Keeping it Vintage with Sewing Featuring Vintage Girl Studios - PINNED Podcast: Episode 34

Keeping it Vintage with Sewing Featuring Vintage Girl Studios - PINNED Podcast: Episode 34

This week I'm sitting down with my first remote guest, Vintage Girls Studios and have a come a long way! Tyna and I catch up on the news she first premiered on my podcast early last year about her new sewing project and answers a few of your questions! Also I apologize for my voice - been recovering from COVID - luckily I have not had any grave symptoms.

Want to make a shout out on the next video? Text to 1-833-4A-PINUP Insta: @pinnedpodcastofficial _________________ About Vintage Girls Studios Krzystyna Caldarone is a professional photographer who started working in film at age fifteen. She learned her craft at the iconic film-processing lab, Ferranti-Dege, located in Harvard Square, Boston. Krzystyna has owned and managed, Kryzstyna Harber Photography (, for eighteen years where she transitioned to digital photography and honed her post-production editing skills through her work in wedding photography, rock and roll photojournalism and studio portraiture. In spring of 2010, Krzystyna left the traditional world of professional photography in her quest for artistic satisfaction and photographic adventure to found Vintage Girl Studios. Vintage Girl Studios offers studio sessions that transform women into classic visions of themselves from past eras. Vintage clothing, set design and professional hair and make-up stylists help perform this transformation to create a truly unique experience. Krzystyna‘s Vintage Vintage/ Pin–up style photography has been featured in a variety of publications, including Providence Journal, Motif Magazine, Chronicle, and many national sub-culture magazines and websites. ________________

For more information Insta: @vintagegirlstudios TikTok: @vintagegirlstudios

Episode Transcript

Miss Pinup Miami 0:03

Hello, and welcome back to the pin podcast. Here the podcast to talk about modern subjects modern topics of the vintage flair and subjects. I'm your host Pinup Miami. And if you're not following us already, follow us on Instagram at the pinned podcast official or send us a text if you have any questions, any topics or you want to be a guest on the show at 183348 pinup. Last week. I know I told you all that we were going to have Miss mozzie D. But unfortunately, things happen in life. And we have a guest that you guys have seen before on the pin podcast. But it's also an honor for me to have her again. We have Tina from vintage girl studios. How are you today? Hi, Pinup Miami. Thank you. It's an honor to be on your podcast twice. Thank you so much for having me. Well, it was a great episode that we had last time because you you revealed new information last time that you were going to start doing a sewing and outfit. How's that? How's that been working out? It's been working out well. And you know, my summer collection went really well. It was a great way to get back into the studio and kind of get my feel after you know, being in lockdown for so long. And

Tyna 1:19

you know, the models were great. That worked with me and my online store is up. And I've had a few clients like want custom outfits that they actually can take home with them. And yeah, we're doing really well. There's a lot of merchandise on there. I sweat shirts and tank tops. And this year, if you booked three sessions in 2021 you get a free vintage girl studio sweatshirt, which is really, really interesting. Yeah, well, a lot of people like Oh, I love your sweatshirt. I was like well, if you booked two more sessions

Miss Pinup Miami 1:52

you'll get one and Rhode Island is a perfect place to go to I love visiting you in Rhode Island. I think anybody that goes to Rhode Island should book a shoot with you but right now it's really cold. No. Oh my god. Yeah, it is cold. It's actually a little bit warmer today. We did have about 10 inches of snow last night.

Tyna 2:15

This morning was really hard yesterday. We were you know, I was kind of busy because I was out getting the bread and milk and making sure that the cars are all gassed up and nothing that could fly around outside would would fly. But we made it through get cozy with tea. And how do you do you have to shovel the snow I've never lived in snow. Well, this morning was like pretty crazy because I had a dentist appointment. And it was like my third one of rescheduling

and my husband My poor husband heard as I was like, I need to go to my dentist appointment and he he had to get out there and it was with like a wet snow so it was super super heavy. It's like 10 pounds lifting throwing over your shoulder.

Miss Pinup Miami 2:59

Luke constantly

Tyna 3:00

but I think we passed it. I think there's another storm next week. But the summers are beautiful here

Miss Pinup Miami 3:05

because you came in the summer. Yes, it was and I got to see a deer in your in your own backyard. Yes. Renton was like it was I was very interested I've never seen that I felt like I was like in a Disney like story and then here comes Tino bringing the deer

Tyna 3:26

you see all the turkeys because sometimes in the turkeys during lockdown we saw like tons of like foxes and you know I my husband will be working in the dining room be like oh my god, and then I have to run out there and like look out dog goes crazy.

