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Getting Asked the Hard Questions with Artelunamiami - PINNED Podcast: Episode 52

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Getting Asked the Hard Questions with Artelunamiami - PINNED Podcast: Episode 52

This week join me and Arteluna Miami as we chat about how the year is going and she dives into some personal questions about me! Oh Boy!

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Episode Transcript

Miss Pinup Miami 0:05

Welcome back to The Pim podcast. I'm your host Pinup Miami and at the pink podcast we talk about modern topics with a vintage flair. And today's episode is going to be a little catch up on my life recapping and prepping for a new chapter in a pinned in the pin podcast. So if it is your first time listening, I hope you stick around. And if you're a returning listener, thank you for sticking through and listening. And your support means the world to me, so I truly appreciate it. And if you haven't followed the podcast on Instagram, please follow it at the pinned podcast official. You can also text me any questions, comments, concerns, to the hotline for the podcast, which is 183348 pinup. And today I have a shout out because you could also send me shout outs via text. And today's shout out comes from Cassandra. She wants to give a shout out to her boyfriend. His name is Christian. He is in the military and he's currently stationed in Japan. And she just wants to she just wants Christian to know that she loves him and misses him. And isn't that cute? I think it's adorable. And Christian, you know, if you if you're listening to the podcast, Cassandra is an incredible woman and I can't wait. You guys get together back together again. And I hope everything is well. And today talking about reunions, well, reunions and today when you're watching this episode, it is going to be national chocolate day. So I have a sweet guest on today that you guys have seen before.

Vivian 1:48

We have Vivian in the house. Like that intro like it used to go with me everywhere.

Miss Pinup Miami 2:01

Yeah, today well. Today is National chocolate day and I don't really like chocolate and a lot of people think, you know, they think like chubby I noticed a stereotypical, but they think chubby likes chocolate. I really don't like chocolate. I do eat it. But it's not my fave. Um, do you like chocolate?

Vivian 2:19

I do like chocolate. I'm not very big sweets person. But I love chocolate. And if you pair it with peanut butter, that's my favorite thing in the world.

Miss Pinup Miami 2:28

You get a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

Vivian 2:30

Yeah, those are good. Are you do like my chocolate brownies when I make brownies?

Miss Pinup Miami 2:37

Yeah, she made brownies once for a photoshoot. And I don't like brownies. But when I ate those, they were delicious. So yes, I guess I do like chocolate. But I only like Vivian chocolates, apparently, because I put love in there. Extra love and how you've been long time since you've been on the podcast.

Vivian 2:55

I know. I'm happy to be back. You helped you keep asking me to come back. And I'm like, Do people really want to listen to me? Yes. I'm happy to be here.

Miss Pinup Miami 3:03

I figured because we were like the keeping it real. Yeah. Real together.

Vivian 3:11

What is the Thelma and Louise of the podcast?

Miss Pinup Miami 3:13

Yeah, keep a little consistent. You know, I'm, I know it two episodes ago, I talked about, you know, my new my new journey in life and like my new job and the new path. And that's why, you know, my content has been a little, you know, trying to re realign myself. And but it's nice to have you on here because it gives me a little like comfort to know that you know, I have somebody else on the other other side. You know

Vivian 3:43

what, tell us about it. Tell us about those changes. What what's going on in Pinup Miami world? Oh,

Miss Pinup Miami 3:49

well, since since the last time I've been able to get back to hosting events, you know, the world is slowly opening up and it's kind of weird, but

Vivian 3:58

it does feel weird. Like the few times I've been out it's like, can't should we you know, it just feels like we got so used to being inside in the bubble that it's hard to get back to reality.

Miss Pinup Miami 4:09

You know what it feels like? It feels like you know, when you're dating someone, there's gonna be like TMI, I guess, I guess no, I've seen memes about this. But I've heard you know, when you start dating somebody they got versus like the honeymoon stage, and you guys are very lovey, lovey. You guys know exactly. You know, you're trying to, like make sure you you like to impress your partner. Yeah. And then you get to a phase that you're like getting more comfortable. And then you're wondering like, then there's like an awkward stage because you're wondering like, hmm, is it okay by burp in front of him? That's what I'm getting at with this where at that stage in the US, it's like, What do I do? Do I wear my mask? Do I nod my fart in front of him like,

Vivian 4:52

exactly. Exactly.

Miss Pinup Miami 4:58

That's the only way I could like relate because, you know, I want to be safe. I'm vaccinated. But you also don't want to be like, seen as a douchebag for not wearing your your mask. I can't just be like me feeling that way.

