Not Just About Hair, its an Experience featuring DeAnna from Blondies Beauty Salon - PINNED EP40

Not Just About Hair, its an Experience featuring DeAnna from Blondies Beauty Salon - PINNED Podcast: Episode 40

Need a change? Dye your hair! This week I sit down with DeAnna, the owner of Blondies Beauty Salon located in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We talk about her experience in opening the shop right when the pandemic started and answer some viewer questions, included the dreadful "how much should I tip?"

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About DeAnna Kahn

Born in New York. Raised in Tampa. Raised by a single mom who died of a heroine overdose when I was 14. I dropped out of Hs, got a GED. Tried to go to tech school for a little, didn’t like that. Switched to a community college. Dropped out and starting dancing. Danced for five years. Realized I needed to get my life together so I got an esthetician license and started doing make up for mac and other freelance companies. Moved down to south Florida. Continued to work for mac and freelance. Specializing in events and production. Went completely independent in 2017. Opened Blondies beauty salon in June 2020 during the pandemic


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Episode Transcript

Miss Pinup Miami 0:04

Good day and welcome back to the pin podcast. I'm your host Pinup Miami and at the pin podcast we talk about modern topics with a vintage flair. If it is your first time listening to us a welcome it is so greatly appreciative and I hope you stick around. And if you are returning listener, you already know that I love you and welcome back. If you haven't followed us on Instagram, the Instagram page is pinned podcast official. You could also follow mine at Pinup Miami. And if you have any questions or any comments that you want to give on the show, send us a text 2183348 pinup. That's a quick way to send me a text or a Hey, how are you? Whatever you like. Today I have a South Florida local business so I'm so excited to have her if you follow her on Instagram it's blonde these beauties salon on Instagram, her website is blondies Beauty she has a Pinterest a YouTube, so make sure to subscribe if you're watching us on YouTube. Might as well hit her link. I'll have everything down below. The owner of blondies beauty salon is de Anna Khan. How are you? I'm doing great. How you doing today, girl? I'm so good to see you. Good to see you. I'm so happy to be able to do this with you. Oh, it's my honor. I love all the colors. And like, I want to ask before we get started. How did you come up with your logo? That's a really good question. I

DeAnna 1:32

laughing because it's a story. So I have a really big obsession with the 80s. I just always have I was born in 88. And my mom was only seven. I was born at 88.

Miss Pinup Miami 1:45

That's awesome. When's your birthday? December 5. Okay, I'm August 10. Right. We're right there right there. That's really cool. So yeah, so you already know. So my mom was only 17 years older than me growing up. So a lot of the music that she listened to was 80s 70s. Like a lot of 90s alternative stuff like that. So that's what I grew up on. And I just always had like a big obsession with it. So the concept began with obviously I'm an 80s baby. I was born in 88. And my mom was a big fan of the 80s. She loved like the cure, and Duran Duran and basically all the big 80s bands that were popular at the time. So that's what I really grew up with. And that was the whole aesthetic that I wanted to build the salon around. Also, you know, being from South Florida, the colors really inspired me. So I wanted to bring all that together with our logo. So initially, I had one of my tattoo artists who lives in Austin designed the blondies logo for us, which he did a phenomenal job. And I loved it very much. He's actually known for his Patrick Nagle style tattoos, which was part of the brand that was the whole like idea in my head for the style that I wanted for the original logos that we had. Unfortunately, once he did the original blondies design, we kind of like clashed a little bit on the idea of what the girl should look like he wanted to keep it like a very traditional Patrick nangal style. And I wanted like a more modern, updated version. So we kind of clashed a little bit on that. And then he decided that like the project just wasn't for him. He didn't have time for it. And I decided to find someone else. So I actually went through to other logo designers paid.

DeAnna 3:24

So I did pay them for their work. But unfortunately, like I just wasn't happy with the result. It didn't like spark something inside of me. Like I was waiting for that moment where I was just like yes, this is it. So I found a girl on Instagram like looking through hashtags actually.

Actually, I think my boyfriend found her and her name is Malibu Barbara on Instagram. What a cute name. Yeah, really cute. Like her page is amazing. So I reached out to her and she was really interested in doing it and she was like, if you have any like inspiration photos, because I think maybe that's where I messed up at first I just kind of like gave them direction and told them what I what I wanted. But I didn't really like I wasn't like with a tattoo where you'd bring like a picture and be like, I want this. So I showed her this Madonna. Like it was like an old picture of Madonna. And I was like I want something that sort of looks like this but I don't necessarily want it to look like Madonna. I just really liked the you know, silhouette of the image and how her hair looks and everything like that. Well she took it to like a whole nother level and it just has a very feminine touch. You could tell by the makeup and the hair and everything. It was just it was just a masterpiece. So instantly I knew like that's exactly what I wanted. I know your your pieces 80s with a modern twist. Yes, exactly. Exactly. So I don't want it to be like to Patrick Nagel because it's very like black hair you know very white skin and that's very traditional. So I you know, I love the art so grateful and inspired by it but I wanted to take a little bit of a twist on it, especially with us being in South Florida. I wanted it to be a little bit more colorful and I wanted it to be modern. I didn't want it to be like exactly like his work, obviously. Well, you did a great job because I love it. Thank you so much.

I mean, she I got to give her credit for that, because when I saw it, I was just so in love with it. So it's, it's, it's been great now it's everywhere.

And tell us a little bit about your journey as a hairstylist, or end of the salon. That's an interesting one. I actually started as a makeup artist. So I've been doing makeup for about 10 years now, I originally got an aesthetician license, and I started working for Mac and I had a career with them for about four years.

