The "C" Word with Kelly - PINNED Podcast: Episode 29

The "C" Word with Kelly - PINNED Podcast: Episode 29

Everyone, everywhere has heard of Covid. We all at one point have had a degree of separation to the pandemic and yet there are some who don't event think its real. Join in as I speak to Kelly, a Covid survivor, she share her incredible journal of one of her toughest struggle. Please take a moment to listen to an experience first hand. If you have any question about Covid - please feel free to reach out to Kelly (info below)

Want to make a shout out on the next video? Text to 1-833-4A-PINUP Insta: @pinnedpodcastofficial _________________ About Kelly Gratta Kelly is a vintage enthusiast, art admirer, partime photographer, who works in the Health Care field. Is an anime fan, enjoys playing the guitar, singing and dance. She has lived in this country for about 20 years and loves to live close to ocean. One of her favorite hobbies is to dance, reason why she became a member of a professional dance group based in Miami called MECA Dance Ensemble which specializes in Middle Eastern and Central Asian dances. Although she has a busy life, she always makes sure to spend quality time with friends, and has a special heart for the classics, old times nostalgia and retro pinup life, making her a huge supporter of Jennifer and the community she has built.

________________ For more information IG @kellyus @kalilah_sahad IG @bluempirephotography Reach out to her for any questions regarding Covid

Episode Transcript

Miss Pinup Miami 0:03

Hello, and welcome back to episode number 29 of the pin podcast. I'm your host Pinup Miami. And here at the pin podcast, we bring you modern topics with a vintage flair. And if you want to follow about new guests coming or past guests past episodes, make sure to subscribe to the channel on any of your podcasting listening devices or on YouTube where you can see me and the guest. And you can follow us on Instagram at the pin podcast official or my Instagram Pinup Miami. Before we get started on today's episode, I just wanted to give a big thank you to all of you that are listening. And because if you're a returning listener, it means the world to me and it means that you're interested in the topics that I'm bringing you. And if it's your first time listening, I hope you stay and continue listening. And listen back to old episodes and subscribe or leave a review on Apple podcasts because that means amazing for me, that's great for our podcast. But the announcement that I have to make is

all of the 2021 pins calendars have sold out before the year ended. I am so today I mailed out, I mailed out the last calendar that I sold on website. And we sold 200 calendars in less than two months. And I have to say it is such it's faster than last year and it couldn't have been possible without all of you and everyone that was part of the calendar Maddie.

All the models hair makeup in South Florida. So really it from the bottom of my heart. I'm speechless. And yes, that means so much to me. So today's episode will be sponsored by the calendar. Thank you again so much. If you're interested in seeing the pictures, I'm not bringing it back. I want to keep it Limited Edition. But next year Make sure to get as soon that's the only thing I gotta tell you.

Now today for our last episode is so sad is the last one. X is not sad that it's the last episode of the year. I mean episode. Yeah, that's the episode of the year, because that means 2021 is coming and we're hoping for new and better things. But this last episode, I have the honor of having Kelly she is a vintage enthusiast and art admirer of photographer enthusiam, a part time photographer, and she works in the healthcare field is an anime fan and enjoys playing the guitar singing and she dances and is beautiful as well.

Instagram is Kelly and Kelly. Yes. Let's give her a warm welcome. How are you doing today, Kelly?

Kelly 2:37

I'm pretty good. Thank you so much. And thank you for having me today and your podcast. Thank You. You. This year has been crazy for you not? well. Absolutely.

Miss Pinup Miami 2:50

But before we get into that I want your photography because I known you I met you, you know, weight loss at the zoo was this year. Wow. Crazy. Right? I didn't know you did photography. Tell me about that. Tell me a little bit about that.

Kelly 3:06

Yes. All right. Um, yes, I do. I love photography of places. Very young age. And actually, like few years after my wedding.

