Weighing in on Size Inclusivity featuring Midge Munster - PINNED Podcast: Episode 37

Weighing in on Size Inclusivity featuring Midge Munster - PINNED Podcast: Episode 37

Did you ever want to do something (it can be YouTube, Pinup or dancing)but didn't feel prepared? Join Midge Munster and I as we talk about just getting started - you will never feel ready but even if you are there is so much to learn and grow from.

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Campy, cooky, glamorous and spooky! Midge Munster is a proudly plus size pinup with a flair for the strange and unusual.


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Episode Transcript

Miss Pinup Miami 0:03

Good day and welcome back to the pin podcast on episode number 37. At the pin podcast, we talk about modern topics with a vintage flair. I'm your host Pinup Miami. And if it's your first time listening to the podcast, welcome, I hope that you stay. And if you're a returning listener, I love you guys so much. Thank you so much for listening for your text for your questions for our guests. I appreciate it so much, so much more than you can think of if you're not following us on Instagram, the handle is a pinned podcast official, or mine is Pinup Miami, and you could also send us a text to 183348 pinup.

Today's episode, I just want to make one announcement of the pinned calendar applications are still open. So if you're willing to come to South Florida and become a model, a panel for a day and be part of the pink calendar, it's my baby project that I work in all year. This year I'll be making all the outfits you don't need any experience hair and makeup what we done those photographer so just apply at the pin calendar calm and I look forward to your application. Today we're gonna take it back to like glamour Halloween times. I even brought out if you're watching us on YouTube. I brought out my decor from my room says glamour girl because we have a glamour girl in the house as she's a YouTuber a plus size pinup model. A vintage glamour girl. Her name is Mitch monster. How are you? I am great. How are you doing? I'm doing great. I even was tempted to put on green lights for you. Oh yes.

How did you get the name um, I wanted to put together kind of a name that just explained who I was. And I've always been a big fan of the show the monsters and Maryland monsters character who was kind of pretty on the outside the spooky on the inside. And I feel like that was really who I am as a person. And Mitch came from the marvelous Mrs. nasal because she's a funny woman and I'm a funny woman. And I kind of smush two things together that I felt like just told the story of what I what it is I do here. Are you secretly a stand up comic?

Midge 2:20

I actually. Yeah, I used to do a lot of comedy and improv. I don't so much anymore since I've been working stiff. But I do really enjoy doing comedy. Yeah. Hey, you never know you could go back to it. Hopefully I would love to be so fun. You should have a cameo in marvelous Miss Mazal you come out. I would plot study.

Unknown Speaker 2:46

be amazing.

Miss Pinup Miami 2:47

So tell us a little bit about yourself. You started while your YouTube really went off last year.

Midge 2:52

Ah, it took off out of nowhere. And

thank you if you're one of my amazing people watching this or listening to this. Yeah, I so I had been on YouTube for probably three and a half years or more and doing vintage stuff, you know, hair and thrifting and that kind of thing. And I think I was really trying to

fit a mold of you know, kind of these other really elegant fun like cute sweet pinups, which are amazing people, but it's also just not who I am. And I think I had an idea of what a pinup was. And I was really trying to be that person. And then actually, during quarantine, there was this trend that went around it was called quarantine a ween in March, it was like the halfway to Halloween mark and a bunch of people on Instagram, were you know, dressing up and putting up their Halloween decorations just for something to make them happy while they were in lockdown. And of course, I hopped on that train faster than I've ever jumped on anything in my life. And I made a Halloween video for my youtube channel in March. And people really liked it. And I had so much fun, I had more fun making that video than I had had in three years doing YouTube. And so I kind of took a step back and reevaluate it and was like, You know what, maybe I need to be being true to myself making the content I want to make. And so I started doing like Halloween decor hunting videos and things like that all through the summer. And it just, it blew up overnight. I mean, I say blew up. It's I think I've got like 7000 people but you know, when I started with 300 and went to like 17 Yeah, it was over a couple of months. And I was like, okay, sweet. So I feel like I found my niche now. And I love it. I love it so much.

Miss Pinup Miami 4:41

And the best part is that you're yourself.

Midge 4:43

Yeah, are you I'm friendly. I'm just being my truest me which is all we can all we can do, right? Yeah.

Miss Pinup Miami 4:52

Go. Have you ever had like what what has been your favorite Halloween costume that you've done? Oh, man.