Yeah, and I did like bridal I did production. I've done like short films, I've done commercial work, all that fun stuff. I was always scared to go into Mac thinking that these people would judge me. It's so funny that you say that, because a lot of people felt that way. And then I think because we kind of got a reputation as being like, bitches, which, you know, it's unfortunate to say that because all the girls that I worked with, like, for the most part were super friendly. And like, they were just fierce like we were in all black and like our makeup was, you know, on point. And so I think it just people didn't feel like it was like a welcomed welcoming vibe, it was more of like, you got to come in here and you got to have your makeup done perfect. Or you know that we were also known for just doing really dramatic makeup. So that was a thing. And then Unfortunately, because of that reputation, I think Matt kind of got a little watered down after Estee Lauder, like purchase them. Things just started to change. And then they kind of switched up the brand a little bit. So the focus wasn't so much on the artistry, it was more so it was more so on, you know, selling, huh, yeah, pushing the product. That's what I mainly did for like four years. And then I decided I didn't want to work in retail anymore. I didn't want to work for anybody. So I just decided to go out on my own, I literally quit quit with no backup plan.

And then like two weeks later, I got picked up by a production studio and I got this big gig and we like traveled around the world. And it was just amazing. But unfortunately, the way that South Florida kind of goes or the way that makeup kind of goes in South Florida at least is that we are very seasonal. So like you'll be slammed with weddings and production work. And like I'll get a lot of political campaigns and things like that most of the year, but between like maybe the end of May and the beginning of October, I just got super slow. So like every summer, I was just taking a massive hit. And I was just like, what am I going to do. And you know, I gave the whole runaround of maybe like going back to school and like becoming a nurse or something. But I was like, you know, I've invested so much time into this, and I love doing it. So the next step has to be hair. So about two years ago, I went back to school about three years ago, I went back to school, and I got my hair license. And then you know, I worked for another salon for a little bit. And again, I just decided like I can't work for anybody else. So originally, the plan was to just rent a chair when the pandemic hit, because I actually had plans to buy an RV, but that's a whole nother story, I was gonna convert it into like a mobile styling salon. But when the pandemic hit that didn't work out. So I was just gonna rent a chair in a salon and I ended up finding blondies, the place for hair and nails, which is what you're looking at right now. And the owner who had been here for 30 years was looking to sell the business, she had sold it to a gentleman in Chicago, who did not move down and had nothing to do with it. So he was reselling it. And so I purchased it from him and did a whole renovation on it and just kind of spun from there. So we've been here since June 2020.

Miss Pinup Miami 8:14

Oh, right when the pandemic started.

DeAnna 8:16

Yeah, I I know, I'm crazy. I opened it during the pandemic, like it's, it's so bizarre. It's really bizarre, but it's working out great. So there we are, I mean, it's been on and off honestly, like sometimes, like the times that you would expect to be a little bit slower. Or the busier times and times you'd expect to be a little bit busier or the slower time. So it's just been like a total toss up. And it's it's really unpredictable at this point. Hopefully, you know, this will, this will all be over soon. And we'll be able to kind of get back to normal. I mean, I know events are like slowly starting to happen. But they're they're pretty small right now. So nothing, nothing too big is going on.

Miss Pinup Miami 8:52

I can't wait to attend an event at your salon. I would love that. You need to have an 80s party though big hair.

Unknown Speaker 9:01

Honestly, I

DeAnna 9:02

would I would love to do like a little grand opening. We never really got to do that. Because obviously I don't want to put anybody at risk. And I don't want to be you know, I don't want to I just don't want to be in that situation. So when the time is right, I would love to have like close friends family, like obviously women in business that we support you. That'd be amazing. Like I would I would love to have something here for sure.

Miss Pinup Miami 9:25

That would be a lot of fun. Yeah. And karaoke.

DeAnna 9:29

Oh, that'd be great.

Miss Pinup Miami 9:32

So well, how Who was your first customer then? Like do you have like a memory of the first customer at your salon? family? No,

DeAnna 9:42

it was a family actually, the previous owner who she had actually planned to still work here. So she went out of town for a few months and she was actually going to rent the chair for me. So because she was retiring, she was looking to pass off some of her clients while she was out of town. So I was actually The first few clients that I had in here were some of her clients that I took care of. Most of her clients now because she no longer works here followed her. I'm not sure where she's at right now. But But yeah, that was my that was my first few clients was mostly her clients. And then after that, it was friends and, and then it's just blossomed from their word of mouth.

Miss Pinup Miami 10:20

What I find amazing about the hairstylist world is that, you know, if you're, wherever you go, like your most loyal customers just follow you. Yeah,

DeAnna 10:29

I mean, some some people will say, like, I've heard one time, like, your clients won't follow you, like over five miles or something like that. But, but I find that absolutely not to be true. I mean, we have clients from that come from Miami. They come from Boca, they come from West Palm, we have clients. Yeah, we have clients from all over. So it's definitely not true. If you find good people, you got to stick with them.

Miss Pinup Miami 10:50

Yeah, I had a nail lady before. Unfortunately, she passed away, I would drive 45 minutes. Without traffic. Yeah, to go to her. Look, if

DeAnna 11:01

you find someone good, you gotta stick with them. It's hard to find good people. It is. And it's not just about you know, it's not just about the quality of the work. It's about the service that they give you and your relationship and your bond and the vibe. There's so much that goes into it. You can find a hairstylist, there's four in our right, there's four, I think in our closet right now. So you can find a hairstylist anywhere.