I got into very, like serious into photography, after like, you know, seeing like a lot of work of photography and also, honestly because in my own wedding, the pictures like i was i was like they were beautiful, but I don't know, I felt like there was something missing and I'm like I kind of felt a little sad and nostalgic. I'm like I have seen so many really excellent work out there. And and then I feel like a little bit like, sad inside. And then I thought like oh my god, I wish I was a good photographer. And like anybody that ever referred the brides especially in a wedding that is so important is specific and important date in people's life. To do such a work that like really good work that everybody's like super happy and satisfied. He was good. I'm not saying he was like terrible experience, but I wish us were so that I kind of like put some fire on me to be like, hey, maybe I should like I love photography. And I would like to know a little bit more and study. And then I've been doing that for a few years. And finally a start like when I saw that I have like some knowledge and enough to start photographing. I went for it a few years ago.

Miss Pinup Miami 4:35

And it's a blue Empire photography.

Kelly 4:39

Blue Empire photography as

I name

my favorite color is blue and mean York and I one of my favorite buildings is Empire State Building. So as like, this is the name for

Miss Pinup Miami 4:52

the company. Yes. And you did that because you work it you and you also work in the healthcare field, right?

Kelly 4:57

Yes, I work in one Biggest, keep you busy. Yes. And this, especially this year, I work in one of the biggest hospitals in Miami. And it's been, it's been challenging, but you know, is, it's good to know that, you know, a little bit of you or, or you have the chance to help people or to step up, you know, especially during times, like 2020 with this pandemic, is, it's very gratifying to know that you're there when others probably can't, but you still serve to people. So it's really nice, very rewarding.

Miss Pinup Miami 5:35

And this year has been rough with everybody cuz if you see the title of this episode, I called it the C word, which is COVID COVID hit and everybody's plans everyone's dreams and aspirations for the year, you know, when down the hole, the last event that I had, and that you went to was the, the the Spring Fling at the Gold Coast museum. And that was beautiful night, I was really hoping that COVID will be added here. So we could do it again in February, because I really like that Valentine's vibe, but unfortunately, not not not not just yet. I have What did you think of COVID? When you heard about it, when you heard about this pandemic?

Kelly 6:17

Well, um, from the beginning, I took very serious this COVID thing, even when we didn't know much, we still has a lot of things that we don't know. Definitely. Um, and with yours, I think that's when we're going to really find out and, you know, scientific research is going to tell us exactly, why, you know, this really happened because that there's a lot of barriers there. But still, we don't know what I thought I took it very serious because I started following. Even before he got to the United States, I started following the news and reading a lot and because I'm in the health care system, you know, we kept hearing about, like, a certain dynamic and you know, is is something that is going to be big, but we don't know how bad is gonna be for Halloween is going to be a call serious it is. So I pay attention. And also because I seen what happened with Italy when they started when they closed down in Spain. And but I saw that here was a store, like kind of like, Oh, that's not going to go here. Like, you know, like, everybody was like cheating on us. Right? So so but I

Unknown Speaker 7:31

when I

Kelly 7:32

heard about countries like Spain or Italy closing like, yeah, like England, I'm like, this is no just whatever flu or no, and yeah, it was very scary. And then you know, then everything else happened.

Miss Pinup Miami 7:49

And on a personal note, can you tell I know you got COVID I haven't gotten any COVID. I did have like a weird moment that I thought I had it because some people are. One thing I've learned is a lot about people and the community. You know, a lot of people are not willing to be a team player. I go to work. My boss has a daughter with COVID. And he didn't wear a mask because he doesn't believe that he could get it. Um, so I got tested every three days and he would think I was crazy. Even the people at the testing place thought I was crazy like that they would they thought it was crazy. My boss was thinking I was crazy, because he was saying he was quarantining his daughter, but he really wasn't because they were having dinner together. And then even when you go out to events, people don't have their masks and it's not you know, I don't know, I've really learned that people just are inconsiderate of other people.