Vivian 5:14

No, it's true. I mean, I'm vaccinated too. And I had COVID. So I have like, doubled it twice. I had it twice. I have like triple the antibody. But part of it is like PTSD that I'm so scared of get it, of getting it a third time. But um, it's also like it. I don't know, like, it's scary. You know, when it feels awkward. It's too weak to say, even though I'm vaccinated and stuff, sometimes I'm like, should I take off my mouth? I mean, we live in Florida, it's really hot. So wearing the mask is a pain. Because it gets hot, my glasses get foggy and stuff. But it's true. It's sometimes it's like, I don't know,

Miss Pinup Miami 5:56

the first. The first pair of concerts I hosted this year after such a long time was in Jacksonville. Not yet in Jacksonville. And me and my boyfriend drove up to St. Augustine. And I was shocked when we got out of the car, because people are looking at us weird that we were not wearing our mask, when like everyone was like normal. Like I felt like we went back in time. It was so awkward. And then I hosted an event there and it was a car show. So I knew it was going to be fine, because it's like opening our doors. Um, and then the following weekend after that, I went to Tampa to host the second contest, and it was at the incubator, and it was at the Tampa Convention Center. And, again, going up the trust of if you're vaccinated. You don't have to wear a mask. But nobody, there were a mask. But I still practice a social distancing. And making sure you know, it's nice to be like in your own bubble and nobody. Yeah. So that's something that at least in COVID, I've learned that I enjoy people not in my bubble.

Vivian 7:05

I'm a guy wearing a T shirt the other day and I'm like, Oh my god, I need that T shirt. It said even if COVID is overstay six feet away, or I'll throw punch you funny, I was like I need that.

Miss Pinup Miami 7:20

That'd be cute. And like a little poodle skirt style. Knee you swing up the skirt. We like to stay six feet away. Why don't you

Vivian 7:30

throw punch?

Miss Pinup Miami 7:32

Yeah, you know, you get comfortable like when your little pre COVID when you go to Disney World if you've been to Disney World. You know, everyone would stand in line and even though the line isn't moving, everyone's like so close to each other like, bro, the line is not moving. Why are you getting so close to me? And I've heard stories that Disney is like, slowly going back to like, pre COVID times. And I'm like, like, why? Like I really enjoyed like seeing that people had the space in between, like, you're not gonna go anywhere. Why do you got to be in other people's spaces.

Vivian 8:03

There's people that don't have any like personal space, and they have no boundaries. So like at the grocery store, they'll walk up and stand like really close. So that's really annoying. I like the space having the space Leave me alone. Over there.

Miss Pinup Miami 8:21

People stand close to you in the grocery store. Do you say anything?

Vivian 8:26

I don't say anything. But I'll like move around or like put my cart kind of move it strategically or

Miss Pinup Miami 8:32

get out.

Vivian 8:33

Yeah, or like I'll make a face or something. But I don't think I've ever told anyone. Anything.

Miss Pinup Miami 8:39

I grow move. Nicely say that. I don't know. You'd be like, sorry.

Vivian 8:46

You give me some space, please step away.

Miss Pinup Miami 8:49

Then they think you're mean. Yeah. And nowadays everything has like a double meaning on everything. Like, oh, let me have some space very nicely. They'll be like, why she's so rude. She doesn't want people around.

Vivian 9:07

Well, you know, you're entitled to your personal space, especially if it's a stranger like I don't want a stranger all but my business.

Miss Pinup Miami 9:13

Well, you recently traveled outside of Florida to see your sister right in Virginia. How was the flight?

Vivian 9:22

The flight was packed. It was like pre COVID times. You still have to wear your completely full mask. But yes, in the airport and on the flight you have to have your mask on at all times. And they said it a few times throughout the flight just as a reminder. And I think everybody pretty much complied. Yeah, it wasn't bad. But in in Virginia, it was interesting because, um, all the places that I went to, they like stores and restaurants and stuff. They had signs that said if you're vaccinated, you don't need to wear a mask. But how do you know whose vaccine leader who's not so trust system and I saw very few people wearing masks, at least in the area that I was. So, you know,

Miss Pinup Miami 10:09

it's funny because legally you can't ask people to tell you they're vaccinated like get a job. Can I ask you? Are you vaccinated? Understood?

Vivian 10:20

I don't know. I've been a job. Yeah, I think you can. I'm not sure about that. But I know like, when you go places they're not supposed to ask you. But that's kind of like the, the catch 22? Like, how do you know if someone's vaccinated? You have to go on the honor system. But what if it's just an anti mask? It's one of those things that you have to that's why I like the space Stay away from me, you know, and my school will

Miss Pinup Miami 10:48

match with mandatory people wouldn't. Yeah, exactly. As

Vivian 10:52

I'm saying, like, you know, what, a lot of the people that don't want to wear masks are the same people that are antibac. So you gotta you gotta watch for yourself.

Miss Pinup Miami 11:01

Yeah. It's much as you want to take care of others. You know, you also have to think about your CEO. But yeah, my drinan to go back to your into your question. I took that all around.

Vivian 11:13

Yes, we like got off topic. I want to know what's been going on with you.