Miss Pinup Miami 11:22

Yeah, it's just about finding the right one, like you said that you connect with and right. And when one of the first jobs I had after graduating college was working the sponsor a lot, well, mostly the salon coordinator at the phone and blue. And it was so interesting, because people would come as customers at the hotel and want their hair done and expect it to be just like their hair stylists at home. And everyone's like, we don't know what they're doing.

DeAnna 11:47

Well, yeah, not only that, but even if you show us like an inspiration picture, we always say just that it's inspiration, like, our techniques are gonna be different. The toner is the color is everything, the light, the color lines, everything's gonna be different. So yes, it's an inspiration, but you're not exactly going to walk out with the same hair. More than likely.

Miss Pinup Miami 12:06

What was like the coolest like client that you had, like the cool experience that you had?

DeAnna 12:12

I have so many honestly. I think it's because it's like word of mouth that I tend to get like big groups of friends that are coming to me now, which is awesome. So like, not only do I get to share that bond with them, but we kind of get to share the love with each other. Like, you know what I'm saying? Yeah, if they come in, we kind of get to talk about the whole group and like a friendly and fun way. So that just makes the experience even better. One of the girls Exactly. And I love I love that, like I get to know their family and you know, I get to know their husbands and it's just they become they become your family. They really do you really care about them and I I'll text them to check on them. You know, we're a Facebook friends. So that's that's the most important thing for me. It's not just like making money or Shakespearian. Yeah, it's building relationships, like these long lasting relationships with people and hey, if they decide to go somewhere else for her, that's awesome, too. Like, we'll still be friends. I'm cool with that.

Miss Pinup Miami 13:09

Have you ever won't? I don't know. But I used to be a funeral director. And I would come across people that wanted their hair stylists or nail tech to do their own hair and makeup when they pass away. Have you ever done like a service like that? So funny that

DeAnna 13:30

when I first started doing makeup, I used to work at a bar and my old manager used to tell me like you should do funerals like you should do. You should do like funeral homes and you'll make so much money and so like I actually like i'd scouted out like multiple funeral homes, unfortunately, I think down in Florida, more than likely a lot of them do it themselves. They don't really like source that out. I know some places up north actually do like higher hair and makeup artists who come in and do that kind of stuff. A lot of places down here really didn't do that. But it was definitely something I was interested in when I first started for sure.

Miss Pinup Miami 14:01

Yeah, when you go to school to become an embalmer, they teach you how to do hair and makeup for

DeAnna 14:07

right. Yeah, most of them could do it themselves. Exactly. I

Miss Pinup Miami 14:10

do pay you more. They do pay you more of your certified hairstylist and cause the cosmetologist Oh, okay.

DeAnna 14:18

Yeah, no, I totally would. It wouldn't even be that for me. It's like I, I'm such a conversationalist that

Miss Pinup Miami 14:26

you'd be talking to yourself. That color looks so good on you. It'll be fun. You know what?

DeAnna 14:36

Exactly, yeah, you'd have to put that on the podcast,

Miss Pinup Miami 14:41

personality. So I have a few questions that I got on my Instagram to ask you.

DeAnna 14:50

Are you ready? For sure. I love that.

Miss Pinup Miami 14:53

How can someone express themselves with their hair in a conservative workplace?

DeAnna 14:59

Oh, I would say, I mean, that's that's been an interesting question. I feel like workplaces are generally speaking, getting a little bit more liberal. As far as hairstyles for me a big one is like natural hairstyles, I know a lot of women like in the past have not even been able to wear their natural hair. So just being able to do that where your curls where your texture naturally is, is an amazing thing. I know like the curly girl movement is, like huge right now. So just being able to like properly style your curls, and you know, being able to rock them not have to cover it with wigs or, you know, weaves or extensions or anything like that is a big one. For me, like I'm all about the natural hair movement. And as far as like in a conservative environment, if if you're looking for like color, I mean, there are certain colors that you can sort of play with and get away with a little bit as far as I know like red is definitely one of those colors if you go more towards like the burgundy side it looks tends to look a little more natural, or even if you do like a copper, which it falls more on like the ginger tones. You can get away with Yeah, you can get away with something like that. Even blondes. Sometimes you could do like peekaboo hair pieces, like I have a couple blondes that will come in and do like a little bit of teal on the front or you can hide it in the back so that you can't see it. The hidden rainbow thing is huge right now. Yeah, like rose golds are really nice. That's kind of like a softer, you know, edgy way to play around. And then like braided styles are really cute. So I think if you could do like any kind of like French braids or anything like that at work that that's a good way to go to, but there's lots of hairstyles you can play with.

Miss Pinup Miami 16:38

On my on my resume. Purposely I put a picture of myself because I'm not going to change my hair color. I love that so that they know what is this? You know, and if they don't even mention it in an interview. Um, like they didn't even look at it because most people gasp or something.

DeAnna 16:55

Which is like it's 2021 like, come on. You know I get a small town or if it's not if it doesn't look professionally done like that would be the one thing like if it looks like an at home job I could see where people may be like okay, you know if it was a professional job and you spent good money to do it like maybe it looks cleaner and more intricate you know, you could get away with it. But it just depends on who your bosses to like if you work with me like I please.

Miss Pinup Miami 17:21

rave all over. Yeah. On tik tok. I saw a video. I don't know if you've seen it. It's a girl made a song. And it Yes, I love it because it goes like having colored hair doesn't make you unprofessional. I was like, yeah.