Midge 5:00

Ah, I really loved oh dang, I've had so I mean, man probably I mean from when I was like a kid I really used to dress up as Jessie from Toy Story which I love. And I am I am a bottle redhead but any like redheaded character I like when is Fiona from Shrek I wanted to be a redhead so bad when I was a kid. Now later in my life, but yeah, in the last few years, my husband and I went to Sweeney Todd a couple years, like so. A couple years after we started dating, and I made those costumes. That was really really fun. I liked that one.

Miss Pinup Miami 5:43

Oh, that's amazing. I love um, I do the same thing. Well, now that I have yellow hair, I always styled my hair like characters with my hair color. Like when I go to dapper day. I'll do like a Tinkerbell inspired.

Midge 5:56

Yeah, well, because you have the best hair on the internet. By the way. I probably started following you like two and a half years ago or so. And I remember the first picture I saw of you and I was like the hair mama the hair. Oh, it's like a beacon calling out to all of us.

Miss Pinup Miami 6:17

During quarantine, I really let my in between routes going through but people know. I'm not a natural headlight. No, but that's a that's why I started doing workshops about three years ago. I'm just teaching hands on. I don't do professional hair makeup. But I love teaching people how to do it in real life.

Midge 6:41

Yeah, that's when you clearly know what you're doing the proof in the pudding or in the victory role, I should say.

Miss Pinup Miami 6:47

A little side hustle here. So you mentioned the vintage community that they're very, I've noticed a change. I've been in Pinal for a long time. I've noticed a change that everything is going a little more glam. I don't know. Yeah, same way.

Midge 7:04

Definitely. Definitely. Yeah, people are very much trending more. Well, two things kind of that old Hollywood glamour. And then like the kind of Jane Austen II cottage core vintage, like the more historic Regency vintage. And yeah, but I, when I got started, and I'm sure when you got started, it was a lot more catchy and rockabilly.

Miss Pinup Miami 7:27

Yeah, that's what I love. And I love pinstriping and like rock and swing dancing, driving. But yeah, I noticed such a shift. And then I don't understand. I mean, I understand it, because glamour is timeless. And we both could dress up glam. I know.

Midge 7:46

Yes, we can do it, we can do it more. But there's

Miss Pinup Miami 7:48

like a divide in some circles that people Oh, you only could be one way or you could be this way. And I feel like you could be both.

Midge 7:57

Yeah, the vintage community can be very, it's very strange, because it's in some way so inclusive. And I mean, I think that's an I may be speaking out of turn here for both of us. But I mean, that's kind of why I came here is because my body doesn't look like other peoples and I felt welcomed by this style and the people and I've never felt like I had to be anything else here. But then there are a lot of purists, I think about what

Unknown Speaker 8:25

the word.

Midge 8:26

Yeah, what the word pinup means what the word vintage means. Yeah, there's definitely some people who like if you didn't actually buy it from a 1950s warehouse than you.

Miss Pinup Miami 8:43

And I've seen that I've had girls that come to my meetup. Well, before quarantine, they'll be like, I can't go because I don't have a vintage dress. I'm like, Girl, there's people that come in jeans and a T shirt rocking it and just because they love this, they haven't seen passion you don't need

Midge 9:01

Yeah, and I think there's definitely a you know, kind of a thought that you have to spend a lot of money and like be like, you know, look perfect all the time. And like that. I don't, I don't know, I've never felt that pressure. I think it you know, it just it comes kind of as you as you go, I started very basic. I had like, address and like some scarves that I wrapped in my hair. And I was like

Unknown Speaker 9:29

I'm a pinup now.

Miss Pinup Miami 9:32

That's all you need. And that little bit of confidence is a great

Midge 9:36

attitude. It's the attitude.

Miss Pinup Miami 9:38

I think it's just people when you first start, it's intimidating. I feel like it's just grown a little more now. And it's intimidating and I just think people just need to relax and just start off with a scarf and a skirt and

Midge 9:52

put on some red lipstick or whatever Coco Chanel said.

Miss Pinup Miami 9:56

And I agree with what you said about implicit oh my gosh, English inclusivity Oh my god, I can't say the word

Unknown Speaker 10:04


Unknown Speaker 10:05


Unknown Speaker 10:06

that, that.

Miss Pinup Miami 10:09

That's another reason why I got into the pinup communities because the skirts were very flattering. And that's why I started sewing because I couldn't go to the thrift store and get true vintage. So I just started out doing my own stuff. But you do you make stuff.