Miss Pinup Miami 11:17

Nobody. Well, also in those topics, I talked about the events, I finally hosted the first pinup contest in like a year and a half. And it felt amazing. It was a great car show. It was one of the first events I've ever done. So it was at the Callahan cruisers in Jacksonville. It's a wonderful Car Club. And they host me every year for the last. Well, last year doesn't count but the last four years, so it would have been five years last year, then six years this year, but always a lot of fun to be there. And the Tampa Convention Center was different. I love to have two shows because you see a crowd of people that just love being themselves, you know, and I it's a whole different crowd and I like being in like every type of crowd. So I love the mix of like, one weekend I was injectables very car centric, you know, rockabilly, and then you got Tampa, which is more alternative tattoos and but yet, the pinup girls that show up, they're all different as well. So it's just like, I just love the eclectic mix of everything. And then after that, I went to Orlando on because started the pin to Central Florida meetup. So I run these meetups in South Florida up in Central Florida. pinned South Florida calm. If you're in South Florida, and you want to find people that like love vintage retro style, I have a meetup that I organize to make events that we all want to go to, but it's not available in our community. And I started a chapter with two ladies up in Orlando, Carrie and Marcy, and it was their first event and they had a lemonade social. It was so cute. It sucked and it was raining because it's like, Hurricane like right now we're recording this and a hurricane is happening on the west coast of Florida. Well, a tropical storm Elsa, you know, I guess also just wanted to go to Disney did I've been loving

Vivian 13:07

all the Elsa means for the hurricane. Yes, they're great.

Miss Pinup Miami 13:12

It's like I feel like it was done on purpose. But it was pretty awesome. But the it was raining. And but there was a good turnout. So many different people from other different groups came to support. And I met a lot of new people. And I saw a lot of familiar faces. So it was truly a wonderful day. And I can't wait to see that meetup grow and have different events are planning a roller skating social, and podcast. So I'm gonna have Carrie and Marcy one day on the podcast to talk more about it. But I was so and it's also humbling for me as well, because when I started in South Florida, you started this journey. Yeah, I don't you know, I thought you know, that thought kept coming in my head that weekend when I was there because not only did I go to the central Florida event, but I went with people that I met through the meetups I've done in South Florida. So it was like a mix of emotions that weekend. Um, just to know that I wasn't alone, because I always felt so alone in the way that I that I viewed the world and I dressed in what I liked. So being able to bring people together, create friendships, and see other communities like Penn, Tampa, Penn Central Florida start their thing and do it with their own flair. I'm very like let them do what they want because they're providing a need that that community and people that feel that way have and I really love the people that reached out to me and they're really supportive and in having the same visions I have, but also putting their flair in it. Does that make sense?

Vivian 14:52

Of course. Yeah. It's so amazing. I remember when I found um the the first event on On a meetups, and I went, it was a baking event and I got there and I looked around and I was like, I found my people. These are my people. Okay, you're gonna find like a group of women that's, you know, supportive and like minded. And we all like the vintage and retro, you know, styles and such. And it's, it's amazing. And you started it. You You did that. So, yay, you deserve a lot of kudos for that. Yeah, it's grown so much. I'm so proud of that. Cuz Yeah, it really has grown.

Miss Pinup Miami 15:34

Yeah. And I feel like the reason it's grown is because I let people also build on top of what's built, if that makes sense. For example, like the events in South Florida now, since there's people that have come a lot, I'll get suggestions and they want to get involved and I let them do it. I, I try to be more of like, really community based. Is that a word? Like community based. So that's what I really like, because that way you feel the passion and every event like the picnic, the first event that we had in South Florida was the picnic. And that was not my idea. That was a couple of girls from Bernie Bibi. Sarah, like a couple of girls in South Florida that I told them if they want to do it get together and I helped out and I keep you know, every It was a team effort. But I like to let them if they have the idea, you know, bring it into fruition, you know, and, and it really creates like, you could feel like the passion and all the little cheer,

Vivian 16:32

community and sisterhood. It's very nice.

Miss Pinup Miami 16:35

So I like it.

Vivian 16:39

Good job, Jennifer.

Miss Pinup Miami 16:42

But yeah, thank you. Thank you so much for the kind words.

Vivian 16:45

It's true. And that's how we met and we became great friends. So yeah, it's awesome.

Miss Pinup Miami 16:51

When you leave to Virginia, and I miss you What is that?

Vivian 16:55

Just a few days. You need a break from me once in a while.

Unknown Speaker 17:01


Vivian 17:05

So what's nice what what um, you started hosting again, which as a sidebar, if anyone has an event that would they would like an awesome host for head up Pinup Miami Nikki, she's amazing. And this is really like her, her baby and she just blossoms and you just kind of why I guess like that, like you just blocked someone you're hosting and you're at an event. I love watching you and action. I think you're great. Oh, well, what's next? What's next for Pinup Miami.

Miss Pinup Miami 17:36

What's next is I'm gonna really try to focus on you know, with this new change in my life, I've been trying to schedule everything I had a different time before now I gotta switch it up. And that's the hardest thing is time management. You know, because I feel like we have a lot of all we have in this life is I'm going to get so philosophical. Why go

Vivian 17:57

for it like this.