DeAnna 17:39

Hard to it. Yes, I saw most of my five and reposted that one. And most of my my friends did too. Because and that was such a powerful video. I'm sure she blew up with that. Because it really it really is silly. Like it's the same thing I feel about being tattooed like I am because I have a body full of tattoos, it doesn't make me any less smart or any less able or any less competent, you know, to do my job. So it should be the same way with hair color, or body shape, or body shape or any of those things. I feel like women you know, like the dumb blonde thing, like, you know, it's it's so we have to always, I feel like as women we always pick ourselves apart and it's because society has told us to and it's it's time to end that like we're allowed to do whatever the hell we want.

Miss Pinup Miami 18:19

I agree 100% one time I got hired at a job and they said that they hired me they that they usually don't. In fact, and I should have known better, but it was a while ago. They were like oh, we usually don't hire chubby people, but you're pretty. So wait,

DeAnna 18:35

they said that to you what job. It was a blast.

Miss Pinup Miami 18:39

It was actually at the phone and blue because they're all about appearance. And since I was working at the spa and salon, that even after I one employee of the hotel that I was employed member of the whole hotel, they gave me a gym membership for private lessons. And when somebody forces you to do something, you just don't want to lose weight.

Unknown Speaker 19:00


DeAnna 19:01

I've only been there one time, and I had a horrible experience there so screw that.

Unknown Speaker 19:08

And I was at three years and not

DeAnna 19:10

only that it's Miami like that's the home of the curvy girl like what are you even saying?

Miss Pinup Miami 19:16

Yeah, and I got in trouble there for a couple of things they didn't like um they didn't like bright colors on the nails. And I was the only one at the time it wasn't like a big thing. When I had it the stiletto nails it was just starting out so they thought I was crazy. When I interviewed for the job I had brunette well. I had brunette hair on the top and blonde in the bottom. It didn't look crazy at all I was professionally done. But after a week working there they told me I had to dye it because it was too crazy. I was like you have the blonde girls with like dark in the bottom I just have it reversed and they thought it was like wild. So then I went black woke my natural hair is black and I Did the very bank then? I was like, This isn't? I mean, I'm the best employee here. I don't know.

DeAnna 20:06

That's unfortunate. I'm sorry. You had to go through that. Like, I can laugh and joke about it. But honestly, that stuff like, that upsets me because I feel like, like who are who are you to tell people like what to look like or what to dress like I get it if it's your brand, and you want people to look a certain way. But when you start putting putting people down or picking them apart like that, you got to realize like, it's just not it's just not a good look.

Miss Pinup Miami 20:27

Yeah, the whole gym thing. It wasn't like, an attack upfront, but I noticed because I'm like, nobody else got like a gym membership,

DeAnna 20:36

right? Yeah, that's like, That's not nice.

Miss Pinup Miami 20:39

That's when I realized what was happening. I was like, I am losing weight just because you're making me

DeAnna 20:43

right out of spite.

Miss Pinup Miami 20:45

And then they stopped paying it. And then I felt bad. But these private trainers are so expensive, even with the employee discount that I was like I did one week and then I was like, broke, my whole check is going back to this hotel.

DeAnna 20:57

Yeah, it doesn't make any sense they're trying to play.

Miss Pinup Miami 21:03

So the next question, why is dyeing your hair with a professional better than doing it at home?

Those brand Mondo videos is a brand mondo,

Unknown Speaker 21:17


DeAnna 21:18

Yeah, the call where he does like the reactions of the home. Listen, we have a license for a reason. You need to know what you're doing, what chemicals you're working with how to work with them. There's a lot of times that I see people online in forums and they try to do these things. And they have no idea what they're doing. And they end up frying their hair off or, you know, they end up doing their own at home haircuts. And at the at the end of the day, you're probably going to need a professional to fix it, which is going to end up costing you more money than just going into the salon to begin with. So that's my answer for that. Don't do it. Don't do it unless it was a professional.

Miss Pinup Miami 21:58

What is on a plaque?

DeAnna 22:00

Oh, that's an awesome question. So old wax olaplex is a bond. It's a bond protector, it actually helps to raise the bond builder as well, it actually helps to rebuild the bonds in your hair, I have a little post about it on the Instagram, if you guys want to go check that out as well. blondies beauty salon, it will give you like all the details on it. But it really helps to rebuild the bonds in your hair. And there's multiple steps that come with it. So like as of now they have olaplex zero through I think like six or something seven Yeah, there's a shampoo conditioner, there's actually olaplex that we use there. So the original one is the one that we use, it goes in the product. So we use it in lightner we use it in color, toner gloss, all that stuff, you can use it in everything. And then the number two would be the treatment that we use in the salon after we color your hair. So it's basically like a hair mask to repair all those bonds that we just broke down with the color which is really important to do because when you lighten you're you're taking all those bonds out of your hair and you want to make sure that you're properly rebuilding them. We always recommend olaplex number three which is like the at home version of number two, which is basically when you just like shampoo your hair you towel dry it real well and then you add the olaplex into your hair really liberally you comb it through you leave it in for like maybe 20 minutes you could definitely do it longer go about your day a little bit and I let mine sit in for a few hours and then rinse it out with cool water. So what basically what it does it helps to protect the hair prevents any further damage and helps to rebuild the bonds.

Miss Pinup Miami 23:26

Good I've never actually had all the plaques on when I felt like questions like I have to ask because I don't even

DeAnna 23:31

Yeah, I highly recommend it I I sort of make it mandatory for my clients that you know because you're spending all this money on your hair you want to maintain it at home we usually say like and every artist says it differently but some artists will say like 50% is what we do is what we do in the salon and 50% is what you do at home or it could be like a higher ratio just depending on who you talk to but at home care for color is extremely important especially if you're doing lightning services extremely important.

