Hoping 2020 is Really Hindsight with Arteluna Miami - PINNED Podcast: Episode 30

Hoping 2020 is Really Hindsight with Arteluna Miami - PINNED Podcast: Episode 30

If your reading this you have survived 2020! We all have a story to tell and this story continues in 2021. Join in as I speak with returning guest Vivian, in a relaxing chat about last year and new years resolutions.

Want to make a shout out on the next video? Text to 1-833-4A-PINUP Insta: @pinnedpodcastofficial _________________ About Vivian Cuban-American artist Vivian Estalella was born and raised in Miami, Florida in a family of strong independent women. As a little girl, she never played with dolls or toys. Instead, she preferred to spend her time coloring. She was always happier with a box of crayons or paints than a Barbie doll. Always creative, she enjoyed the arts from a very young age. At the age of 15, a trip to Mexico awakened her passion for painting. The intensely rich colors of Mexican art struck a cord and, together with her Cuban roots, formed a style that is both distinctive and uniquely vibrant. The sights, sounds, exotic tastes, and passionate people of the tropics, along with the sensuous female form, are all prevalent in her work

________________ For more information @artelunamiami across all social media www.artelunamiami.com

Episode Transcript

Miss Pinup Miami 0:04

Hello and welcome back to the pin podcast. I'm your host Pinup Miami. And today is episode number 30. And it is a new year. I want to if you all are here with us in 2021 we're ready to continue the craziness and see what hasn't what life has in store for us. And I really wanted to say thank you to everyone that is new to the podcast if you just clicked on here and are listening, welcome, I hope you enjoy and you stay. And if you're a returning listener, I just have to say that I love you and I appreciate you listening. And I look forward to all of our audio adventures and if you watch me on YouTube, our visual adventures together. Make sure you like and subscribe the video if you're watching on YouTube and if you're listening on Apple podcasts, Spotify, I Heart Radio or wherever, make sure to rate the podcast that really helps and I greatly appreciate it. And if you want to know about upcoming guests or any behind the scenes Follow me on the Instagram at pin to podcast official or on my Instagram Pinup Miami. Today's guest you guys if you don't know who she is, it's because you haven't listened to the podcast before. She's been an odd guest. She is actually a motivator for my podcast. Her name is Vivian She is an artist in my in South Florida. And her Instagram is at the Luna Miami she sponsored our podcast all last month. She's a great supporter, so make sure to follow her at Luna Miami on Instagram, and check out her shop out of fit Luna miami.com how are you doing today? Vivian it's been a year.

Unknown Speaker 1:49

Welcome back. Welcome

Miss Pinup Miami 1:50

back. Welcome back.

Vivian 1:54

And Happy New Year.

I think

it's a new year that anything else?


Miss Pinup Miami 1:59

I think everyone thinks that like oh, New year, new US COVID who

Vivian 2:06

that's what it feels like. Every year people get excited around New Year's, you know the turn of the year. But this year just feels like more exciting. It's like we put 2020 behind those it's time to move forward. Focus on positive things. So something together with

Miss Pinup Miami 2:25

last year has to feel so weird that we're only a couple days in and we're already saying last year when it was like yesterday ish. Last year started up started off great. I we had the pin up brunches up in South Florida. And the last event that I remember was the Why did the rockabilly cue in the West in the East in the west coast of Florida at the Hard Rock. And that was a great event I enjoyed being on a large stage with big bands. And then we had the Spring Fling which is like a rockabilly prom here in South Florida. That was my favorite thing. And it was you know, we got to dance. And if you weren't able to go It was like a rockabilly prom had a DJ spinning vinyl. I had a classic car because it was raining. So all the cars didn't come out a projector playing old black and white movies against this big what would you call it like outdoor.

Vivian 3:21

It looks almost like a warehouse but not really because it was done inside of a where the train the train museum.

Miss Pinup Miami 3:27

So we're

Vivian 3:29

there. But it wasn't cool.

Miss Pinup Miami 3:32

We had a tables little plastic, cardboard box cars on the tables was like, the flowers are so cute because they were like, I don't know names of flowers, but it was like in a milkshake base. And the flowers are pink and white. And then we had swing dancing teachers and we got to dance on night and between these rain trains, and it was amazing. And we're going to be back but when it's safe, I'm gonna bring it back. And if you missed out, make sure to check it out because it's so much fun.