Miss Pinup Miami 17:59

But like, No, but seriously, if you think about it, like all we really have in this life is time. At the end of the day, you can strip away money and stuff, but it's time. So the time that you focus on things is you're literally one day closer to death, if that makes sense. Like every minute you're closer to death. So it's like an exchange of time for what you're doing. So there's so much I want to do. But I have to make sure that I don't. I started with this new job, I realized really quick that I couldn't do things the way I was doing it before because I was getting overworked and then I was getting tired. And then I was feeling like burnout, burnout. That's the word I'm looking for now. But then you also don't want to be with like, Oh, well, I need to do this. But it's it's literally time management. So I'm taking this time and I know with the podcast, there's been a little pause now and then because it's trying to reset and and as I've mentioned before on this podcast, like this podcast is really pulled me through in the last year, it's really something I've come to love from the listeners, and everyone that messages me. And the support that I've gotten is incredible. I'm so I really want to allocate time to stuff I'm passionate about. But I also need to make a living. But I also am trying to the new mindset with this new job is knowing that like this is just a job or pay the bills and I'll work hard for my hustle and in my passion and I want to make more dresses. I would love to make commission dresses. So it's just knowing your valuable time we have left and putting it exactly where it needs to be to make everything work. That's the process that I'm in. Well, I

Vivian 19:36

think that's something that all creators kind of struggle with. Because you just said like you need to make a living. You got to pay your bills, right? Yeah, well, it's not something that has your 100% your heart and soul into it. So it's really hard finding that balance between you know, the job that pays your bills, and then the time after work where you know, you actually focus on something that you love and that's your passion. It's a hard Balance.

Miss Pinup Miami 20:00

Yeah, and you need to work hard. If you want something like everything that I do is not easy, it looks easy. I'm sure like a piece of art takes like, time to plan out. Because you're an artist, somebody that does anything you need to plan it out, there's a lot of stuff that goes behind the scenes, and then all our viewers get to see is like the final product. And oh, and it's just, it's just, I'm, like, torn with the words I'm trying to come up with. But you're right, it's like, it's difficult. But it Oh, what I was gonna say I remember now is that he, the one piece of advice that I give to people is, you know, they just have to keep going. There's many mistakes I've made. But it's about trying. Because no time is wasted if you learn from it. So if I make a mistake, you learn from it and move on. And at the end of the day, you don't, you don't drown in your own sweat. So if you're passionate in something, you're not going to worry about it if you're passionate about it. That's just like a metaphor. I don't mean literally. But I don't mind working hard for myself. That's why a lot of entrepreneurs I feel like are successful, because they're not worried about struggling, you always got to struggle. But if you're struggling with a cause, aka your own sweat, you're not gonna drown in it, because you're passionate about it. Right? You just have to know how to make it work for you. So yeah, there you go. That is my tip.

Vivian 21:31

Tonight, goodbye up when there's something that you really love, and that's your dream and your passion. Even, you can remind me of these same words later on when I when I feel like I'm giving up because I go through that too. But it's like, keep feeding your dreams and not letting you know, giving up on that no matter how hard it is, you know, even if you're not making any money on your art or your you know, your talent, or whatever it might be is just kind of continue feeding that passion, because that really keeps us going. You know,

Miss Pinup Miami 22:03

think about it this way, this stuff will have like, I'm also saying this stuff a lot for myself as well. Because sometimes, sometimes we need to hear so yeah, sometimes when I'm alone, it's like you don't remind yourself. And if it helps somebody in the process, you know, I'm also there for it. But think about think about it this way, Vivian, when you want a mango tree, right, because we're in South Florida, we're an avocado tree, and you want a big tree in your house, right? When you keep thinking about it. You know, if you keep thinking about it, you're never gonna have a tree. So but if you had a seed, and you plant it, if you planted it today, you have it in the future, but it could be thinking about it and you plan it for seat planning it in the future is never going to grow to become an avocado, and then your time gets shorter. So basically saying, like, do it now. And you'll get the fruits of your labor in the future, or keep thinking about it and just holding on to the seed and it's going to be too late for it to bloom. Right? Technically, it's never too late. But you know, you get the metaphor there. So that's why when I think of things that take a long time, like when I purchased my house, you know, I was thinking man, a 30 year loan, you know, you think about that, like, you're gonna pay this thing off for 30 years or a car, whatever, pay off for many years. But then down the line, you think, Oh, now I got only 10 years, you know, it starts getting easier and easier. But it wouldn't get easier if you didn't put the first thing down. It's true. So that's why when I ever find a hard situation, I always make sure to like be like, Okay, what can I do now? That I don't want to do, but if I do it, it's gonna help.

Vivian 23:47

And sometimes, you know, taking the baby steps, doing little things towards your dream really helps. And like I'm an over thinker, I overthink everything. So the more I think about something, like you said, you're thinking about your dream, or you're thinking about, I start to like psych myself out. So it's, I have to try to like stop that and kind of like act instead of continuing that like hamster wheel of constantly thinking, thinking thinking, and then you drive yourself crazy.