Miss Pinup Miami 23:59

It's like It's like going to the gym you could go to the gym but if you don't follow it up at home

DeAnna 24:03

well if you're eating pizza after yeah gym, you know what I'm saying? It's it kind of negates it so it's like go it's like you know we do this you know $500 service and then you go home and you use resume you know like it's not you don't want to do that it's not it's not a professional product and and we wouldn't recommend it. So make sure that if you're if you're getting good hair care from your hair care professional that you want to maintain that at home with your shampoo, conditioner or your masks everything.

Miss Pinup Miami 24:30

That was the next question tips on hair care between appointments,

DeAnna 24:34

tips on hair care in between appointments, I have a I have a lot of these my boyfriend would laugh at me because he calls me like the CEO of soft water filters.

Miss Pinup Miami 24:44

I've never tried one but I've seen a lot of people rave about them.

DeAnna 24:48

So soft water filter is one that they sell them on Amazon for like 30 bucks. Okay, you can attach it right to your showerhead. If you have like harsh minerals in your water like in Florida we have terrible water So it tends to strip your hair, it also tends to like its causes build up, and it could change your hair color, like I can make it discolored, I can make it like green or I can make it yellow, just depending on what your hair color is. So there's all kinds of reasons why, like, we'll promote it, but mainly, it just it really, it's soft water, like you can genuinely feel it on your hair and your skin, it makes a huge difference. So that's number one. Number two would be, I always advise using cool water for your shampoos and conditioners. Mainly because when you're using hot water, like for your yellow hair, it will strip the color right out very quickly. The other thing I recommend is not to shampoo too often. So if you find that you have like fine hair that tends to get a little oily, dry shampoo is going to be your best friend. I know some people don't really like dry shampoo, but it might be because they're not necessarily using it right you don't just like spray it and go most of the time, you actually have to rub it into your scalp with your fingers. And then go ahead and kind of brown brush your hair with a blow dryer, you want to like disperse and make sure that you really get that product in there. So that's another one too. I shampoo. I usually recommend shampooing no more than twice a week, if possible. It just depends on your hair texture. Some people though shampoo every day. I mean, you know you have to you're not really a good candidate for vivid colors, I'll tell you that. You know what I mean? You need to you got to rethink your your process at home.

Miss Pinup Miami 26:23

Yeah, when people ask me how much I shampoo, I'm like, I could go, I could go we can have.

DeAnna 26:28

But it's also like, I'm the same as you and like, you know, like I'm half Latino. So my natural hair texture, I could I could go a little longer. Some people like with a European background, they need to wash their hair a lot more often. You know, it just it just depends. But if you're going to have high maintenance hair color, you want to make sure that you have high maintenance home care. The other thing would be like your shampoo and conditioner, you want to make sure you're using something color safe, that you're not using something that's going to strip your hair. There is clarifying shampoos, if you feel like you need to clarify and get all that gunk out I believe camera makes one that's color safe. So it won't actually strip your hair color, but it would give you a good clarify. So that's what I recommend.

Miss Pinup Miami 27:07

And how Okay, this is my question. I love when people have multiple hair colors. But how do they watch it? Do you have to watch a separate or?

DeAnna 27:16

No, you don't have to watch it separate. But you have to watch it and cool water the colors could possibly transfer. They actually make these color care shampoos now and if depending on who you're styluses we can actually like put together a little bit of like at home, like custom conditioner like to maintain your color. If like you were to come in and you had just one hair color. We could do something like that. If you have multiple hair colors, you just have to shampoo cool water and color safe shampoo. Oh, for sure. Okay,

Miss Pinup Miami 27:41

maybe that's a long time ago, I had half red and half black. But it only lasted a week because I washed my hair and then turned all black.

DeAnna 27:50

Oh yeah, if you shampoo with hot water, especially at all, it'll tend to run together.

Miss Pinup Miami 27:55

I know what I did wrong. And with your first advice with the water, I'm showerhead. Now I know after a while why when I do a green screen my hair says see through it because I guess it's picking up some green because my water.

DeAnna 28:09

It could be that or the Honestly, it could just be the lighting. It could be your lighting. Yeah, it could be that too. So there's there's all kinds of factors in it. But I think that those are like the main at home cares that I really recommend.

Miss Pinup Miami 28:23

What is the best way to explain to a stylist of what you want

DeAnna 28:30

a photo. Because a lot of times, people and this is the same thing with makeup, people hear a word like valios, but they don't really know what it means. So what it means to you or what it means to me might be different. So sometimes the terminology can get confusing or a color like a lot of people see color differently. So what might be green to you might be blue to me. So the best way that I can say it is show your SAT was the picture. Um, tell them what you'd like and what you don't like about the photo?

Miss Pinup Miami 29:01

And then what do you have you ever had those clients that would bring a photo and they have like box dyed black hair and they want blonde all the time

DeAnna 29:10

happens a lot happens all the time, I want more than more than just box dyed black, it's always like, it's always just like something completely opposite on the end of the spectrum. So you have to kind of explain to them it's either gonna be a process or we could do it all in one day. But you might be here for the whole day. Like sometimes they're here 1012 hours just depending on the project. So as long as they're prepared for that, it's cool, but you know, just know that that's that's a possibility. Otherwise, you could do it slowly and in steps but the generation that we're living in right now doesn't want anything slow. They want it right now so

Miss Pinup Miami 29:41

I mean videos are getting shorter and shorter.