Vivian 4:00

And if you don't have a date, don't let that stop you because I didn't have a date to go and I almost didn't go thinking about it because I'm like oh, to go to a dance without a day you know, and I had the time of my life. It was so much fun. So hopefully we'll bring that back soon as soon as

Miss Pinup Miami 4:18

a few because we did it for Valentine's last year. I was hoping to do it again for Valentine's this year but


not really not ready yet. There are people that when single and ended up finding a date there at least one person I know. So look at that. That's

Vivian 4:35

yeah love with with a romantic setting with like the vintage cars and the vintage trains and then the dresses and the classic movies playing on the screen. So it was really nice. It was like the perfect night.

Miss Pinup Miami 4:51

It's an excuse to dress up and I mean no more than ever. Everyone is looking for a reason to dress up. But then after that Slowly, everything just shut down. You know, we all thought we all saw things going on, or at least in my perspective, we heard about things going on to the other side of the world. And then it started getting real when you started hearing everyone shut down. And then you're like, oh, maybe we should take it serious. And then we shut down. Um,

Vivian 5:18

but if anybody thought it would last so long, like, I remember my office when our boss called us into the conference room, and he, you know, was telling us that we're gonna shut down. He's like, okay, I'll see you guys in two weeks. And we were shut down for you know, eight months. It's it's just crazy how long it lasted.

Miss Pinup Miami 5:38

Yeah. And it's it goes up every holiday, because nobody stays it. And then New Year's Eve, you sent me a video in Miami, that people were partying it up, and no masks and No, nothing.

Vivian 5:51

Plus, you know, it doesn't happen in Miami, we have so many tourists that come so people come from other cities. And they come here to party. So I'm sure a lot of that we're not locals, even though a lot of like, probably. But yeah.

Miss Pinup Miami 6:07

What have you learned during COVID? Like for me, I got to learn new skills. Like for example, this podcast, I would have never thought about podcasting until I was so used to going out connecting with people connecting people to people organizing events that you know, and I was like, well, I'll try this podcast so I could reach a different audience. And then, you know, with this podcast alone, I was able to interview Tatiana boutique besame, cosmetics, meet so many different individuals that have been amazing. And I have a list of so many amazing guests coming. And I've just had such a pleasure hearing the audience and the listeners telling me that they've enjoyed it. And then they keep coming back. And I feel like I'm I fulfilled that missing part of me. And I'm also able to fulfill that part of me and then give it back to the listeners Make sense? Yeah. And I'm so glad you did it. I

Vivian 7:03

really love listening to the podcast and watching you grow, you know, every week and being on

Miss Pinup Miami 7:09

it. What's your favorite episode, besides the one that you were on?

Vivian 7:13

Let me see that every week, I learned something new. And I some of the girls that have been on I know. And I always learn something new about them. And then there's some girls that I didn't know, but I you know, I feel like I know them after listening to their episodes because it's so like down to earth. And you know, you get real with them. And it's just nice to see a different side of people. The last one that I listened to, I think it's the one from last week was Kelly's episode about COVID. And I had chills all throughout that episode. It was really cool. Yeah. Experience. You know, everything that she went through with that?

Miss Pinup Miami 7:56

Yeah, with COVID. Everyone has different experience, even if you have it, or you don't have it, I mean, if you haven't hit is way worse. But even if you don't have it, you have your own experience of either meeting somebody who has it, being scared of somebody that's exposed, it's out in public, your job people have lost their jobs. Um, you know, it's it's a story for everyone. And it's a story that, you know, should be told because I feel like some people think they're alone in situations. But we're, we're all going through it together.

Vivian 8:28

Well, definitely, I mean, COVID is affected everyone, if you haven't had it, you know, someone who has or it's affected your livelihood, or you know, you're stuck at home on your own. It's just, it's affected everybody in a different way. But it's touched everybody. So it's, it's something we can all relate to. So I have a question.

Miss Pinup Miami 8:50

COVID has stories. I want to hear about dating. You're somebody that dated during COVID? Na,

Vivian 8:58

yeah. ADC during COVID. I'm curious to know. Well, for those who haven't listened to the podcast, but I was on before, know about my sad, sad dating stories. And dating in Miami is difficult with or without COVID it's just tough. But yeah, I mean, after a long time of no dating, I had put myself out of that equation. I was tired of it and I want to deal with it anymore. I live by myself and I, you know, ended up in quarantine by myself in my apartment for several months and I was going insane and I felt so lonely. And I was just like climbing up the walls. I was bored. I didn't know what else to do. So I started dating again, I put myself you know, setup on a dating profile and gave it a shot. I didn't feel comfortable moving up with people right away. It was kind of the thing like you meet him. Do you do like the zoom kind of day that made me feel like even more awkward than try to meet in person, I never did the zoom date, to be honest. But I did go on several dates. And I would meet, you know, at a park, which sounds really creepy, but I had actually some of the best dates I've ever been on, have a picnic and get to know somebody outside and still be socially distant. But it was a lot of fun.