Kelly 8:38

Absolutely. It is, um, well,

Unknown Speaker 8:44

I mean,

Kelly 8:46

like, I think like even now like is sometimes unbelievable to me. How how I keep seeing after so many people have died. And after so many have gotten very, very ill how people still don't believe that it's happening. And they don't believe in all those debts they just have or I don't know if it's like a state of denial. Um, because they're too scared that they just prefer to block and believe and they just chose to no believe that something like this is happening and a lot of my 1000s of people line or if it's just that they really don't believe in anything and or they don't care. Like Unfortunately, there's a lot of people that is selfish and they just care about their happiness and enjoying and having, you know a lot of things to do and I understand because I'm, I'm pretty social myself

Miss Pinup Miami 9:53

like my sister is actually a nurse practitioner at a hospital in Miami and see how Seen, she's the one that told me in the very beginning to take this thing really serious because as a nurse practitioner, she saw a lot of people come into the hospital and she was in charge of like the tents outside the hospital with all the COVID patients. And she saw a lot of deaths. And she was telling me tips and tricks, like to prevent it. But again, she didn't know for sure. She was just like, you know, we don't know what's going on. So it's crazy. That's how I first like, I mean, I took it seriously, but that's when I hit it with my sister. Like, she's right there, you know, seeing everything and she was telling me don't do this, where this make sure to do this. So I listened to everything she had to say and I'm sure you working in the healthcare field. Like, you saw a lot of things.

Kelly 10:43

Her Yeah. Yes, absolutely. I mean, especially, um, I was some I, because of my position and exactly what I do, um, I had the chance to see the increase, and No, only guided by the new rules or phase, or whatever online. I saw myself, like in person, like, I work in one of them. medical records, department, records, custodian, and I was I always the good seriously, but when I saw the increase of people coming together COVID results or their relatives, records, or, sadly, a lot of people was coming to request their relatives or young who had passed away because of coli. And then they need the record that a specific record for several reasons, insurance, life insurance policies, for insurance, the health insurance feels like for many, many reasons. And I kept like seeing how they were coming and requesting or requesting and or for themselves, like they just needed to know that because of the work. And I was so scared. I was like, I am actually in contact with all of them. Like, yeah, although we try to keep the six with distance they it's hard because it's so much you can with the mask you know I can hear you they you know, you have to get a little closer sometimes you want to understand them or for them to understand you. And then my work increased leg kind of person that I like, I will get home legs so higher because he was non stop, non stop.

Unknown Speaker 12:41


Miss Pinup Miami 12:43

So, tell me now I'm curious to know, because you're the, you're the closest person that I know that's had COVID be said. Well, personally, not like my boss's daughter, but like, so tell me like about how did you know that you had it?

Kelly 13:06

Well, um, let me start by saying that my COVID experience was very rough. So today, I still struggle with the aftermath of my illness. And all this is started on Well, I'm July 27. I'll never forget, it was a Friday. And I was in the hospital like non stop non stop and everything, everything that happened that week. And then we It was like right after the it was a holiday. I think it was from Fourth of July that it was like a very high wave or infection. Like you know, like just like right now happen after Thanksgiving. It was exactly the same every time there is a big holiday where a lot of people go to the beach or family or party or barbecues. And I had a feeling I was like, Oh my god, like all these people are gonna be possibly they're all gonna be coming together resorts and they're positive. And everything that I was releasing was like positive positive, like one or two out of 10 were negative. And so I was freaking out or whatever you call it a work and I felt very tired that Friday. I feel extremely tired. I was supposed to be with a friend for dinner and I'm glad that I cancel because I cannot say I just finished work but you know what, I'm gonna go I'm gonna go home. I feel tired. I feel like I need to sleep. I'm so extremely, extremely fatigued. And I don't know maybe getting like like like a flu or like cold or you know, or maybe I'm just extremely sad because this week was insane. And yeah at home. Um, I remember getting home and even telling my husband at that moment. Look, I am not going to have dinner. feel extremely tired, I'm just gonna take a shower and get in my PJs go to sleep. And that's pretty much what I read. Um, when I went to sleep, I had a lot of like tension of my neck. That was my first first very first symptom and the tiredness, generally. And when I woke up the next day, I have like already like the body ache, like all my muscles were like sore. It was like if I had gone to work out really really hard some competition in few weeks and, and how workout and do weights or something, but it was like, or a fad run in the Olympics, or no, it was that type of like soreness and pain. And, and then I have a headache. And I had a fever. Then I got in a fever.