DeAnna 29:43

I know I know it's it's it gives me a headache sometimes because I think because we're in the same age group like I'm just not of the tick tock generation like I haven't made that transition yet. So for me like I love to enjoy like a long podcast, sit down and You know, watch one and listen to somebody or read a book or listen to an audio book or something like that like that. Those are things I'd like to do other than just like watch 10 second videos. It's I feel like it gives me more add.

Miss Pinup Miami 30:12

Oh, you would love I've been trying out this new app a clubhouse? Yes, I've heard of it. I like it. I mean, I've learned a lot about podcasting and connected to other podcasters and about audio and lights. And I don't know, I'm not

DeAnna 30:25

a cool kid. I have to get an invite. Right.

Miss Pinup Miami 30:27

I'll give you an invite.

Unknown Speaker 30:28

I got right.

Miss Pinup Miami 30:30

I'm doing Casey. I got seven invites.

DeAnna 30:33

That's been perfect. I would love that. I would love to check it out. Because I keep hearing about I hear it's good for education. Yeah, I'm all about that.

Miss Pinup Miami 30:39

I've learned a lot. And then they also have like weird ones. They even had a lot of clubhouse rooms like after the Megan Markel interview and random chats. So it's fun. That's awesome.

DeAnna 30:51

I wanted to add something to what I said earlier, when you're asked about when you asked about the photo, or when you asked about like, how do I best convey, you know, what a client wants. The other thing I want to add to that is like a really thorough consultation. I like to do that prior to us actually starting the service, because, you know, we want to make sure that we're on the same page with her goals, I don't want to tell them that they can go Platinum on one session, if they're box dyed black, we have to be realistic with what we could do. So I just wanted to add that in there.

Miss Pinup Miami 31:19

Good to know. Oh, I know a lot of girls in the vintage community, they always want to get a haircut called the mini haircut. Oh, yeah. And some hair stuff. They have problems. Um, like, just take a picture of it. I'm sure they know how to read the way to cut.

DeAnna 31:34

Right? Exactly. Yeah, it's all about angles and shapes, like, as long as you as long as you can kind of see that and follow a guide like you're good.

Miss Pinup Miami 31:42

Yeah. What, how do you wait, before I asked him this question, what do you do if a customer doesn't like the at the end of their hair color? They don't like it has that ever happened? Or how do you deal with that?

DeAnna 31:55

Um, I mean, ideally, I would want them to tell me when they're here. So what I usually do is like, I'll blow dry a piece and they tell me if they like it. And if they don't like it, then then I just say like, what do we need to do to get you to like it. So we're all on the same page. And then we can make adjustments there. The problem is if they leave and it's been like weeks, and they try to say, you know, I don't like it, then you know, we might have a little bit of a communication issue, but as long as it's in with a timely manner, manner, like even a week, honestly, if they messaged me, and they're like, Hey, can we correct this? Or maybe alter this, then I'm totally open to doing that

Miss Pinup Miami 32:32

type of return policy. Yeah, I

DeAnna 32:34

mean, but it's not going to be like a month later and I don't Okay, come in, you know, cuz then you need then you need a new service, you have to pay for a new service. So I'm flexible. I'm very you know, I'm very open. You know, I'm very caring about my clients. I definitely do not want anyone leaving here hating their hair. That's not what I want at all. So I always tell my clients like, this is our first date. You know, we're just getting to know each other. So tell me exactly what you want and what you don't want. And I'm okay like I can take the honesty.

Miss Pinup Miami 33:00

That's good.

DeAnna 33:01

Yeah, for sure.

Miss Pinup Miami 33:03

What is the best products to use for at home haircare? shampoo, shampoo, conditioner, what would be your go to recommendation?

DeAnna 33:13

Well, lately, my new favorite has been actually what we have in the salon here, which is igk hair. I absolutely love their products like the packaging is adorable.

Miss Pinup Miami 33:22

Does it only for professionals or Can anybody

DeAnna 33:25

know you could go online and buy it. We're actually we just got an affiliate code. So we're gonna put that up on the Instagram soon. So you'll be able to shop with a discount, which is awesome. Using our discount code. And there the other products are amazing. I believe they're based out of Miami. I know they have a salon here they have one. Yeah, they have one in New York. But they're really good to us. Like they send us new products when they get it and their products smell delicious. A lot of them are coconut based. They're really good for all hair types. Their styling products are fantastic. Like they have this one spray called like the beach club texture spray and it gets like this beautiful shine. So the hair I'm absolutely obsessed with it like anyone that I put it on, like buys it because it's just it's like immediately you see like your hair gets super shiny. It's just and it's not like crunchy. It's I mean, soft and beautiful. Yeah, I love it. And the shampoo and conditioner. They have a few different kinds. The one I really like is the bad and boujee we use that here.

Miss Pinup Miami 34:18

It's really easy.

DeAnna 34:20

If you check out their packaging, you'll fall in love because it's very Miami like it fits with our brand very well. So that was another reason I love to bring them in. And yeah, so the shampoo and conditioner. It's very like lathering and hydrating, which I like some shampoos can be like drying. I don't like that. And I love a good lather. Like for my hair especially.

Miss Pinup Miami 34:39

Especially for me. I'm only going to clean it every week and a half, right?

DeAnna 34:46

Yeah, exactly, exactly.

Miss Pinup Miami 34:48

How to keep your natural gray hair looking good. Do you have any tips?