Miss Pinup Miami 24:16

You just got to do it. And if you fail, you got to learn from that fail. And you know, I used to be scared of failing. I'm an over thinker. I mean, if you know me, you know, I overthink everything. I'm a, but it's about just trying whatever you're thinking like the podcast perfect example. I put off the podcast for a while I wanted to start it earlier than what I started. But I was overthinking it and that hamster wheel you're talking about and I kept thinking

Vivian 24:47

psych ourselves out with that.

Miss Pinup Miami 24:49

I've never done it. I don't have the equipment. Um, but then I was like, Okay, look, I know pro I don't know how to edit audio I know a video I know is I don't have a camera. But then I woke up one day now and I thought about what I, you know, I, that's when I came across a quote about the plant. And I realized, well, you know what, I'm gonna start with my phone. So I started with my phone, the only thing I bought was like this microphone. And I had, I had lights that someone gifted me for Christmas, and I set it up and it worked. I mean, if you look at my past podcasts, you'll see the setup is different. I have friends that helped me out like just he made me the telephones for the cover and this poster if you're watching on YouTube, and if you're watching on YouTube, make sure to like and subscribe. Thank you. But But yeah, it all started with the camera and one mic and a mixer. Because apparently, if you had because I didn't even have a computer, I just use using my phone deleting every picture I had there because I was using all the memory to do one video. I had to do it with people in my house because I didn't know how to like, do like more than two people. But I learned that really quick with zoom. But then I ended up like borrowing an old laptop that kept freezing. So it's so see all these things that happened behind the scenes, but I worked really hard and learning like different steps and every video I truly tried to like open up and like put a new thing that I learned. So it's like literally you do because every every week I'm like wait is I don't know camera is a new line.

Vivian 26:31

What's new Corinne sounds better this week than it did last week. What did she do? Yeah.

Miss Pinup Miami 26:40

That's how I you know, and it's like, it's perfect. How you said it? If you don't try, you will never know. You could just sit there and then you'll be like in a wheelchair. Oh, never wheelchair, you know, retirement, how would you call it a rocking chair rocking? Oh, I wish I would have done Tick Tock. I hear a lot of people that want to do Tick Tock. And I tell them just grab the phone and record whatever. And it's what and and i and i love Tick Tock because you could be crazy. You could be funny. You could be yourself like it's it's such a great platform, but people are scared to get on and I just do it. And just try and you know, I used to think that Tick Tock

Vivian 27:17

was like for teenagers. That's like when it first came out. I was like is that like a teenager thing. I was like a very young thing. And then like during the pandemic, my niece started going on tik tok. So I'm like, Alright, I'm gonna go in there just to spy on her and see what she's up to. And I really like it. There's a lot of educational things on there, which is surprising. But there are like, I love to bake and cook. And there are ton of recipes. And there's like something for everyone. So

Miss Pinup Miami 27:46

you have ASMR

Vivian 27:48

Yeah, there's, there's really something for everyone. There's all sorts of different things on there.

Miss Pinup Miami 27:53

And it's great for and it's such a huge platform that it even like this last weekend, the owner of Instagram went live. And he saw that I saw that he made a statement that I'm clearly stating that tik tok is a competitor, and that they're going to start pushing visa videos in e commerce. So it's interesting how, you know, competition is good and bad, depending on how you look at it. I think it's I think it's great because it keeps Instagram on their toes and trying to always improve. And it reminds me of this random of a story. It's not random, but it reminds me of a story of Disney World. Disney worlds, you know, they did the same thing for years. And then universal opened, you know, next door to Disney. And if I swear, I believe if it wasn't for university, universal opening so close to Disney, like, they wouldn't have pushed so much and trying new things and doing because competition does help but to some extent to push you to the next level. And that's why we like I hear people say, oh, but they're doing it or they're copying me be like, Okay, if they're copying you, then it's time to switch it up and try something new. That's what how in my head it is. Or, you know, when you

Vivian 29:16

know, they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. So if someone's copying you, you must be doing something right. Because, you know, you knew exactly to do better and do something different. Yeah, it

Miss Pinup Miami 29:30

pushes me when I see somebody that like you like or when I see a dress that somebody like made and I'm like who you know what, I'm going to try to do it but I'm going to do it my way like this Like this exists. Or, or I entered a pinup contest, like like, Okay, well, they did this different than I did. Let me implement this not this. Let me switch it up what I like don't like it with events that I host I go to a lot of events, not only rockabilly events, a lot of blogging events and I incorporate a lot of the things I learned from other events into Mind, and vice versa. Like I just feel like, it's such a wonderful time because you get to explore many different venues, in events and type of people, and we're on so many different people a day that, um, it's nice to incorporate and learn and, and do better. I think people are scared to say that, you know, they want to try their hardest. Um, but it's not copying. Or if you're doing it with intentions of wanting to improve yourself. I don't see your problem.