Unknown Speaker 15:49

And then dama

Kelly 15:51

when I had a fever, I was like, Huh, no, no now, and I started getting like nervous, but I wanted to believe that Oh, six I was like, no, maybe I just I'm just dying. And maybe, I don't know. Yeah, like I was just a schedule that because in my case, I have a have immunocompromised system, um, and I suffered a connective tissue disorder slash lupus. And I was already been worn several times, like you need to be careful especially you you pretty much have an immune system and if you get this virus This is this could be very bad or be for you. And so when I got a fever, I was very concerned and it kept getting worse all my pain. I had a little bit like I'm, like pain on my throat and the neck thing is so bad that I in that moment I call my boss and I told her look, I'm gonna head to the ER or to the to the daycare, because I either had coffee, or I have I even thought that I have meningitis. I was like, these headache was like my head was gonna explode. It was I sort of headaches, but like that, no, and I was like, I will have meningitis because I have the headache fever and very stiff and really terrible neck pain. Or I got the COVID but since I didn't know how COVID felt, you know, I was like, either or. And I didn't care. And unfortunately, back in the time because it was such a high infection rate in that week. I have to wait for four days before I got my results. And that's when you know finally when I looked and I loved it, it is possible positive and but during those four days, fever some people have a very mild Coby. I didn't have that I had all the symptoms that you have seen out there that people have mentioned. I had him I had a fever, I have a headache. I have the neck pain and have very bad intense back pain. Um, I had a cough. Um, I could you trace things. No, no, I like after like the, let's say, I get tested on Sunday. Like by Tuesday, like pretty much like four days, three to four days after I lost my Yeah, I couldn't smell anything and I couldn't say anything. And I have a stomach problems. And I even develop a rash. I'm certain parts of my body. But again, because I'm immunocompromised and I have these issues like honey, you know, everything is getting combined. I don't know what's gonna happen. And then I start having the cough. And it concern me a lot because in the past I had pneumonia. So and the fever will keep increasing and the fever never went away. He broke my probably like a week after almost nine to 10 days after I had coffee. Like it was nonstop everyday fever. I couldn't sleep, I will cry. And I was extremely worried that you know, yeah, my doctor said I'm gonna sing an order and you go immediately to the ear. I'm meeting your leg, you are not doing good, like your COVID is getting worse. This is no more trivial treatable at home. So I went to the urine, it was admitted. It was really tough when when I get to the hospital, they did a CAT scan and I had by that time I had already developed bilateral pneumonia. I had the pneumonia in both lungs. And my labs were like, the numbers were crazy. It was it was very

Miss Pinup Miami 19:44

scary. What his labs

Kelly 19:47

he was might know my blood work. It was a it was all irregular. I was I was I was I have inflammation, internal inflammation. Um, it was really Bad, my lungs were already getting compromised. And everything was bad. Everything was like really bad, it was very scary, and very emotionally hard. Because once I had to pack to go to hospital, I had my little bad crime, without knowing if I was gonna be able to come back home. That's how scary and how sick I was feeling at that moment. And when my husband took me over the year, he couldn't go in, like, they don't let anybody in. So when he told me if I look at him one more time, because this is the first time that he's gonna see me or that I can see. And he was very, very emotional. He was like, Alright, so physically, it was like, really bad. And then he is, he gives you a really hard time in so many ways that people don't imagine like, you know, had anxiety and depression make us scared of it.

Miss Pinup Miami 21:09

And you were alone with besides only the nurses nobody to visit you, right?

Kelly 21:13

No one there, nobody's allowed our submitted yet deleted, the you know, when they start treating you, but I'm in back in that time, only people who was extremely, really already like bad, like, probably making a ventilator ready could give them medication remdesivir. And, and it was given to them, but it was the hospitals were packed, like the hospital that I was in, was full. So for like they will short supply in the medication. So I couldn't get it. They little medication left of the room discover that they had, they gave it to the patients that have the worst like they were about to die. And so I have to be, I have to get another set of like treatment. But in the meantime, in order to have oxygen.