Midge 10:22

I do. I so I'm, I'm very, I'm a novice seamstress I, I work well, I used to be very good. I worked in a costume shop. My background is in theater. And I worked in a costume shop for several years. And it was like some of the best years of my life Honestly, I love that even just for plays and stuff. So historical, and made a lot of like really cool. Like Regency garments and Victorian and Georgian of cool stuff. Wow. And I mean, I really enjoyed that. Sometimes more than acting, which was like my, my passion, you know, but I really found a love for sewing doing that. And then I kind of fell out of it when I graduated college, and I've just been lost. This is one of my goals for this year is to get back into it. And I've started sewing again and I I do love it so much.

Miss Pinup Miami 11:14

Yeah, you can match. You could do more costumes and match all your videos and

Midge 11:22


Miss Pinup Miami 11:23

Yeah, that's what I do. I'm actually now trying to figure out how to either sell my stuff but then you love them because you made them. Yeah. Or how to store them because during quarantine my boyfriend moved in and I had to give them one of my closets. Yes. I'm working on that.

Midge 11:42

My husband learned his lesson he he doesn't have a closet anymore.

Miss Pinup Miami 11:46

Ah, that's what I have to do. I gotta tell

Midge 11:49

he's got a couple really nice dressers.

Miss Pinup Miami 11:52

I'll give him all my dresses. I don't really use my dresses just for like, I just have a drawer of hair flowers. I'll just hang them up. Girls hang them up really cute on I have ribbons. Yeah, that's the way that's adorable. Have you had any like body shaming when you started doing YouTube? Or?

Midge 12:14

surprisingly not. And I don't know if I'm just not big enough yet. For the whole I'm plenty big. Let's be clear, but I'm not at that level yet where people are coming after me. But I I've never really yeah, in the vintage community. I've never really experienced anyone specifically coming at me about my weight. But I think too, that, you know, part of that is just being comfortable with it at this point. Like I I think I got called fat more when I was thin because I was insecure about my body than I do now. Because I'm, I'm fine with it. It's like what are you going to say?

Miss Pinup Miami 12:55

That's interesting. I never heard you like plain out like that. Yeah, I

Midge 12:59

mean, like when I was, you know, maybe 165 pounds. I think I had more people make comments about my weight then. Just because I think I was showing that I was afraid of being called fat. And now I'm like, I know I'm fat. You don't have to tell me like

Miss Pinup Miami 13:19

that family supportive.

Midge 13:21

Yeah, yeah. I mean, you know, my, I think we, you know, just the time we grew up into it was a time that was very, I mean, first of all for female identifying people in general it has always been an issue you know, that we're made to feel like we have to be fed.

Miss Pinup Miami 13:39

Well, that's why I asked you about family cuz growing up and my family. I've always been the big girl. Yeah, in my family. It was always seem terrible. To this day. It's seen as terrible. I'm one time. Sorry. I'm digressing from your ends. Oh, no. But one time I thought I made dresses for a fashion show. And I invited my parents they didn't want to go then they finally came. And at the end of the show my dad he said it in Spanish because they only speak Spanish but he goes Oh, I thought this was a fast show for fat women. I was like is that All you think about is like I have big

Midge 14:16

goals and you can leave

Miss Pinup Miami 14:21

all like I'm not inviting him ever again.

Midge 14:23

Oh my goodness. Yeah. No, I mean, I wouldn't say supportive as the word. I mean, I think my mother struggled with her weight her whole life and she was worried that I would go through the same thing she went through and I think it really came from a place of love. But she did talk a lot about weight not not not even necessarily my weight but just weight a lot in general. And I actually wasn't a big child. I was very thin. I was a dancer. I was. I mean I was pretty. I was always big like tall and big bone but I wasn't ever heavy. Until All later, and, you know, puberty. And I think I probably started yo yo dieting when I was like 11. And just out of that seed in my head that had been planted that said, like, you need to not let yourself be fat. And I mean, and then I just spent years, years and years and years being less happy than I could have been. And it makes me really sad. Now, when I look back at pictures of myself from that time, and I was like, I wasn't big, I wasn't big. But like, I was so obsessed with the fact that I thought I was huge. And I spent so much time thinking like fat was the worst thing you could be. And then college happened, and I, you know, I've got some medical stuff and what have you and I gained like 65 pounds in a year. And I really like, thought my life was over, for lack of a better word, and like I but then it happened. And nothing happened. Like nothing changed. You know, I my friends still loved me, my, my family still loved me, my husband, and now now husband or boyfriend at the time still loved me. Like, I was still booking gigs. I was still like, I was still me, I was just taking up more space. And I think in a weird way, gaining all that weight was the best thing that ever happened to me. Because it like freed me from that mindset. And then suddenly, I wasn't afraid to take up space anymore, you know, and now at my heaviest, I'm happier now than I have ever been. And I really think that the like, becoming fat kind of freed me from the prison of diet culture and thinking that I had to be something on your confidence. Yeah, I mean, I'm just I'm, I'm so happy now that I can just I used to hate looking at myself in pictures. And I'm like, why? Like now I see myself. I'm like, Damn, cute. Like,