Miss Pinup Miami 3:43

Does your dog give her a second? Is the animal

Tyna 3:45

like through our yard all the time?

Miss Pinup Miami 3:48

Does does does a dog attack any of them?

Tyna 3:51

He would but we don't let them out.

Miss Pinup Miami 3:54

I feel like my dog would just bark at them. She barks at anything at the street. So Tina, I want to know more about your sewing. So how has it been going? What was the first piece you did for a customer? Like Have you had any custom pieces? Um, yeah, I

Tyna 4:09

did a I've been naming this. The shirts and the shorts and all the items after women that I have like like my grandmother like there's a there's the Kathleen top and then there's the Olga top and the Diane top you know like so I'm trying to like name them after like my mom, my grandma, you know each different style to kind of keep them situated and I made an Olga top which is just something like that it goes over that you can tie with a little bikini top and shorts for for our client and she loved them. I mean, it's not really perfect because I'm still not doing them in mass production. But I'm going in this year's local girl I made almost all her outfits and I was using patterns now?

Miss Pinup Miami 5:01

Oh, can you explain to people that are listening? What is your vintage girl studios logo girl?

Tyna 5:07

Oh, once every year, I pick a different girl to put on the front of my website. And this year, her name is Coco. I met her at a pinup contest, she was a winner. And I said, I need to you know, she got a prize package. And then I invited her back because I knew that she was just going to photograph beautifully. So she's on the front of my, all my social media for the year. And then the next year, I'll do someone else. And, you know, I'm just trying to mix it up. And I've had about 12 different logo girls over the years. So

Miss Pinup Miami 5:40

I love that. I love that you do that. Because it's like, it's like a constant theme for you. And it's like, it's nice seeing like a different model every year represent your brand and then I'm sure she feels super special.

Tyna 5:53

Yeah, yeah, we had a lot of fun. It was great. I made all her outfits. So I got to try out different things. And even if they weren't perfect, I was able to like, you know, Photoshop a little bit of the hem. But I got to try out a whole bunch of different things. So that worked out I'm getting much better shorts. I still want to work with jersey and do like lighter stuff for like beach type where but it's all in time. All the time.

Miss Pinup Miami 6:19

Sorry, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 6:21

Go sorry.

Miss Pinup Miami 6:22

I want to do a guayabera one day, huh? You know what I why I know it's a Cuban like, I'm sure you've seen it because you've been to Miami. It's like it looks like it's like a button down shirt with like stitch lines that are folded very nicely. It's like mostly made out of linen or cotton. It's very lightweight, perfect for Cuba or Miami. But I would love to make one of those traditional outfits. Next shoot. I just want to see how I could turn it into like my style because it's very collared shirt button now. I don't know. We'll see. I've seen I've just fallen I guess growing up being Cuban. And I've seen them wear it everywhere. Because it's like very casual. And you could wear it to a fancy night out depending on how you style it. Huh? It's pretty interesting.

Tyna 7:15

Yeah, we got to plan our next shoot, but I guess

Miss Pinup Miami 7:17

I still have to take my shoot from winning Miss Viva.

Tyna 7:21

Don't worry. Well, we'll get you I'll get you. I'll see you.

Miss Pinup Miami 7:25

I'm so excited. I have a dream shoot I've told you about I want to do one day and with you only. So it's been a while since we talked about it. But

Unknown Speaker 7:35

um yes. Take it. Take

Tyna 7:37

it take it sorry. I got

Miss Pinup Miami 7:39

Oh, special guests. Well, last time I interviewed you you also had I think he passed by to

Tyna 7:43

Yeah, he's

he's driving I can't believe that. Oh, he's old. So I also wanted to tell you with my sewing as you as everybody as I mentioned last time, when you know we lost grandma and grandpa Calderon to COVID and we had to clean out their house. And I actually took a lot of linens anything that I found interesting and I found in her stash because she had a pretty big vintage stash some fabric and I saw it and I said I have to make Pinup Miami. a skirt with this because it's I keep on seeing it. And it's it's so hard and I had so much fun. Because it was like I felt like I you were with me when I was like selling it. You know like I always felt so good but I'm going to I'm going to show it here. I know that people who are listening can't

Miss Pinup Miami 8:43

Yeah, if you come to YouTube, yes. Pinup Miami youtube so you can see.

Tyna 8:51

So this is the skirt.

Miss Pinup Miami 8:53

Look at that fabric. And I love things that are bordered like the fabric on the bottom. Hand me my Tina.