Miss Pinup Miami 10:29

On one side of the building side of the park and the other guy

Vivian 10:37

late on a party, one on each side. But you know, eventually, the dates progress and you got to trust somebody, then you can be a little closer. They were really good days, I didn't have any bad days, thankfully, let me knock on one. But they were all good dates. Some were just one date, and then some were multiple dates with the same person. So we'll see if the climate change, but it's not impossible. And if I'd like to call it anybody, because I had been so out of the dating scene for many years, years, plural. And, um, I guess COVID just came through to kind of push me back into trying to meet someone and not be so lonely.

Miss Pinup Miami 11:25

Oh, how do you feel about dating this year? Are you gonna? Are you gonna keep dating? Or? Or? And what other goals do you have for this year that did this resolution?

Vivian 11:39

Well, putting myself out there during COVID caught me that I can put myself out there, you know, I can try to meet someone and kind of put whatever issues I had in the past that kind of put me out of the dating scene that could put that aside and move forward. So that's one of my goals for this year is to continue on that path. But you know, my goals for this year are the same goals that I have, every year, any one of my friends that you ask will tell you that this is every year, my goals are to work on my art, or continue working on my art. And try to be happy, you know, whatever that means. But um, yeah, it's a new year and moving forward.

Miss Pinup Miami 12:26

It's so funny, because at least in my case, that's why I said Everyone's story is so different. In my experience. I was with my boyfriend, Timothy, what was his am if my boyfriend's have any Timothy, and we actually he actually moved in with me. And we've gotten closer than ever. So I guess everybody is different.

Vivian 12:48

Why I think what it is, like I remember before COVID hit the US. And it was still in Europe and just in China. Already, the statistics started coming out where there were, you know, more instances of divorce that people were separating and things like that. And then we saw it get to the US. And we started seeing the same thing here. But I think, you know, when you're quarantine with someone 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a long time, whatever is going on becomes like bigger. If it's a good thing, maybe it feels great, but if it's not that great, all that stress, you know, make sure. Yeah, think about it. Like, you know, I was I was going crazy being quarantined by myself, but at the same time, I thought, well, it's just me. I don't have to deal with anyone else. So yeah, I mean, the stress is everything just becomes bigger. So it puts a lot of strain on marriages and relationships, you know, and then if things are good, then it kind of brings you together and you learn how to, you know, face these problems head on together. And you know, that's a beautiful thing. Yeah, I

Miss Pinup Miami 14:02

really enjoyed it. And it really because Timothy, if you don't know him, he's really shy. And so I feel like it got him out of his shell and he was just able to open more because he had to talk to me more, you know. My vision for 2021 is to add grow the podcast in these couple of months, and I've had it we're episode number 30. That means 30 ish weeks because the first three episodes I released my today I'm having chick fil a

Vivian 14:34

having my coffee.

Miss Pinup Miami 14:36

So it's been 27 Yeah, 27 weeks that I've done the podcast and if you've been with me since the beginning, you will notice my quality has changed. My audio has changed. And I feel like it's just gonna get bigger and better. And I'm going to have so many amazing guests this year that you guys are gonna have so much fun and I can't wait to show you guys and then for my birthday in December. One of my new year's resolutions was sponsored by you guys. My Facebook page, I did a fundraiser for my birthday to help fundraise my Pinup Miami goals. And one of the things was, well, I go to a lot of events, and I really want to showcase the community, events, people and I want to do it in a fun way. And I know I always when I run in South Florida, they always make fun of me because I like to give speeches.

Vivian 15:28

Well, they don't make fun of me. But we love What are you making fun of you, we love hearing you give us seeds.