Miss Pinup Miami 17:08

we need to make a mirror that has you in the reflection so that you could just type up all the girls like Yeah, that would be cool. But it's amazing to hear that it's like the remote. Most people would think it's all a mental game. Most people will think that when you're skinny, you'd be your happiest because you're skinny. But it's I love hearing that story because it's not it wasn't just about the it's not about the weight. It was more about finding your confidence. Yeah, just so happens to be the opposite of what you thought about girl.

Midge 17:41

No, absolutely. And I think like a lot of times like I said we make ourselves prisoners in our own mind thinking that we can only be this one thing and that's the only way people will accept us. And it's just not the case like if you own who you are at any weight you know any anything any gender race like anything you own who you are and bring it competently people respond to that. And I I just I don't know, it's exhausting. It's it's not worth the energy to try to pretend to be something you're not.

Miss Pinup Miami 18:16

Now look at you glowing smiling every time you have your videos. You're always like, you could feel that confidence through the screen.

Midge 18:24

Yeah, I mean, yeah, I am. I'm happy. I'm very happy now. I think it's, you know, everybody listening, stop apologizing for taking up space in this world in any way. Whether it's physically mentally, you know, women who are loud, be loud, like, just stop apologizing. Because at the end of the day, like, like I said, I spent so much time being less happy than I could have been. And why like don't do that to yourself be happy now.

Miss Pinup Miami 18:55

Well said ditto.

Midge 18:59


Miss Pinup Miami 19:00

cosine and Pinup Miami. So, Mitch, do you have any future projects that you're working on that you could or any like video ideas, you could sneak peek? And

Midge 19:13

yes, I'm actually working on a very exciting collaboration right now. It's been many, many months in the making. And it's speaking of sewing actually. And so like I said, one of my goals for myself this year was to get back into sewing and one of the things I wanted to do was to kind of challenge myself to recreate outfits from some of my favorite television shows in a row like on a plus size body. And one of those shows that I really really love is called Pushing Daisies. Oh my gosh,

Miss Pinup Miami 19:46

I love that. I'm crazy when I say that show that it's like musical and I had the girlfriend wiki that was like

Midge 19:54

it was the best show was only on for like two seasons. I've owned it on DVD since I was like 12 I love that show got canceled after a couple seasons didn't get its due at all. If you don't know the show, it's about a, it's just the most aesthetic. I mean, you can attest to this like it's a static show ever. It's beautifully shot. And it's about a pie maker who has the ability to touch people who are dead and bring them back to life. But he can only bring him back to life for a minute. And then he has to touch them again. So they go back to being dead or somebody else has to take their place. And then he can never touch them again if they're like, alive. And so he ends up like touching his childhood sweetheart who is found dead and he can't bring himself to put her back so they can never touch again. And he's just living his life with his dead childhood sweetheart and it's adorable. And the woman has a sweetheart Her name is Charlotte Charles or Chuck and all her fashion is very vintagey very vintage II I like I blame that show for my first like whisperings of the vintage like oh my God, this the colors and the hair and the the designs and oh my gosh. And so I really wanted to recreate some of her outfit some of chucks, outfits. And I had posted something about this on Instagram, and a another lovely plus size pen up Jen at a vintage vanity. And who is also a pretty good, has a pretty huge presence on YouTube. Actually. She reached out to me and was like, Oh my god, I love that show.

Can we work on this together. And so Jen and I are doing a Pushing Daisies collaboration right now, that'll come out probably about a week after you guys are listening to this. So keep an eye on that because it is we're doing vintage takes on some of the different outfits from that show. And it's gonna be really, really fun.