Tyna 9:07

I understand I also made you a matching mask.

Miss Pinup Miami 9:10

Oh that's important. The new normal

Tyna 9:15

normal so that I'll have more goodies for you to pet to pack up.

Miss Pinup Miami 9:21

I thank you so much. I'm so excited. How do you feel sewing has does it it does it for me sewing like makes me feel like an escape and it feels nice when you're making something with a vision like you saw that fabric and you saw Circle Square for for Pinup Miami or you see this fabric and you're thinking of like a place to like Tell me what goes on in your head when you see these fabrics and I

Tyna 9:47

see. I see a lot of things as color. And then I think of like how they would be photographed. Like more like the just like the complimentary colors like this would this is just a piece of an image that We'll go into my photography, you know, so that's how I like camping and I'm like, right, I have one of the curtains that I got were like these pokot this little polka tiny polka dot curtains, which are made into like one of those all the top set tie. And I'm like, these need blue shorts for the spring, you know, like, you know, just trying to like thinking like spraying and stuff like that. So I like it, because it's like, a lot of photography is looking at a computer screen. And you know, with social media, I'm always on my phone. So it's kind of nice to like, go downstairs, and I haven't the in my home. The former the former owner used to be a seamstress. And she so her sewing table is still set up. So downstairs is kind of set up like a fun fact, her

Miss Pinup Miami 10:45

basement was the first basement I ever saw

Tyna 10:49

a bomb shelter. But the basement, I have a good sewing table. I have my sewing machine set up there. So it's like it's just nicely set up sewing room. So I can go down there for like an hour at a time and like do something and then just leave it. It's not like in the middle of my living, you know, it's just there and then I can go do something else and then come back to it an hour or the next day. And it's nice. Yeah, it's really really nice. Although I do share it with my son who plays soccer next to it. I was like Why is this not Dover

Miss Pinup Miami 11:24


Does your daughter so with you? I know she was Sewing with you. She

Tyna 11:29

was a little bit but not much. She's getting into it. She's been really into her anime art lately. So she's been like, so we have like an art section for her to do her painting and then my son has like a workout gym section and then I have my sewing table downstairs.

Miss Pinup Miami 11:47

I love that your family like you guys push each other's creativeness because you got a little section for your son for you for your daughter and your husband has a band.

Tyna 11:57

Yeah, his music he's and he's actually been recording a lot of music and he's been having me do videos for him. So it's kind of

Unknown Speaker 12:05

like a credit nice video.

Tyna 12:07

I kind of stay away from like the vintage stuff with his his stuff. So I have to like like, do it a little way more modern because like he wouldn't like it although sometimes some of his songs I've taken like silent movies and like cut them up and put them with this music and fun. So

Miss Pinup Miami 12:25

you're versatile. So how do you feel about the future of your sewing? I know you have your spring collection going on? Is there like a theme for your spring

Unknown Speaker 12:35

or? Well,

Tyna 12:36

it's a lot of like it's a lot of pinks and brights. I want to I'm trying to make it very matchy matchy very much like 15 magazines. I think in over the summer I'm going to work on more jersey because that's what I really want to get into sewing some more jersey comfortable stuff. You know, I've sewed a skirt for myself like I sew for everything else and what I want to see people wearing in my photographs, but I always forget that I should make something for me.

Miss Pinup Miami 13:03

You haven't made anything for you yet.

Tyna 13:05

I made me an lm made matching. I made me and lm matching circle skirts for Christmas and we warm we had Christmas in a garage because our families wanted to be together so we had a big garage so we put our tables like 10 feet apart from each other and me and Ella Ward nice big circle skirts, which was fun she bought her he's like a little bit more punk rock you know with little shorter had tights and boots and mine was just like more heels and fun, you know?

Miss Pinup Miami 13:36

More flirty, huh? So let me ask I want to talk to you about you travel. Are you like making plans for like when things get better? Do you plan on traveling? Yes,

Tyna 13:47

yes. And yes, I'm hoping to be in Florida. ended December early January of 2022 or 2021 into 2022. And I can't wait to see you do some shooting on the beach. I'm also going to do rockabilly cute because my family lives over on the west coast of Florida so I need to go visit them. So I plan on being there at least one day if rockabilly cute. I want to go to Viva Las Vegas with you.

Miss Pinup Miami 14:22

Yes, I want to go with you to be such a dream. I've

Tyna 14:26

never been one of the things with the pandemic is we have to I feel like I need to travel a little bit more. If my kids are getting older and stuff like that. I mean, I we are already talking colleges for my son. So I'm like it's almost you know, it's it happened motherhood happens so fast, you know, so I'm trying to think like I really want to do a little bit more traveling.