Miss Pinup Miami 15:35

So I want to incorporate it. And I've been wanting to do it for a couple of years, but I just been so scared. And this year I just said you know what, I'm gonna do it. YOLO so I was able to get this microphone that is a wireless mic for the new camera that I got. That's why you guys noticed the quality. I got a canon. And so I got this key mic, but when you see it on YouTube, it's gonna look different,

Vivian 15:59

because it will be

Miss Pinup Miami 16:01

sparkly. That's all I'm gonna say. But I want to be able to host and bring Pinup Miami to you Wait, what was it Pinup Miami in the streets, interview people and just have such such fun. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, because that will be coming up soon, because I'm waiting for a couple of other things that I ordered. And this wouldn't have been possible without you guys. And I just want to show you what's in the process because I want to make sure you're there every step of the way. And I can't wait to to have you guys next to me when I grow

Vivian 16:38

up for every week you do something new every week. There's something it's better every week is better like your platform every single week. And it's amazing to watch.

Miss Pinup Miami 16:48

Yes. And what's more amazing is the people on there. Like you said like Kelly. I learned a lot about Gabriella from besame Cosmetics. She had a very inspiring story. And Tatiana crystal, I used to work as a piano, but I didn't really know anybody on the west coast. So that was really interesting to hear her part. And so if you guys know anybody or suggest anybody for the show, feel free to text me at 18334 pinup. You can use that hotline for anything. So Vivian, do you have anything you'd like to share or asked me

Vivian 17:22

today? Ooh, what can I share with you? Um, well, I'm working on up to we are redoing my website. We've been working on we because of someone helping me. I've been working on this for a while. So sometime this year, we'll be rolling out a new website. And I'm always working on new projects. You know, I'm like the project queen. I always have something going on. And I think that's why we get along well because you always have something going on to so tell me I want to hear about some of the projects that you have in the works. But I have you always have a cry every time I talk to you there's a new project. So tell me tell me

Miss Pinup Miami 18:01

if you guys have been following me here, you guys know I was gonna work on a wrapping paper dress but that didn't happen. I had to work out the logistics. It didn't work out on time. But now I know what I have to do for next year. So I will have a wrapping paper dress next year know

Vivian 18:18

this for Christmas because there's other holidays that you know where you give gifts. And maybe you could change up the holiday and still do you know that fun project.

Miss Pinup Miami 18:32

So I don't know so many ideas that I have but for this month I'm working on a 1920s gown because my goal gowns couture fashion I feel like plus size or mid sizes are never represented in couture style dresses. Simple I'm gonna try to style and create a look. And also I want to create I wouldn't consider it cosplay but one of the outfits from nurse ratchet the TV show

Vivian 19:05

the fashion on our show was amazing.

Miss Pinup Miami 19:08

I didn't like the show. I did not like the show. But I want but everything everything that the nurse ratchet wore, I was amazed. So the first thing she wore was that yellow coat

Vivian 19:21

was like a suit.

Miss Pinup Miami 19:24

I'm gonna make that but I'm gonna make it Miami approved because you could tell that Sue is a little hot. It's probably wool, you know, linen or thinner fabric. Yes, I already got the fabric. I got the fabric I got the pattern. And I got the pattern for a hat.

Unknown Speaker 19:48


Miss Pinup Miami 19:52

So yes, I plan on doing that and more really couture dresses and try to push the boundaries of my sewing skills along with that. growing my YouTube channel, and bringing content to the world about things that I love and what people are missing in their bedrooms, which is some fun,

Vivian 20:11

some rockabilly fun.

Miss Pinup Miami 20:13

That came out wrong, but wrong. Rub missing in the bedroom. I meant like missing in your home, you know some rockin, Okay, you know what

Vivian 20:27

it's not meant to so Hey, take it away whenever I wanted to bring

Miss Pinup Miami 20:37

people back and just have a chill episode for the first 2021 and I appreciate you so much for joining me. A You mean the world your motivation and an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for being

Vivian 20:51

absolutely I'm happy to be here and talk content whenever you want.

Miss Pinup Miami 20:57

People I gotta say I think the number one episode of last year, um, this one that we did Spanglish

Vivian 21:05

Oh, that was fun wasn't it?

Miss Pinup Miami 21:09

Yeah, that was yours. Yes. And that was a great episode. And it was a very popular one I get a lot of couple of people do that. They liked it a lot. And if they did, but but you're Hispanic and I feel like a lot of my audience can relate to that.

Vivian 21:23

Yeah, but yes, the

Miss Pinup Miami 21:24

next week, well, Shannon, her name is blonde, he raps and talking about her modeling. She was also part of the bow pins calendar. And she's been telling me this calendar shoe on her modeling life and on her boyfriend's adventures with her motorcycles. Thank you for joining in Vivian and I will see you all next week.

Vivian 21:47

Thank you for having



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