Vivian 30:33

Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. Somebody like blatantly copies what you have done, and try to pass it off as their own. That's something different. But I'm someone that's taking inspiration. Are you taking inspiration from someone else? I mean, it's 2021. What can anyone do today? That hasn't been done before? It's some way, you know. So you're gonna have inspiration from everywhere, but it's about making it your own and, and really using your own creativity, just letting that kind of spark it but not focus on copying. And,

Unknown Speaker 31:09

you know,

Miss Pinup Miami 31:10

look how many people bake? That's right. Is that gonna stop Fulani from wanting to own their own bake shop? No, it's just a tougher market. But you can you I'm sure, you know, you have your own twist. You know, there's a lot of people that make cookies, but then there's a girl that does like great portraits on cookies, or specialty and chocolate cookies, or, you know, it's also different, but the same at the same time. Yes, that's the best way. Yeah, absolutely. And I love there was an audio you sent me from Tick Tock one said said, you know, just because everyone else is doing it, it doesn't mean that you can't have your own twist to it. Right? That's, you know, that was super interesting to hear. Because you think, Oh, I like sewing, everyone is sewing. Or, you know, I make resin jewelry. Well then do it because it's going to be different, in time always shapes who you are to like the same. If you start a resin company today, the person that started 10 years ago has way more experience and is going to keep doing their thing. But if you're just starting out, it's like, Don't compare yourself to those people either. Because they're they've had experience No, right? Absolutely. That's what I did with my podcast. I kept comparing it to like, if I start I'm gonna have to look like this one, you know, all equipment, all this perfect. pixels, perfect everything. But the reality is they've done it for many years. I'm sure their first podcast was, you know, on a cell phone, like you know, and I even had guests I had besame Gabriella for investment cosmetics. Now looking back, I'm like, a little embarrassed, but then at the same time, I'm not because that's what I knew. And I thought I was great at what I've learned and the skills I acquired at the time. But now I've upgraded my program. And you know, so it's, it's really nice when you sit back and realize we've all been back to the first question. Oh, how I been, like the meetup. You know, looking back at all the hard work, it's been five years and seeing people unite for genuine reasons without, you know, finding their their tribe. But you said you felt the first time you went to an event. It's really satisfying. It just it takes time, but it's worth it.

Vivian 33:31

Absolutely. You've done an amazing job. Kudos to you.

Miss Pinup Miami 33:36

I kind of feel bad that this video like this podcast is talking about me. But

Vivian 33:42

listen, I'm asking the questions that people want to know.

Miss Pinup Miami 33:46

People want to know about you. Oh, really? So we have asked me ask me another question.

Vivian 33:57

Oh, now you put me on the spot. Yes. Well, we talked about what you've been up to and what you're looking to do. Is there anything that you'd really want to do or kind of bring to the community that you haven't yet, but you're kind of scared to take that plunge? But you've been thinking about it

Miss Pinup Miami 34:17

a clothing line? I want to bring a clothing line now and YouTube series. Those two, listen, I

Vivian 34:27

will be your first customer because every time you make a dress, I'm like I don't want to I don't want so I'm waiting. I'm waiting for that clothing line.

Miss Pinup Miami 34:35

But the thing is, well, it's just like it's it's all about you know, finances at first and starting it off. And I want to do

Vivian 34:46

yeah, finding the time like we were saying earlier to I was listening fake time.

Miss Pinup Miami 34:51

It's not only the time because I feel like for that if I had the money, I would do it right away. Um, but it's also because I want it to be Okay, when you see like a repro company reproduction vintage, like, Girl, um, I'm just gonna, there's a lot of them. And the one thing that I really dislike about it, if you can't get mad at is the price, because they're all custom pieces or custom fabrics. So I'd like my ideal. And with every event that I do, if you notice, it's either free or really cheap, because I want everyone to be able to, you know, live up to it. So I would love if I create a line to have something that will be not expensive, but also covers the cost of everything. And I know you can't have the best of both worlds. But I'm really that's something I've been working on and trying to figure out. Because I really feel like it should be affordable to everyone. And I know that sounds so like, beauty pageant Ansary. But I've been, and I couldn't afford a pinup girl dress. And, and even if I go on poshmark, or, you know, you, you know, if you're starting out, you don't have money, or they get more expensive, like those target dresses that were like, trending, and now somebody is selling them on poshmark for triple the price. Yeah. And then I run into a struggle of, you know, being plus size and vintage, and they're rare. So I understand that the cost is more, but I can't, I can't afford it and then run the rest of it doesn't fit me because it's like no return. So I literally have been trying to figure out different things. And that's really something that hopefully, in the near future, like, I'll be able to present to all of you. And yeah, and I've had a lot of resources. So I'm working on that. And then on my YouTube, once I get my time, like allocated correctly, because I do have my I have the more I run social media for the company, then I also have a side business of graphic designing under Pinup Miami, I do websites I've also currently working, we're talking to one of my clients here. And then I love hosting and bringing events together. So I'm just trying to figure out how to there's time, I just need to figure how to put it together so I don't get burned out and I could provide quality content for next question.