Miss Pinup Miami 14:48

But yeah, so you feel I'm not I don't have any kids or a family just a dog and a boyfriend. But do you feel like having kids made everything like it does go fast like you feel Like they're like,

Tyna 15:02

it's unbelievably fast. It seems like yesterday like I am, I still have my son this morning. I was like, 16 years ago, you were just a baby. You weren't even a baby. You were like, you know, like, in it and now he's like, taller, bigger. Can I borrow your laptop? You know, like,

Unknown Speaker 15:22


Miss Pinup Miami 15:24

one day one day, I'll see how that feels.

Tyna 15:26

Yeah. But it's like, I hold my daughter. And I try to remember like, when when she was like a baby, and I'm like, Oh, so, you know, right away. Why? What are you doing?

Miss Pinup Miami 15:40

That's what all my friends would kids say like, Oh, you have to enjoy them when they're little because they still love you. And then they grow up and they all hate you. And they don't want to be next to you and and then they get older than they want to be back with you. It's like a cycle of life, I guess. I mean,

Tyna 15:54

I tried to make allergies tic tocs with me and she wants to know part of it.

Unknown Speaker 15:58

Let's go good. Yeah.

Miss Pinup Miami 16:01

I love your tic tocs. Because your tic tocs has vintage girl studios. And they show the behind the scenes of shooting make your whole studio I love how you have your setup on like, your makeup artists section. And then you have a little living room. Then you have your backdrop that you could change to however, and then your kitchen set. You know,

Tyna 16:18

I just I just changed some of the permanent backgrounds to I made a little bit more brighter, a little bit more spring. I wanted to do a little bit more like Tiki section. So I got like the big banana plant palm trees on the way. I'm very excited for the spring.

Miss Pinup Miami 16:36

And how is the bookings for the photoshoots you're doing? It is

Unknown Speaker 16:43


Tyna 16:44

I mean I'm only shooting about two sessions a week once a week with a total clean between each session this week's a little bit busy because Valentine's Day so I'm trying to get everybody Valentine. Yeah, it's about it's Valentine's Day. So I have to I want to get everybody shot. So I have time to edit and people can make orders and such. But yeah, and then I'm going to have a little break for a little while. And then in March. In the first two weeks of March, I have a very top secret project I'm going to be hopefully involved in I'm still working out details. But you'll hear about it. Everybody will hear about but I have to be it's top secret right now. And then back then back to shooting through the you know through the spring and fall,

Miss Pinup Miami 17:37

shooting and sewing,

Tyna 17:38

shooting and sewing. It's like it's I have my list here and it's like I have to edit I have pinup podcasts I have to go so I have to pack up her your skirt. You know, it kind of gives me like, Oh, I can go so now I'm just gonna go so

Miss Pinup Miami 17:54

I sewing is very relieving. I know I know a lot of people I've been trying to my goal this year is to improve on my YouTube videos, I always get asked to do sewing hair and makeup. So I since I've been focusing on my sewing, I've been trying to it's so hard to figure out. Cuz sewing takes a long time, depending on what piece you're doing. So trying to figure out what to shoot, and then editing, you know not to miss anything. And then you don't want to be recording for like 12 hours straight, you know, not that it's 12 hours, but so I did they kind of saw a panty because it's a small project you could do in an afternoon,

Tyna 18:30

I enjoyed your panty tutorial. I listened to it. I always listen to you when I am sewing. I think that's why I feel like you're with me because I always listen to your podcast when I'm like to teach you to do or cutting or pinning, and I'm like,

Miss Pinup Miami 18:43

that's good. Because I was so nervous. I'm like, why am I gonna make a video about Fanny's, but I'm like, I feel like it's a necessity. And right now we're talking about necessities in life. So why not so with your scraps, especially if you're going to be working with knits or stretch fabric and you have extra might as well whip up something really quick.

Tyna 19:02

Yeah, and I like them that they like the high waisted granny panties kind of thing. Yeah, because I was like, Oh, I could make these and I could give them to my client. You know, like they're easy quick, so we could do like photos. Like Yeah,

Miss Pinup Miami 19:16

well I'm thinking like when we haven't really gotten done how to put ruffles on it, but it'd be cool to make little ruffles. So they'll be like cute ruffled undies, and I think it'd be fun and the possibilities are endless. And if you have a Cricut machine you could sew like little fun sayings on them or

Tyna 19:33

Well, I can't wait for you to come to Rhode Island and see my see my sewing like my

Miss Pinup Miami 19:38

Rhode Island to see your pants.