DeAnna 34:53

Purple shampoos and awesome one, for sure. So that way you don't get it like yellow. You know, it does It doesn't go yellow. And then you could do all kinds of fun stuff with gray hair. Like I have clients that'll do like lavender or pink. Like little Pete, you could do like a piece or you could do the whole thing. There's all kinds of ways that you can wear gray, everyone I've been noticing the gray trend is really in right now where everybody's kind of switching over to their natural gray hair. And I love it.

Miss Pinup Miami 35:21

The same girl that texted me that question, she was saying that you have to use it, she wanted to know if there was like a different heating, heating setting when you do gray hair, because she saw videos of people like curling their hair and like frying it.

DeAnna 35:37

You do want to I mean, it depends on your hair texture. Ultimately, normally with gray hair, it tends to be a little more dry. Because you know, as you get older, that just tends to happen. So you want to probably start on like a low setting. And then if you realize like, you know that it's not really doing what you need it to do, then you can bump it up a little bit, but I wouldn't recommend putting it out like 400 You know, you're you're definitely going to discover your hair and you're probably going to fry it. I'm

Miss Pinup Miami 36:01

going to tell her to go for a consultation.

DeAnna 36:03

Yeah, for sure. For sure. She can even like just text me questions if she wants them. I'm always open to help people.

Miss Pinup Miami 36:09

And the last question, which I was very interested, that's how I left it last is what is the normal way of tipping a hairstylist like how does the tipping system like what is recommended? You know, it's always like that awkward question to ask, but you know, when you think about is like, I don't know how much to tip? Well,

DeAnna 36:29

it's the same way I look at it. Like I worked in a restaurant industry for a while and I kind of look at it the same way like obviously, like a good tip. Or like a pretty good tip is usually like 20% just like it would be at a restaurant. But that's totally to the clients discretion. I mean, we don't tell people what to tip obviously, like cash tips are usually best. Or we do like apps we take square like we take any any form of payment but usually like obviously cash is king. But it's totally up to your discretion. I mean, we we love tips and we accept them.

Miss Pinup Miami 37:00

I was curious, I was like I don't know there's a specific when I saw that question. I was like I'm gonna ask that. No, no, it's

DeAnna 37:07

it's totally up to you. I tend to be an over tipper. But I think that's because like mainly, my whole life. I've always worked in like a tipping industry. So I tend to just like gravitate more towards like the over tipping side. But it just depends. Everybody's different.

Miss Pinup Miami 37:23

Yeah, when I first started my boyfriend, well not like this putting him on blast. But when I first started dating him, I would notice that he was not tipping well, and I was like, if you're taking me out, you gotta tip well, make sure so now every time we go to a restaurant, he's always asking me.

Unknown Speaker 37:39

I love that

DeAnna 37:40

I used to go I used to go behind my grandma, who I hope he doesn't hear that. I think I used to go behind my grandfather's back and tip after him because he was so cheap. He'd be like, Oh, 15% I'm like, yeah, and the 90s 15% 15% anymore. Like I wouldn't even 10 15% for bad service.

Miss Pinup Miami 38:01

Courtesy because every you know, I don't know, we get it. And

DeAnna 38:05

I Yeah, exactly. That's how I feel. I feel like I get it. Like someone might be having a bad day or like maybe the kitchen super busy. Or, you know, maybe I mean, I'm acquainting this to a restaurant not here because obviously with hair, it's super personal. Like if the person is attentive and they're caring and you know, if it's not just like, like a hair factory where they're just trying to get you in and out then like I can get maybe like tipping a little bit less. But like, at blondies we're giving you like the full attention all the time. Like we're not, we're not straying from you. So you know, tips are very appreciated.

Miss Pinup Miami 38:37

When I worked at the Fontainebleau It was a factory It was like Yeah, for like a New Year's Eve. That was like the busiest week of the year, they would close off the bathrooms to stick to hairstylist in the bathroom and then the break room they'd clear it all out and put wore to hairstylist and I'm like, they're really trying to monopolize, you know take over

DeAnna 38:59

listen clients notice that stuff you don't think a client is gonna notice his you know, if you double book and you have somebody else in your chair and they're getting attention and you're sitting there waiting and processing like ready waiting to be rinsed out. It's not a good feeling like I've been in that situation before as a client. And I don't know, you know, it's just it's not a good feeling. I want to always give my clients my full attention. I barely even I like even when my phone rings I like might check it really quick just to make sure it's not an emergency but I don't like really send texts or anything like that usually unless they're processing and I have a moment to sit down, even eating. You know, we most hair stylists they will eat the whole day because we're so focused on your hair, so be good to us, please.

Miss Pinup Miami 39:40

This definitely does not sound like a Hialeah Cuban hair salon growing up I would see the hairstylist on the phone eating cafecito croqueta all over the place.

DeAnna 39:48

That makes sense. That makes sense. It makes it makes sense, but it just depends on what your vibe is like. Yeah, I want people to like I for me, I was changed the name to Bonnie's beauty salon from blonde is a place for hair and nails because I love the old school beauty shop mentality of like, this is the place for you to come and relax. This isn't you don't have your kids, you don't have your husband, you don't have work or maybe you have to work but like you could sit on your laptop and work, whatever. But it's supposed to be your experience your time. Like I don't want to go get my nails done, and I'm sitting there like being bounced around or, you know, not being paid attention to that would take away from the whole experience for me, and I wouldn't want to go back. So I don't know, I just try to think about how other people are feeling. I guess that's an empath. That's the empath. And

Miss Pinup Miami 40:35

that's all the questions. I have you have any questions for me? Or?

DeAnna 40:39

I mean, I have tons of questions for you. Honestly, I would love to know, I love your whole everything. So I would love to know, I would love to know how you got started in this. Like, what? What was the beginning of Jennifer doing pin up?

