Girl Boss Magic! with Niky from Magic Paratus- PINNED Podcast: Episode 27

Girl Boss Magic! with Niky from Magic Paratus- PINNED Podcast: Episode 27

Joining in from the "Isla de Encanto" also known as Puerto Rico - we Nicky (@magicaparatus) join in as we chat about mental health during Covid, Disney, Magic, & MORE! This episode really opened my eyes to issues that I have never experienced and I hope you also take the time to listen and open your mind to them.

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Episode Transcript

Miss Pinup Miami 0:02

Hello, and welcome to episode number 27 of the PINNED podcast. I'm your host Pinup Miami and here's the PINNED podcast we talk about modern topics with a vintage flair. If it is your first time listening and thank you for clicking on this podcast, I hope that you stay and subscribe. And if you're coming back, welcome. It's such a pleasure to have you back. And thank you so much for listening in. Make sure that you follow the pin podcast on Instagram at the pin podcast official or on my personal brand of Pinup Miami. And if you have any questions, any issues any topics you want to cover or want to be a guest on the podcast, please send me a text to 183348 pinup and I will get right back to you. Now today's episode is brought to us by Phil Luna millenary she does custom head pieces that are vintage inspired. her Instagram is I feel Luna Miami she's an artist based in Miami. She does bright artwork, earrings, bangles purses, all hand painted,

and head pieces not to make it yours. Make it yours today is for the guests that we have today. But make sure to check out her Instagram at Luna millenary. And she nlb on the description down below. She even does make handmade like orders custom orders. for Halloween, she created a King Kong inspired like art deco headpiece that I work for one of my costumes, and it was amazing. And it even has little airplanes that flew around if you move your head. So make sure to check her out. I have the her link down below. And then today, our guest is very special and also a Disney fan of yours if you're listening to us on YouTube or watching us on YouTube. Her name is Nikki, you can find me on Instagram magic. Paradis. How did you get that name? Oh.

Niky 2:01


you know, when when you decide to be a blogger, and you're like, I need a name that will bring people here. So that was the magic part. And then I'm a huge Gilmore Girls fan.


it's amazing, and you can start anytime now. It's on Netflix.

And they have a go I don't. Okay, so boilers. There's a secret society and is called in. Well, actually, the secret society, I won't tell you the name. Okay. But they have a saying in that in that secret society. And it's in Omnia para tus, which means ready for anything. So paratus is a loving word, word. And it means like ready always, like always ready. So magic. Like always magic is what I want to say kind of.

But it's been difficult for some people, they know that I'm a Harry Potter fan. So sometimes they say apparatus, like,

like a bell or something like that. Or and then you know, it got confused. So I've been with it for two years now. And I don't feel that I should change it because it's part of my my brand and my personality. But sometimes I'm like, I should have chosen something easier. You know. So that's one of the tips that I always tell people when they asked me when you have a name it has to be simple. It has to be something that people will remember right away. So

that's it. I remember your name I just was curious because I thought it was maybe because you you you also you also have a podcast. You also might hear and I thought like your name was badass boost sounds like my Oh.

First This came first but is the podcast. So love Yeah, is because of magic Paradis. So everything about magic, like, um, since like when I started socializing with other woman, this is like a new thing. Not new new, but you know, when I got out of my shell of being afraid of having girlfriends, you know,

the woman always said that I was like magical. That was like a thing that they would tell me that I was so magical or like, and it was not to tell me that I was a freak.

Unknown Speaker 4:44

Most of the time, you know, like I was weird or different. So they said you that you're magical. So that's why I took the magic and then because I wanted my pockets to be in Spanish then I did the mahiya part but I think magic

Unknown Speaker 5:00

Mr. Here, that word is so strong, and you can use it in so many ways that I think that's why I love it on me. You know, especially if they describe me like that magical. Disney is the most magical place. So magic and you and that's, and I love it because you love Disney as well. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 5:24

So tell me about your experience. Being a girl boss, we about your experience that you had when you had your business, uh, when, like when you felt like you were a girl boss and what it means to you.

Unknown Speaker 5:38

So I think when we're little girls, they, like you never see like, you'll never saw a woman being in that position of giving orders and being their own boss, and doing amazing things without having to, to give explanations to other people. And I think it came with my, it started with my mom. So my mom has her her own business since she was in her 20s

Unknown Speaker 6:13

in the beach, and it was started as a hot dog car. So she used to sell hot dogs in the beach. And when I was 1415, she told me, you want to make money, come work with me, you know, and people in my school, I was in high school at that age because I was like,

Unknown Speaker 6:37

at dance. So somebody figured out that I was that I was selling hotdogs, so they started calling me later. And that embarrassed me so much. You know, it was it wasn't something glamorous or anything. So I I like lied. Well, I did two things, I stopped working with my mom for a little bit because I was embarrassed. And to my husband now when he was my my friend. I told him that I worked at Subway.