Miss Pinup Miami 22:11

It was really scary at worst and where you were in

Kelly 22:14

young people who wasn't a ventilator. Thankfully, I didn't have I didn't get my oxygen levels drop drastically. But never to the point to be in a ventilator. Thank God because he had a cousin actually, that wasn't a ventilator, and he didn't make it last like two weeks. He passed away because of COVID. So I was scared. Like, I was extremely, extremely scared like oh my god, I hope I don't have to be in a ventilator because then your chances drop? Yes,

Miss Pinup Miami 22:53

Mike, I can't even I can't even imagine.

Unknown Speaker 22:55


Miss Pinup Miami 22:56

how long were you in there for?

Kelly 22:59

In the hospital? I was admitted for a week. I was admitted for a week and what kept me I must.

Miss Pinup Miami 23:05

It must have felt like forever.

Kelly 23:08

Yes. What kept me going was I was so sick to be in the phone like all the time. But I'm with the very closest my very closest people. I kept in soldier and we pick versus good Very happen when we are in a technology around because I will sell to a conference or video conference. With my mom. My mom was like suffering immensely because she's not even in this country. So she couldn't come even if she wanted. And of course we're closed. It was it was very bad. But my friends and my family kept me going and got

Miss Pinup Miami 23:50

put through how did it How did you When did you know you're feeling better? Did you feel like a day that you woke up feeling better? or How did it How did you get out of it? I guess that's my question.

Kelly 24:02

Yes, um, when I was discharged I didn't I wasn't these charges because I was better. No, no, not at all. I was discharged because actually they explained to me it was so many patients that since I was more stable, they hooked me up to with a machine that actually was like through my fingers. And it was like a wristband and he was like something electronic that measures all my oxygen, my heart rate, my blood pressure very nice. It's actually very easy and it's connected to the phone and that reports is straight to the medical team and the ER. So with that is like you are admitted but treated from home. Because they need a bed they need a bed for people who was critical. So I want they they consider me like us table or another stable to be home. Um, but if anything changes or you can worsen your have to come back then they sent me home but um, I will think that I was really really sick for about a month and a half like a swollen I don't know if it was the medications I didn't know he was Callie. I have problems with circulatory problems like I was getting like blood clots, which was very concerning viral in the hospital, they have to give me like injections in my stomach like very painful. It's like a huge thing. Because I was having problems with blood clots, and they had to make sure to know send me home while I was like that. And once I got home, I don't know what part of the medications or the treatment or the virus Gumby that my face. So it was like really, I was restoring my hands. They were like terrible, and I was coming off reaganomics this is happening to me to go back to the hospital. It was really bad for like, a month and a half really bad then finally start feeling like okay, there is insane. I'm finally a test the negative. But then I have to do have to deal with the aftermath. I have like liver issues, it affected my liver, it affected my kidneys, my lungs, I have to follow up with several specialists on holidays is the row mythologies, my primary doctor, I had six different doctors, in my whole experience, because of different things that affect the like the virus affected or damaged in my body. And yeah, actually, this week is when I after five months, this Monday, that's when I actually was able to get back to work. Um, I was finally given medical clearance to return to work. So I was for five months at home recovering even physical therapy I needed which I'm still going for physical therapy.

Miss Pinup Miami 27:15


I'm speechless.

Kelly 27:19

I'm a fighter. I'm a fighters.