Miss Pinup Miami 40:50

Oh, pin up in a quick synopsis. I will say I started when I was at college. I was always in a suit because I was in student government. And then I got tired of it and the style. And I just wanted to express myself and I felt like I wasn't really flattering in these suits. Then I just really picked up a circle skirt and tucking it in. That was like a big change for me. And I always loved the rockabilly car scene. Yeah, just like slowly started into like dressing up and feeling more confident. And it just like snowballed into who I am today.

DeAnna 41:27

That's awesome. I

Unknown Speaker 41:28

love that.

Miss Pinup Miami 41:29

Do you think? Oh, go ahead. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 41:31

Go. Go Go ahead. Um,

DeAnna 41:35

but you're from Miami, right? Like born and raised. Yeah. I mean, do you? Do you ever see yourself like living anywhere else? Or do you think like, this is this is where you are. This is

Miss Pinup Miami 41:44

home. This is I love it here. I haven't traveled a lot. But everywhere I go, I like it. But I don't feel like it's home. To here. There's so much versatility, diversity. Um, I just love it. Because there's always something to do. I'm the I'm not a big beach person. But I went to the beach and hanging out with people.

DeAnna 42:06

It's like the best people watching your beach photo was my favorite, by the way with the outfit that you made. That's when say you're so talented dude. Like I adore your whole aesthetic and everything. I'm just glad we got to connect. And I'm really excited to like actually get to come to your studio and meet you for real for real.

Miss Pinup Miami 42:21

Yes. And that outfit it was cuz every year for every time three or five day comes. I'm always sad that I didn't take a photo or like write nice, especially. So this year, I finally realized oh my god 305 is in a week. So I had a pattern for that bathing suit for a long time. And then, um, the embroider machine that I use are actually going to sell it. I borrow it from my boss. So I was like, I need to make something so I can have something forever. I made it. I made it. I told my boyfriend after work one day to drive me to the beach. And we had to race before the sun goes down and I forgot it was spring break and people

DeAnna 43:01

write everything crazy right now. Right? Have you ever done the Vegas like pinup? I know. They do like the pinup convention out there and all that stuff. Have you ever done that?

Miss Pinup Miami 43:10

No. One day I will. I've gone to Viva east. They have a little East version of it. And actually one Miss Viva east.

DeAnna 43:20

Awesome. I love

Miss Pinup Miami 43:21

that. And it's a whole different vibe than South Florida. That's why I started the meetup groups because there's nothing like those rockabilly weekenders down here. The vibe is totally different. So with the events that I put on and host I really try to bring that that scene that I've experienced in other places to South Florida because it's it's missing. But it's been growing very well.

DeAnna 43:44

I was gonna ask you, the year that I moved down here because I moved down here from Tampa seven years ago, I had a booth at the pinup convention and they only did it once. Did you go to that?

Miss Pinup Miami 43:55

No, I was at college at that time.

DeAnna 43:58

Oh, that's so funny. Yeah, I

Miss Pinup Miami 44:01

remember that. Like I was like they I think they only did it once and I was like wait again. But now we have this rockabilly weekender it well, one day. It's gonna be a weekend in 2022 on the West Coast at the Hard Rock and I host their pinup contest there. It's a car show and a fun event. I love car shows. That's why I bought a house with a garage for my hot rod that I don't have yet but it's gonna happen.

DeAnna 44:25

I absolutely love what you just said so much. Talk about manifesting dude. That's so cool.

Miss Pinup Miami 44:31

I worked really hard for this. I'm one of my things that I'm proud of is my house. I bought it when I was 25 on my own. And I made sure I had a garage and Yeah.

DeAnna 44:43

Do you get like, maybe this is a weird question to ask. But like do you get a lot of love in the community like in the pinup culture for like your look and your style and everything like that because you're so confident and you're so like talented in so many different ways and so versatile and just like with your body too. And everything I know a lot of like the pinup girls tend to be like really small or whatever like that. So do you get like a lot of hate from girls or do you tend that? Do you find that they tend to like really love you and embrace you?

Miss Pinup Miami 45:11

I would say 98% of it is a lot of love. I've felt like I've motivated a lot of plus size girls. Viva East for example, the first year I was there two girls in separate accounts came up to me and said they follow me online and they love the confidence I had for being a plus size girl wearing colorful dresses being very out there and so that really moves me and then those two percents you know, it's just, it's just I don't really listen to them or don't involve them in my life. Good, good.

DeAnna 45:41

I love that. I love that I work with a photographer down in Miami. She does good boire and she's very body positive and she shoots all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, everything and I i love that like I just love I love what social media is doing for women right now. Like I really do. I feel like women are like more than ever really coming together and that makes me feel good.

Miss Pinup Miami 46:02

I Deanna thank you so much for being on my podcast, it means so much to get to know you more. I can't and sorry if you're watching on YouTube, if there's a bug flying around. If you're watching on YouTube, make sure to like and subscribe the video. But Deanna thank you so much for being on the podcast. Thank

DeAnna 46:21

you for having me.

Miss Pinup Miami 46:23

Next week, I'm gonna have a Sarah again. She was a guest a few episodes ago and we're gonna talk about pinups and kinks in the community. So it's gonna get a little a little, you know, adult ish.

Unknown Speaker 46:37

Oh, I got a tune in for that.

Miss Pinup Miami 46:40

Yes. So, see you all next week. And I hope you guys stay safe. Wear your mask, get the vaccine, and I'll see you on next Wednesday. Bye bye.



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