Unknown Speaker 7:12

Because in my head for me working at Subway was better than than being

Unknown Speaker 7:19

like a hotdog seller in and that was my first experience as a girl Boss, I would say looking at my mom and she making it by herself right now. She's not only she still have that business, but she doesn't sell hotdogs anymore. She sells like a bunch of things. She got a cafeteria down. And now she has like real estate, like a bunch of real estate and in different parts. She got the like she bought a 2020 car, cash, you know, for from something that I was embarrassed of, you know? And then I figure out okay, so if my mom did it, then I'm gonna do a little business too. So I can start doing that. But I think the girl bossing you know, like, being a girl boss is more of a state of mine, you know, because you can be a girl boss and still work in a corporation. It doesn't have to be like a small business owner. And also you can be like a mom and be a girl boss, too. So that was something that I always want to people you know, people don't you don't have to be like a entrepreneur. It's not it's not attached. You can be any type of woman and still be a girl boss in your field, like in your area. So it has different definitions, I would say right, like you you have.

Unknown Speaker 8:51

Yeah, you have your your balance your mom you work, but you also like having fun. Yes. Right. is super important with the child. side. No, I need Yeah, it's so sad when people think that you're doing child things because you like this knee or because you go to universal rights. And people even say, oh, you're wasting your money traveling to Disney all the time. But I do travel to other parts of the world. Like every year I choose a place to go this year was going to be Tokyo and California, which both of them were canceled for me because of the pandemic. Yeah, I have my money all set up. And they have my money like my money is there in credit. So I will go, but

Unknown Speaker 9:42

yeah, but it's so sad that people like I will just today I think I was realizing that um, some people are just

Unknown Speaker 9:56

thinking that they'd have to do this

Unknown Speaker 10:00

a certain way to be an adult. And it's, it's not. It's not that way you make your own way, the way that you want to be an adult and you are an adult, because you have the age, you have the responsibility. So I know there's some people, there are some cases of people that don't grow up kind of in, they still live off of their mothers or their parents or whatever. But that's because of their personality. It doesn't it's not because they go to this thing that doesn't make you an adult, automatically. Because I know a lot of people they have their own business, the they have families, they have husbands, they have degrees, and they still go to Disney.

Unknown Speaker 10:48

Even with me, people are always like, Oh, you need to be an adult don't wear these bright colors. Like I sometimes I get that. My hair is too yellow, even my own family, they'll be like, Hi.

Unknown Speaker 11:02

I'm like, I still I still I bought my own house, I pay my own bills. I'm an adult, but I could I could just like you said, I could just live how I like there's no handbook to tell us what to do. And another thing if you look at the generations to what people what what you thought, like, they compare a lot, The Golden Girls that they were supposed to be 50 cent 60 woman and you compare that to the 50s woman right now. JLo his stuff?

Unknown Speaker 11:34

Is like JLo wants the Barney cheese 50 so it's like, Um, no, I want to be that kind of thing. But people wanted you to even us when we look at our parents, and they were 30 years old or whatever. We're like, oh, you're old. You cannot wear boots, you cannot do short skirt. And that was generational, you know, things that we thought we should do. But we don't have to. We don't have we can set whatever. We want to dress whatever we want to do and set your own standards for your life, I think.

Unknown Speaker 12:12

And you also did a derby.

Unknown Speaker 12:15

Yes, I still will we still do it. The last time that I did. It was in March this year, the Bible because we did the revival, but then the pandemic happened like two weeks after. So we met up May, March 1, before the pandemic and we had a bunch of new girls that were gonna start doing it with us. But it's funny, because the first time that I did, it was 10 years ago, the first time so we were celebrating our 10 year anniversary, and then the pandemic happened. So we could, we cannot do that. But Derby is another way to be a girl boss. Like you feel so powerful in you that that's when I learned to cohabitate with another woman without without

Unknown Speaker 13:11

being afraid, or jealous or it was like a thing that people everybody was growing and everybody wanted to grow. Like, together it wasn't like a thing that they weren't you know, sometimes women don't like other woman to be prettier in a way and that happens all the time. Like you you always want to be the face of the group or or those are the things that Patrick he told us you know that you always have to be the prettiest of everyone in the group and don't don't tell your your girlfriends who you like don't bring your girlfriends to your house when your boyfriend is there your husband is there because they might take him away. And they put us against each other. So Derby took that away. Derby I had my poor husband sometimes I had like 25 girls in my house.

Unknown Speaker 14:09

In short shorts, when I say tortured, it was like

Unknown Speaker 14:14


Unknown Speaker 14:17

because that's the way I

Unknown Speaker 14:20

dress to play it was more comfortable for for moving for running so that I recommend Derby to any woman at any age. Definitely. I'm scared of it because it's like I went to I've only gone to one Derby game. And I've heard Derby from Judy justice up in Pennsylvania.

Unknown Speaker 14:43

But when I saw it, I felt like everyone was just hitting each other. Did it hurt in my head?

Unknown Speaker 14:49