and the new chapters that actually popped up Bruning COVID um, amazing. Amazing. What's interesting is pinned is not the pin meetups is not Um, there's not a group. You know, it's, it's a meetup. So literally all I need is literally one person that's super interested, like myself in South Florida to be able to pick a location and then set it all together. And again, everyone and everyone is welcome. So I had people reach out to me in Orlando that was interested because they love the concept. So I worked with them to try to emphasize that that is a structure that has worked for four years and I love the community and even in South Florida. After four years, I have a committee. And this committee is just people that volunteer, I've never asked him, they came up to the plate, they helped me there's so many volunteers that really make everything go and actually appointed somebody else to run pin South Florida, so I can help all everyone, you know, in all the different sections. And hopefully, it'll grow because I really have found that this concept of doing the meetups really open to to anybody. And it's more community based. And it's just, and then even with the Facebook groups, I keep them private, for the community. But it's a way to be able to open yourself and talk about whatever you like or an outfit and not be judged by other people. And I go You're being so naive, talking about an outfit. Well, these people understand let me show them this like, Bro, I got at the thrift store for $2. You know, so I want to be

Unknown Speaker 55:50

absolutely and I love that. Absolutely. And I love I love that you have those pinch chapters so much and and like I was saying before, I literally tell almost all my clients that you know, want to be a part of the community like hit up into Miami because there won't be gatekeeping in in your pinned events. If you are a first timer and you want to if you just want to show up in jeans and a T shirt, you can and if Pinup Miami will embrace you and show you show you this whole giant world. So I love you know, because there there are other organizations where you know, you have to you know, have to show up so many times and be a part of this and I I love what you're doing. Keep it up.

Unknown Speaker 56:30

Just I love you

Miss Pinup Miami 56:33

helping each other and I really love it again, it's all organic. And that's the best part. people actually want to hang out with me, you know. So that's, that's the bottom? Of

Unknown Speaker 56:41

course they do because you're so amazing. Do you have a few minutes to talk about the ink debay thing happening in June?

Miss Pinup Miami 56:49

Oh, yes. interbay Yes, I am hosting a pinup contest that ink debate in June. That was actually the first gig I got hired for in the year before this one. And I have never done this event before. But they asked me to host a pinup contest. And if you sign up at the pin contest calm, it's $20 to register but that includes the past for the day. Um, so it's not like you're paying an extra registration fee for you know, just being in the contest.

Unknown Speaker 57:21

Is it also a Tattoo Convention.

Miss Pinup Miami 57:24

It is a Tattoo Convention. They're also showcasing like tattoo models. They're gonna have tattoo booths, it's literally all tattoos. I when I started my pinup contest, hosting, it was all about tattoo. tattoo conventions, which a lot of people find it ironic since I have no tattoos, but it's honestly where I got my start. And I love the tattoo worlds because it's accepting even if you don't have tattoos, and about body modification, I wear a corset that's body modification. So I'm part of that culture. So there you go. Absolutely. But yes, I'm excited for that event. So if you want to sign up as at the pin pinup contest calm. So yeah, I hope you sign up.

Unknown Speaker 58:08

I think I'm going to I think I'm going to take the day off from work because I really want to go

Miss Pinup Miami 58:14

Alright, cat, I want to say thank you so much for being on my show. It means so much to me. And thank you so much, Miami, I

Unknown Speaker 58:22

appreciate you so much. I appreciate everything you do for the vintage community, especially in Florida. Like I just think you're amazing.

Miss Pinup Miami 58:29

Oh, next next week, we're gonna have um, I'm confirming the guests for next week, but it's gonna be something very special. And I look forward to having you all listening next week. Thank you all for taking the time to listen and make sure to like subscribe this video, share it with your families, share it families Facebook pages, I would greatly appreciate it and it's a free way to to say thank you and stay safe.

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