Miss Pinup Miami 27:21

You are a fighter. I admired you even more after this conversation. Yeah, I'm just thinking, you know, it's just so many thoughts like, I don't know, from from you, leaving your husband thinking it's the last time to being in like a hospital not knowing what's gonna happen. And then everything that happened when you left, like, you know, I would have been worried, you know, I'm sure you were worried I'd be worried about leaving, and I still have symptoms, like you said, he kept calling your doctor. But these are the things that you know, I appreciate you so much for sharing this story. Because, you know, people need to hear these stories because they, you know, they don't know, especially that even if you get it, it's not just you get it and it passes like a flu. It could affect you in this way. And it could be like, it could lead to death. You could fight it like we mean you know, you know what I mean? And then it's just it's just it's just like I said, I'm speechless because it's so much that we don't think I mean and you're in your situation like I really don't know how I would have reacted to Yes. Because you know, it's really scary you know,

Kelly 28:35

it's very scary

Miss Pinup Miami 28:38

that you are still here

Kelly 28:39

thing is the unknown you know and and and then the frustration because like with COVID what I feel like or what I think is that you have to deal with with everything at the same time you have to build with the body with the aliens with a virus while you still have it and then after the virus is gone then you still have to deal with the aftermath. But at the same time you have to deal with emotional issues. I suffer anxiety they regularly but with COVID my anxiety was like my pants will shake is like like I have to actually one of my specialties was neurologists because they were trying to see if was affected neurologically because my hands were like no stop shaking. I will have this weird you know what actually I thought that I was cool because we got to like like a free or early menopause but nothing because I got this like if you felt like my thermostat, my internal thermostat broke. I had this heat intense intense heat waves and then I will be very very cold. And also I will swear like it was like two 3am I will have to get up change my PJs because I was soaking in sweat. But he was like these questions that I will ask my husband I was like, did you did you turn the AC off? Like, I can. Like it's flames like I will pray like if somebody equipments I don't know when and turn it on and and and sometimes I still experience that um but he has got embedded but again you have to deal with physical and emotional and also your family and your loved ones because that's another that's another part of it.

Miss Pinup Miami 30:29

Yeah because not only are you going through that your mom's going through it and you're trying to console her because she's your mom and she's not here and then you got your friends and what for you got a lot of space.

Kelly 30:40

He was like, I'm very bad at it. But inside you already knowing God, I'm gonna make it like you know, it's hard. It's hard because you know, then then you never know what other like, like, like my my always my concern with my mom and my son, we couldn't even tell my grandma I I asked my mom, like, I'm asking you to not disclose my illness to my grandma because she's, she's older and she has like heart, you know, issues. And I said like, and I'm like, favorite. So is like, I adore her and she adores me. So like, if my grandma knows that I have COVID she might think something go really bad. And she might have a heart attack or she might. So we didn't tell her until I was out of hospital. And actually like a month after. That's when we told her that I had called me

Miss Pinup Miami 31:32

looking out for your grandma. And that says a lot about you as well. Because most people I mean, I'm not most people, but I would see a lot of people in that situation only care about themselves and Me, me, me. And I really love the fact that you're considerate of your family and your grandma that could get a heart attack and it could be worse. But, you know, it just goes to show that you It's all a team effort, you know, No, you know what I mean? A little give and take you know, you know that you were really bad, but you cared about your family. I really appreciate that.

Kelly 32:07

Thank you. Yeah, but you have to be strong. And also like, you have to convince yourself that you're gonna I mean, although you might be a scare, super scare, but you always have to believe that you are gonna make it and even when you fill in the words you're gonna say no. bouncing back and I'm fighting these I'm battling and I'm gonna win. Even when you are thinking like, no, I feel terrible. And people listen to these, your mind is powerful. Um, but also the support that you have is very, very important. I was freaked out because I didn't want to get my husband's sick and guess what he never we were leaving the same place obviously. He couldn't go anywhere because once no our closest people knew that I had a copy. Well, obviously nobody will tell him like hey, you you know he sucks. So but you know we were very careful. Like I use my mask all the time. He is an edify mask of the time. I was on the second floor he was on the first one it was more isolated. He will bring me the food the medications anything that I try not to touch anything I didn't cook I didn't you know don't touch it was like probably the restroom. And you know, how will this affect like the Lysol spray everything that I was told, even if it was only few things by we were very careful. Like he he tested negative. Yeah, he never got sick. He's strong.

Or luckier?

Miss Pinup Miami 33:37

Are you sure he wasn't messing with the AC?

Kelly 33:45

scaring me more than I already was?