Miss Pinup Miami 21:54

Make sure you guys follow her at Mitch monster on YouTube.

Unknown Speaker 21:57


Miss Pinup Miami 21:59

Oh my gosh, I'm so excited to see that.

Midge 22:02

I'm excited. I'm also extremely intimidated because Jen is like a pro seamstress. And I'm like, just just getting back in the saddle. And I was like, yeah, I'll make a whole dress. That seems like a great idea.

Miss Pinup Miami 22:17

I believe in you could do it. You have the motivation with the show and the collaboration, you're gonna pull it through and make something incredible.

Midge 22:24

I think I think it's gonna be really fun. It's going well so far. So let's see.

Miss Pinup Miami 22:30

Alright, so I have a couple questions that were sent to me on Instagram. What is one thing you wish you had known before you started YouTube?

Midge 22:42

I wish someone had told me to get my rear end gear and just do it. Honestly, and that's my advice. Anytime somebody asks me like, what my advice is, we're starting a YouTube channel, do it, you're always going to have things you wish were better. You're going to wish you had a better camera. Wish you had better sound equipment, better lights, better editing software, it never stops. And even now, with the upgrades I've made in the last two years, I still have things I wish I was better at. I mean, I'm completely self taught. I didn't know how to edit a video when I started doing YouTube. But you're never going to get any better unless you start doing it. And, you know, it's like, yeah, sure I watch things I made three years ago and I cringe. But I, I I wouldn't trade it. You know, like you you learn and you grow and you find who you are along the way. And I think you know, I just wish someone would have been like, just do it. Just if you want to do it, do it because you could have been doing it all this time and having fun and you Why didn't you do it? That's the theme of the podcast. You could have been happier all this time. Just do what you want to do live your dreams. That's how

Miss Pinup Miami 23:56

I was when I podcast I started with just my cell phone.

Midge 24:00

Yeah. Ba is this by the way,

Unknown Speaker 24:02


Midge 24:04

you're rocking it. I love that you have a podcast. This is something I like wish I had the skills for this is so cool.

Miss Pinup Miami 24:10

This is when I say Just do it. Spooky podcast. Oh my god, they're full podcast with me.

Midge 24:17

I do all the ways actually. I'm all the guests. I just do different voices. Today we're talking to a British ghost. I'm like, oh no my

Miss Pinup Miami 24:28

stories. My boyfriend loves listening to like this podcast. I forgot the podcast name that it's literally just storytelling. And it could be different voices. There you go.

Midge 24:38

That's true. That's true.

Miss Pinup Miami 24:40

Next, I have here your favorite horror movie, I'm sure.

Midge 24:45

Yeah, I guess it kind of depends on like sub genre within horror.

Miss Pinup Miami 24:51

Go for a campy horror, Hampi or Yeah,

Midge 24:54

I mean, I love a slasher film. I love I love the original Halloween. I love screens. Yeah, I love Evil Dead if you want something really campy as far as classics Bride of Frankenstein hands down, just like good old g base horror classic.

Miss Pinup Miami 25:15

I love Hellraiser. Oh, Nightmare on Elm Street

Midge 25:21

A fun fact my uncle Mark Patton is Jesse in the second Nightmare on Elm Street. The main the main character in that movie so I like I grew up on that franchise because my family is of the of the world of Elm Street.

Miss Pinup Miami 25:40

That's all I was about to say. People don't know this about me because they see like all my colorful pinup stuff, but my back room has a 50s diner, but the rest of it is all my horror memorabilia. So I have ever England with like the from America lesson. That's why I have that because somebody gifted it to me.

Unknown Speaker 26:00

Oh my gosh.

Miss Pinup Miami 26:02

And then I have mannequins and skeletons. It's just weird, but it's cute.

Midge 26:06

We're like, you're you're one of us. You're coated in sugar, but you cut it open. It's just pure Gore.

Miss Pinup Miami 26:12

Yes. What are your top three shopping stores for vintage slash repro.

