Low & Slow

Miami Lowrider Show - April 29, 2018

Of course! I had had to pose with a Chevy

While low-riders are not something I gravitate to, I do find them intriguing. Every low-rider I have come across shows a piece of the owner’s soul. It’s a reflection of their culture, social environment, and personality. Low-riders is the art of, what I would call, the cruise. Cruising is a popular American community pastime since the mid-twentieth century. Cruising "Low-Rider" style LOW & SLOW puts the art of the vehicle and passion of the owner on display.

In case you don't know what a low rider is, it's a class or style of customized vehicle. Given these specific characteristics, while a low-rider is always a lowered car, a lowered car is not always a low-rider. The term is used to describe a social class of vehicle, not simply the height from ground to chassis. Historians often trace low-riders to Juarez, Mexico around 1920. Stylish young men would cruise around their town in customized US autos.

While low-riders are big on the west coast, I rarely get the chance to see them in large groups. I had the pleasure of attending the 3rd Annual Miami Lowrider Show this past weekend at the Miami Dade County Fair and Exposition Center. There were SOOO many cars, food trucks, vendors, and music! I was super excited to attend this event for the first time and see my first bounce off. WOW!! Who knew there was a competition for flipping your car over.

For those of you who know me, I don't need an excuse to dress up. I thought it would be the perfect event to emulate a style I have admired for a while, the pachuca syle. Pachuca is a subculture of the chicana women. They were women in the west coast during the 1940's who wore extravagant evening dress or a female version of the zoot suit. I recreated a pinup/pachuca mix with the influence of the zoot suit style. I purchased my vest and skirt from Goodwill, the chains I had since high school (probably bought it from Hot Topic) and two tone Archie shoes from Tatyana Boutique. I also looked up many hairstyles and went with a large teased pompadour and teased back. I got so many compliments and even had ladies and gents appreciate this style.

To sum it up, this is a great show for everyone! There were highly customized cars, bikes, bicycles and more! EVEN matching baby strollers! Who knew! The highlight for me was the paint jobs! I have always been in love with pin stripping and metal flake paint jobs. This was a visually striking afternoon for my eyes. If you notice (in my ever improving videos) this event had SO MUCH color! It gave me so much inspiration for when I get my classic dream car.

Also as we were walking out of the show me and my friend Kim ran into Vanilla Ice as he ordered something from the food trucks!

I learned he resides in South Florida and other friends have seen him around Even at the Ren-Fair!

So if your in South Florida keep an eye out!

I look forward to including this new look into my daily fashion and attending the low-rider show next year! Comment below what you enjoy about low-riders or if you have any outfits inspired by another culture!

With my fellow chola Kim & Oxy!!! :)