Miss Pinup Miami 33:48

So what? So since you went through all that, you know, would you say like the number one advice to anyone who gets COVID is to positive. I know sounds so cliche, but it's hard. What advice would you give

Kelly 34:01

is hard. Also, that will be like one good thing to try. But it's hard. Because I myself have my moments of doubt. But I just knew that I had to be strong. And everybody's so different. You know, there's a lot of people that is very powerful in your mind are very strong. And there is people who is not that strong. I am one of the ones that are not that strong. So I have to force myself. And that's part of it. But at the end of the day, this virus is very aggressive. So you might be the most positive and some personnel there and he might do his thing and he might just take you. I think my advice actually for people is to, to just like try to not expose yourself like just like not trying not to do things that I know it's hard because it's been a long time. But really, there's a lot of things that people do that they're not necessarily like I have to go to work because I work in a hospital and I wasn't at that. And I will have to clean and I hate my job. So but I also notice that any sort of people that they just just go out, go to restaurants go to see friends go to family barbecues. I understand it's tough to stay home, I am very sociable myself, I know that I like to go out I like to enjoy Ben. Ben plain I knew I love to dance, I love to you know, I love art. But I there is a time for everything. And this is this, this was one of those that you know, like, you have to set your priorities, what is really at what is very important, I could tell you this, I when I returned to my job, and I can obviously for privacy reasons I cannot disclose names, or not even the name of the hospital that I work for. But something very sad happened this week, I have met this lady that she came to her house for medical record and passed away. And she told me she asked me, can you believe crime? You believe we just came from my country to spend Thanksgiving. So it was just for, we can pick up Coby here because of the low

for Thanksgiving. He goes see he got coffee here. And he was admitted and passed away. She was crying, I broke my heart. And she told me she was like, we knew that we couldn't have wait to see our daughter. But he insisted that we were going to be fine that, you know, everything was getting control that scene was already about to be released. You know, he really wanted to see you there because yeah, the holidays for like, a year. And, you know, he really pushed to comment. She was like, No, Tom is like, a my country, we were all the time at home. He took he took care of himself so much with the curve ourselves, like so much. We're so grateful that we came here just for Thanksgiving. And this happened, cry. And I say like, I'm so sorry, I feel sorry. for you and your family, I'm going to keep you in my prayers. You know, just, you know, I think that, you know, things happen this way. And he was happy to see his that was his equation. Unfortunately, like, this is gonna be really tough in the following ways because of the holidays and everything else. But that's what happens. People, I still believe that because less people is getting affected, which is not like that is not true. Because they're like, I'll just go buy this. One is like they're confused. They're confused, 1% with one person. It's no one person. No. And you know, they relax, they relax, and they start doing everything like it was normal. I could tell you from my balcony, I kept seeing all the people in all I live like by the water. So I kept seeing people in the party, like peep like boats full of like, like you could tell like it was like 10 to 1520 people like potty. And it was I was like, why is this people do it. He made me feel really sad and concerned because I'm like, seriously, sometimes I will get upset and frustrated. And very disappointing to people because I have risked my life every day going to work, risking my life, my husband's life. My people around because I'm getting exposed because I have to. I'm a healthcare worker and you know, I do love but you still consider yourself a human being you are about yourself and your family. And then I see this people use that word when everybody was like when we were like in the middle of them. People was partying on them like so you're not working because Your job is not it's not having work. Or maybe you're working through some hours from home. But then you took this time for vacation and relaxing, and partying and socializing and going crazy. Wow. Police officers, doctors, nurses, all the scientific community, people who really has to go out and expose themselves you do it for you, but why are you doing it? Well, I'm working and risking my life for you, like, people like you like and don't care if it was to me was very upsetting so many times.

Miss Pinup Miami 40:35

Hmm. And as a health care worker, have you taken the vaccine?

Kelly 40:40

Not yet. Not yet. Because first of all, I just went back to work Monday. Um, so and the vaccine. They actually came out right this week. So the hospital that I work, but in my case, I have to confirm first with my problem. I have to get okay. I by my rheumatologist and yes, so it's optional is not mandatory. And a lot of people in my coworkers decided to take it, but I think it's going to take it's going to happen next week. I think. Some people already got it this weekend, my hospital. My Chinese New Year that I have to discuss my daughter's just

Miss Pinup Miami 41:35

two weeks ago.