Midge 26:20

Ooh, okay. Well, locally, I have a shop in town called retro vixen. I'm going to give them a shout out because you can also shop with them online. And they are my they're my ladies. They're my ride or die. I bought my first vintage dress vintage style dress at their store when I was in high school and never looked back. And they're very size inclusive, which I've always appreciated. And as far as brands like shopping online vixen by Michelin Pitt who I'm wearing today, and one of my all time favorites and she does lots of kooky spooky things as well which I you know, obviously I print awesome. Oh, they're so good. And the sizing is just so tasty. And she also has a sister company called La Femme en Noir. I shop all their stuff as well. And then probably like hell bunny I guess they have really good Really I just anything size inclusive hell bunny retro delicious. sourpuss like if you want fun printed rockabilly, good time dresses. that's those are the places to go.

Miss Pinup Miami 27:24

And like summer posts, I've never tried a vixen. Vintage vixen.

Midge 27:29

Mama, you would look so good and everything they do. You got to do it. Have to try. I

Miss Pinup Miami 27:34

haven't tried that one.

Midge 27:37

And if you're listening, please sponsor me. I'm your biggest fan.

Unknown Speaker 27:42

I tell everyone

Miss Pinup Miami 27:44

to be a guest and then I'll drop your name.

Unknown Speaker 27:48

Like Mitch will not shut up about you.

Miss Pinup Miami 27:52

What is your favorite makeup palette?

Midge 27:55

Ooh. Oh, here we go. You're ready.

Miss Pinup Miami 27:58

It's right there. It's a better reach.

Midge 28:01

So I just got this I did a YouTube video with it. Actually, this is the melt cosmetics recently deceased Beetlejuice palette.

Miss Pinup Miami 28:10

I like their eyeshadows Yeah.

Midge 28:13

Yeah, it's a it's all just like spooky greens and purples. And I love it. I'm actually i'm not i wasn't I was never a big eyeshadow girl. And just like this last year, I think because of the masks because lipsticks always been my go to. And so I think like with wearing a mask, I was like, Oh, I gotta I gotta do something up here to make it pap. And so I bought a whole bunch of eyeshadow. And now that's a thing I do,

Unknown Speaker 28:40


Miss Pinup Miami 28:42

Do you have any tips for thrifting and being plus size?

Midge 28:47

Ooh, it's rough. I mean, there's just no way around that. And I'm sure you know, too. Like it's just rough

Miss Pinup Miami 28:52


Unknown Speaker 28:54

Yeah. Yeah.

Midge 28:56

But I think Be on the lookout for Well, I guess you know, first of all, learn to sew please do it. Just do it. Learn to even if it's just a tailor and mend, like learn learn basics of selling. And then be on the lookout for things that are really big that you can like make look cool. Like there's a lot of kind of like 80s does. 40s 80s does 50s kind of stuff out there, which it's more like sack shaped than the 50s and 40s. But you can taper like the waist and things very easily and make some really cute vintage style dresses out of things that are kind of ugly.

Miss Pinup Miami 29:36

My tip I always tell like girls to look at the mother of the bride like on poshmark or eBay. And I've got an incredible things for like the Art Deco weekend and yeah, especially if you do like what you do, like if you are, you know doing a lot of pinup contests and things. Yeah, that's a great way to find gowns for stuff. I love them. So I'm over the contest. I just hosted Now

Midge 30:02

you got that gig, you just get to stand there and look beautiful and talk.

Miss Pinup Miami 30:08

I will one day maybe one day I all my friends want me to try to go to Viva Las Vegas.

Midge 30:12

Girl, I'm trying to go this year or they moved it to my birthday weekend. And I'm like, well

Miss Pinup Miami 30:21

have a cocktail night and then you do like stand up.

Unknown Speaker 30:25

Oh my god.

Miss Pinup Miami 30:26

We'll do our own.

Unknown Speaker 30:29

We're gonna pay to watch that. I'm sure you can host

Miss Pinup Miami 30:35

a host and I'll bring you on stage.

Midge 30:37

And then you could like blew me off when it's when it's really rusty.

Miss Pinup Miami 30:41

No, no, just go everyone out. Hi, do you have any questions for me?

Midge 30:50

For you? All of them. I mean, I guess just, I, this is our first time interacting like IRL, which is crazy because I feel like I've been aware of you for so long. But like what well, first of all, what is the pinup scene like, in my I feel like you guys have a great like vintage scene. I live in a I live in a Midwestern state. I am one of like eight vintage women in this whole damn city.