Vivian 37:26

Listen, you're amazing because you do so much. And maybe people don't realize that you don't do this full time. Like, you actually have a day job, which takes up most of your time. So it's amazing what you do in the time that you have after work. Like sometimes I wonder does she sleep? Does she have time to? To do anything?

Miss Pinup Miami 37:47

I don't sleep. That's why I had you know, what are other Burning Questions? Do you have any burning questions? Oh, see? These questions might get a question I don't want to answer.

Vivian 38:08

Well, how do you see, like, we talked a little bit about COVID. And some of the concerns that we have, like trying to get back into the real world? What What do you think is good? Is COVID going to be like something of the past? Or do you think it's going to change? Like the way we do things going forward going to events and different things like I've already seen ads for like different concerts, you know, singers that are touring and stuff like that. And I get like a little nervous thinking about like, going to big events like that, like, do you think it'll, you know, it's gonna pass this moment will pass? Or is it just come? You know,

Miss Pinup Miami 38:45

I think it's gonna pass but I don't think it's gonna pass quickly. At least gonna take everywhere. Because and I honestly don't know the answer, like you're asking and I'm trying to think, but the truth is like, it's so awkward. It's like that awkward stage like nobody knows, even if, I mean even if I had Dr. Fauci on here, like, I feel like, um, he wouldn't give us a straight answer.

Vivian 39:11

It's true. It's one of those things. It's kind of like the unknown, because we've never been through this before. So it's something new.

Miss Pinup Miami 39:20

You know, you said into the unknown, and I just thought of alfalfa. I

Vivian 39:23

did. I was thinking, Oh, I got distracted, you said into the unknown and I'm like, into the unknown. I am not ashamed to say it I love the music and frozen to I absolutely loved it.

Miss Pinup Miami 39:44

I was I was I liked it, too. I don't know the words I just know into the unknown because everyone kept singing it everywhere. You know? Oh, that's something else I would like to do is get into music. But that's another story. Hey, next question.

Vivian 40:06

When are they getting into music? Because I do.

Miss Pinup Miami 40:11

Only my close people have heard me sing. Like I secretly wish like, I wasn't shy when I was small. These are regrets a minute, but it's never too late. I guess that's just somebody would say, um, I used to want to always be on Broadway and sing. And I wasn't musical theater. But then, you know, life. I don't know, for me, I had this phase that I was super shy for, like, I wasn't worthy. It sounds don't to say it now. But when you look back, I mean, if I was there, my little self, that's how I would have felt. So I don't know. But I don't have any answers for when I'm gonna make my musical debut. Alright, time for somebody.

Vivian 40:54

That's like starting out and kind of starting to work on like their side hustle or something that they're passionate about, but they're kind of scared and don't know how to proceed. Do you have any advice for someone like that?

Miss Pinup Miami 41:08

Yes, go to YouTube and read it. Serious. So if you have a passion in making resin jewelry, you know, watch YouTube videos. But don't buy anything until you watch videos make a list. You know, like, for example, the process for this podcast, I've watched a lot of people doing podcasts, but it was hard to find people like showing how to do a podcast. And the people that did were super expensive equipment. And I was like, that's not my budget. I'm like, low key broke, or not low key but so what I did was I saw a lot of videos blogs on ready. Um, you know, a lot of people don't use Reddit, but Reddit is really good resource to like, look up things. find alternative ways of like doing things and selling products. So if you're an e commerce and you have something like create a Reddit board, and Reddit is organic look outside. Reddit is organic that like if somebody were to type in Google, that will be one of the top searches. So um, but yeah, so what I would do is I would research a lot of podcasting stuff and equipment. And then I found the alternative for like a cheaper version. But nobody had it. Maybe I should do a video one day if people are interested in how to start a podcast. Yeah, that would be great, budget friendly way. Because I was so hard I, I literally just found and of course, I don't have a podcasting mic. But I have one of these because they look cooler. Right? Yeah. And the quality. Sounds good. And I learned how to edit. I mean, other mics, you could hear the quality. That's the ones that you see the ASMR. And they're like,

Vivian 42:52

I know they pick up everything really crunchy or do whatever.

Unknown Speaker 42:56


Miss Pinup Miami 42:59

But yeah, I have a lot of knowledge that I love sharing. There's a couple of I'm going to say clients that come to me and they ask for advice when it comes to e commerce, social media.

Vivian 43:09

I'm one of those.

Miss Pinup Miami 43:12

That's another side hustle of mine is teaching people because I do have resources from going from manufacturing, to my own to e commerce. So I'm like, I have a lot of things up in here. It's yellow, because it's a bright idea.

Vivian 43:28

That should be your motto. It's yellow, because it's the bright idea.

Miss Pinup Miami 43:32

There's a bright idea in there somewhere in there.

Vivian 43:36

You know, I think a lot of people are very, like territorial with their knowledge. And they don't give you they might give you like a little snippet, but they don't really share

Miss Pinup Miami 43:47

a lot of your knowledge with you.