Kelly 41:37

Yes, yes. Yeah. Like, it's a little scary, because, you know, it's like they're like, shoot people, but like, exactly. Once you're in the medical field, your risk is already so much that you know, and I mean, if it's approved, and it's like, if doctors and medical field has taken it and people like you know that okay? He said you should consider big time to take it away. Everybody makes their own decision, but it's a personal decision. But yeah, I see that a lot of people. So most likely time that I'm alone.

Miss Pinup Miami 42:29

I hope I want to take it. I mean, I'm not a priority list of people getting the vaccine, but I would take it when I have the opportunity. So yeah, Kelly, thank you. Thank you so much for sharing this story. I really didn't know everything you went through. Um, I see you in a totally different light. And but really, a really thank you for sharing your story because I reached out to you because I know that your story is was intense, um, but it also will give perspective to the listener. How a real person that went?

Kelly 43:06

Yes, yes, actually during this month, um, and what I wanted to mention to you like um, you know, pig COVID is still out there so people don't don't don't relax because no, even the eve the vaccine is there. This is gonna stay for a long time. But if anyone has a question, um, you know, they can reach people call me or text me. I just wasn't working by myself. Just share what worked for me.

Miss Pinup Miami 44:30

I'll put your your your your information and your Instagram down below in the description so people can reach out to you. Thank you for doing that.

Kelly 44:53

Time to answer any questions or recommendations from any Anyone

Miss Pinup Miami 45:04

how many languages do you speak? To There you go. She's bilingual.

English or Spanish or Spanish Spanish.

Spanglish is a real thing. I Kelly, thank you so much Kelly for sharing. It means so much to me. And I'm so happy that we ended up well before we end this video. I mean, this podcast since it is the last podcast of 2021. We know COVID is not leaving anytime soon completely. Um, what do you have any like New Year's resolutions that you'd like to share?

Kelly 45:49

New Year's resolutions? Wow.

Unknown Speaker 45:55

So many others Why

Miss Pinup Miami 45:57

just one off the top of your head or

Kelly 45:59

resolution? Um, because no one actually because of my experience, like, spicy. eating healthier and more like physical exercise. And actually, I want to do like yoga. Because it helps not only like physically, your spine and all that. But also here. So I think we're getting to that is like, relaxing and is good. And yeah, meditation is good for your growth in all the ways. Yeah. I think that's one of my resolutions exercise and yoga. credibility live a healthier life style.

Miss Pinup Miami 46:55

Now help with the anxiety is what I used to do Bikram yoga, the hot yoga, oh, oh, and it's kind of the first time was easy, not easy. The first time wasn't bad. The second time was hell. And then the rest was really all about mental so you can have to control your breathing and the heat. So it really does, like mellow you out. I felt really good after them, even though I couldn't do all the poses, but it still helped me.

Kelly 47:24

Know It is really good. Like I have a lot of friends that practice and that's one guy, they look so nice and relaxed. And he helps them a lot. I have a lot of back problems. And as you know, like I'm I'm a dancer. I'm not like a famous professional dancer, but I love dancing. And

Miss Pinup Miami 47:45

I study the Venus in my eyes.

Kelly 47:51

So I think it's good. It's good for anyone.

Miss Pinup Miami 47:58

Thank you for sharing event as well. Now I know I said in the last episode that Vivian was my guest, but I got the episodes confused. I had Kelly today. But next week to start off the year. I'm bringing back Vivian and we're gonna talk about New Year's resolutions and our little wrap up of 2021. We didn't want I didn't want to wrap it up at the end of 2021. Because what if something happens in a week this year so crazy.

Kelly 48:27


Miss Pinup Miami 48:28

anything might happen. But thank you, Kelly. I hope to catch you all next week. On Wednesday. Make sure to like and subscribe and I love you all and Happy New Year.

Kelly 48:42

Thank you