Miss Pinup Miami 31:21

Well, the scene down here is with a pinup scene more specifically is not that big. Really? No, I would like to think that I helped bring it out. Because I've had pin South Florida, which is a meetup group. We're open to anyone and everyone I started it, it will be four years this year. And it's really brought different people that love cars, you know, women or the style, but they never really had a place to go. So I just created events and they would come and then it grew into people being like, Okay, I'm ready. When's the next one? Um, let's dress up. And then last year before the pandemic I was at one of my dream events to always do was like a rockabilly prompt. But I wanted it to be like, in the evening, very glam because we never got to wear gowns, you know, the Gold Coast Museum, which is a historical trade museum down south er than me by the zoo. If you're from South Florida, they have like amazing vintage trains. And they reached out to me to do an event and I said, we're doing this prom I've always wanted to do.

Unknown Speaker 32:27


Midge 32:29

I have a rockabilly prom in Kansas City, like years and years and years ago. But it's it was hosted by one of the radio stations in town. But it's been it's been probably five years or more since they did those and was

Miss Pinup Miami 32:40

a lot of fun. Yeah. Yes, I just like putting on events and bringing people together. And when they see me dressed up, it all started because people would see me dressed up and they were like, Oh, I wish I could dress like you. And I'm like, you could dress have this however you you can dress however you like anytime.

Midge 32:56

Stop being less happy than you can.

Miss Pinup Miami 32:58

Exactly. And but I gave people that push. And I'm like, we need an excuse. Well, every Sunday, you could find me here. And we're doing a brunch. And so the consistent thing was a brunch every Sunday for because of the pandemic was the first time I didn't have one. But because I just want to say yeah, every Sunday I'm like, No, no, no, I stopped. Yeah. And yeah, it's been a great experience. And I've met so many women, like I said earlier, like people come in jeans and a T shirt. It's just about loving the community. I really think I've built a community here that is very, um, that word I can't say.

Midge 33:39

Yes, no, absolutely. And that's, I mean, at the end of the day, I think that's what it's I mean, that's why I do YouTube. That's what it's all about is finding, you know, finding your community. Like, I I'm sure you're the same way I don't do this because I want like attention or applause or anything. I just, I wanted to find other people who love what I love and have conversations about it. And here we are having a conversation about you know, I don't think I have any bigger regrets in my life. Like, you know, all those things, like right before the pandemic that you were like, Huh, next year, and now you're like, why didn't I do that? The Nashville Boogie. I think it was.

Unknown Speaker 34:20

It was in my head. The

Midge 34:22

one it was like the Ron x and B 52. Like, it was all the like, the good. And I wanted to go so bad. And I was like, oh, like I just started a new job, blah, blah, blah, like I'll go next year. And now like never again. Will I say like I'll regret it next time. Yeah, never again. We're only we're going all out from here on out.

Miss Pinup Miami 34:47

And I love it. So let everyone know how they can reach you. I know your YouTube. Monster Instagram Mitch monster. You make it really easy.

Midge 34:55

Yes, everything's Mitch monster. You can find me Instagram, YouTube. What else? Yeah, and if you if I may, I'm gonna do a shameless plug I also run a size inclusive of vintage boutique online. It's called the beehive KC. And so if you want to buy clothes like I wear that is where you can find them at the beehive. acx.com and we're on Instagram also at the beehive KC mo

Miss Pinup Miami 35:27

I thank you so much for being on my podcast. It means so much to me. pleasure.

Midge 35:33

Thank you for having me. This was so fun and it's good to talk about things again. It's been so long since I've been able to talk about vintage or pinup or anything. This is great.

Miss Pinup Miami 35:42

Well, anytime you have any topic you just want to vent you know, just reach out to me. I love it. The next week I have a designer. It's Alexis from Ames and elk style house. She will be joining in and your face opens.

Midge 36:00

I woke up closer so beautiful.

Miss Pinup Miami 36:04

Well she will be in next week. She's very she's size inclusive. She does custom dresses uses amazing fabrics. And I love her sweaters.

Unknown Speaker 36:12


Midge 36:13

they did a really cute dress last year that had like beetles all over it and I wanted it really bad.

Miss Pinup Miami 36:19

I modeled her I modeled for her clothes on Viva East two years ago. I already got my mirrors messed up. Yes, she is going to be on the show next week. So make sure you tune in next Wednesday. Make sure to subscribe if you're watching on YouTube, on Apple podcast, Spotify anywhere and if you could rate the podcast, it's a free way to help me out and I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you all and your your next week. You listen to us next bye



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