Vivian 43:49

you encounter people like that, like I've encountered people like that, in my, in my workplace. I've encountered people like that, you know, out in the world. Even friends will they'll tell you or, or they'll tell you, I don't want a recipe for that. But I put this, this and that. And they don't really give you like the full thing kind of thing. You've always been very open and sharing. So that's something that I really appreciate.

Miss Pinup Miami 44:11

Even with the meetups. I'm very open and I teach the girls what to do. If they don't know how to do graphics, I do their own fliers if they want to get do it. They do it. I'm I'm an open book because how I see it is let's use an example for a workplace. You say your job like some people don't say what they're doing or whatever how to do things, because they want to be the only ones to do it and have job security. Well, matter of fact, that really makes things worse for yourself. Because no one can. No one can help you you're stuck. The company shouldn't allow it because that way they're not going to be running efficiently. I'm even with pin soft Florida and do other meetups. If I don't teach them what I'm doing and I'm scared of them learning my secrets of hosting an event. They're not going to be successful and then at the end They're all gonna fail. I'm very open because I feel like I'm helping out in, in the growth. And I like to see people succeed even like, um, for yourself you have products and you want to sell your art and I gave you you know, I like to think that I helped you in finding other venues to make revenue in creating in merchandise, so I could keep that out to myself but I'm not using that and, and I am using it though but I it doesn't hurt me to tell you how I'm doing it. And you'll keep coming back for more more advice. If you're listening to the podcast or watching on YouTube, if you ever have any questions on e commerce, marketing, social media podcasting, reach out to me or text me I like getting text because I could get to you right away if I'm

Vivian 45:58

what's the text message?

Miss Pinup Miami 46:00

Nine. One a 3348 pinup

Vivian 46:06

shameless plug.

Miss Pinup Miami 46:08

I'd love that number. I was one of my dreams to have like a phone number with a cool name on it like because I used to love the commercials. Well, if you speak Spanish you'll know this commercial if you're from South Florida, but oh, well no josienne todos 27 Theater tcfa like it doesn't have words to it, but it's so catchy you know like I'm sure everyone knows um my god right now I can't think of another phone number but I wanted something catchy too because you know, why not? YOLO they're called vanity phone numbers but 18334 a pin open you know it sounds cool too because you know you could call me You can call to but i don't i don't answer a known call that you know on my own cell phone I love talking to people getting phone calls anybody would know that calls me but when it's a stranger I don't answer so for the hotline like I could get phone calls but trust me I won't be picking it up unless you have a message you're texting

Vivian 47:11

for now you know folks

Miss Pinup Miami 47:12

you know text message you get an answer like this a phone call you get a texting Hey, text me What do you need? Yeah, yeah, I hope I answered some some open questions for you and hope I think you did. We got to know a little bit more about Miss Pinup Miami. And if you're watching on YouTube, you see the the humidity of the The storm

Vivian 47:36

is coming. Or by the way completely off topic. Now you did this. I've been the whole time I've been looking at you. And I'm like, I really love what she did with her hair today. Because it looks like a like a short

Miss Pinup Miami 47:48

do but I know it's not when I look really pretty. When I woke up this morning, I brushed out my curls. This is day. Oh

Unknown Speaker 47:57

my gosh.

Miss Pinup Miami 47:59

Day for hair.

Vivian 48:01


Miss Pinup Miami 48:02

still had the waves in it. It looks much nicer in the morning. And then I just rolled it in. And like pinned it so it looks like a full Bob. Because it's gonna I knew it was gonna be humid today and hot. So I didn't want it in my face. But I also wanted to look presentable. And a phrase got in the way, but

Vivian 48:24

that's really crazy. It all looks super cute.

Miss Pinup Miami 48:27

I Vivian is always such a pleasure to have you on here. I'm glad you asked questions I answered. And I was being nosy today. Yeah, no, I felt like I was really you know, I really I'm happy that you ask these questions because I hate talking about myself. And that's why most of the stuff I did is talking about the the person on the other side and we flipped the

Vivian 48:51

switch it was time.

Miss Pinup Miami 48:55

No and it's really nice because I really do want to connect more with you all that are listening. And especially when I opened up I do get a lot of messages and and texts and it really I do enjoy getting them and listening and getting your feedback and if you relate or not or you just want to say a comment on the episode. truly appreciate it. But thank you Vivian so much.

Vivian 49:17

I thank you for having me. I feel very good. Well, I am at home because we're doing this but I feel very at home on this platform talking with you. I got

Miss Pinup Miami 49:26

to have you back in my studio.

Vivian 49:28

Yes, that'll be

Miss Pinup Miami 49:30

one of the first guests that had Oh, yes, you were the last yes to be in person because I didn't know how to work anything. I thank you all for joining in the next couple of weeks. The guests I'm slowly lining people back up. So I have an episode probably a solo episode for now but I'll be back with guests again soon. Do you have any record On any guests, you know, I'm always willing and open to listening to send me a text like you said. Now I'm getting repetitive. But thank you all. I hope you guys stay safe and wear your mask if you want if you're aware of your vaccinating. It's up to you to proceed. Thank you guys and have a wonderful week.

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