Tyna 19:47

I really loved your um, your 20s Silk Road like jacket that you wore to that event.

Miss Pinup Miami 19:53

Yeah, see that? That was the first sewing video official sewing video I did was theirs. This event in the sky Oh, that they do every year at the 1920s party in the gardens at the Vizcaya and I got tired of seeing a lot of flappers, you know, with the fringe, and I'm like, I know that this cost to me I want something different. I kept like researching like, the old fashion like 1920s fashion for plus size. And a lot of it I didn't find flattering, but it was authentic. So I was like, I found a modern gown that had a drop waist. So use it as a base and then I searched, which I learned it was called a cocoon coat. And I was able to find this pattern and I'm pointing over here if you're watching because it's it's in my mannequin I really like it. And and I wanted to pink for because all my stuff is usually pink. So I was like, oh, there we go and added some furniture. And I really I really liked how it flowed. It was really nice, huh? You need one of those for your big mansion parties up there.

Tyna 20:58

I do I do.

Miss Pinup Miami 21:02

Do for art deco weekend this year. I mean, they can't I didn't I you know, I didn't

Tyna 21:06

watch the virtual just because it's sometimes it's been really hard to like get so much entertainment on the screen.

Miss Pinup Miami 21:12


Tyna 21:14

Um, so I missed it. But I'm definitely I'm definitely coming back. Like, I'm definitely gonna come out. I definitely want to go to that that event. I want to go to your prom.

Miss Pinup Miami 21:23


Tyna 21:25

Really cute. I just wish they if they all happened within three weeks, my life would be like,

Miss Pinup Miami 21:30

Well, I know the prom will be next year, hopefully for Valentine's it's supposed to be next weekend. But of course not right now. Which is a shame because I know that museum is also looking forward to it. But you know, safety first for everything. Yeah. And that way, we hope people hear about it more, and they come. So that'll be in February of next year. And then we have rockabilly q which is also in February.

Tyna 21:57

Yep. They're doing it like the 19th or 20th and 21st. One that weekend. So I'm pretty, pretty excited. I'm actually like checking my flights all the time trying to get that one. Now. What happened last time.

Unknown Speaker 22:13


Tyna 22:18

last year, we like I was going to come see you. And I was like, Oh, I'm going to come to this thing. And flights were like, at $9. To get down I had to make sure like the kids were all set, I had to make sure my parents were available. And I went to go buy my ticket, like the week before. And it jumped to like a ridiculous amount of money within like, from $99 to a ridiculous amount. And I was like I can't go.

Miss Pinup Miami 22:49

I always recommend to go flying or Well, yeah, cool flying on, is to download the app hopper. And that tells you have the, the prices are gonna go up or it's gonna go down to wait to buy now. I love that app. That's what I use like, like, if you already know a date, like for example, Viva east, Viva Las Vegas. I always plug in the dates because you could put it to be saved and will notify you like, hey, prices are going up, or Oh prices will be going down. Don't buy now. I really like that app. So if anybody's listening hopper is my you can put any dream place you want to go to what date like I know before COVID I put for Nashville Boogie just to see flights and to keep an eye on it. And it will keep you notified when things go up or down when to buy when not to go to Nashville buggy to Yes, I want to go. I want to do so much. So I was at

Tyna 23:45

an event in in Colorado, the 1940s ball. I don't know if you've heard of that one. I'm like airfield adverse. I want to go to that one. That's all my my list of thing. My thing

Miss Pinup Miami 23:58

I want to go to your party at the mansion. Yes, crane estate. Yes. dynasty one.

Tyna 24:04

I can't wait to go. I can't wait. I can't wait for the lots of stuff. But we definitely got to do New York, you got to come up to New York. I can go meet you in New York. It's on a list of stuff. We get to see each other a lot more when this is all

Miss Pinup Miami 24:19

kind of Miami vintage girl studios collab 2022. So I asked on my Instagram, if anybody had any questions, and I have a few questions for you.

Tyna 24:33

I'm getting all right. I'm getting off.

Miss Pinup Miami 24:35

Don't worry. They're all good questions. Okay, the first one is what inspired you to start sewing. I know you mentioned it last time, but,

Unknown Speaker 24:44


Miss Pinup Miami 24:44


Tyna 24:46

I always wanted to have a sewing machine or get or start sewing but it was just something that was just like, you know, having kids and not having time with the pandemic and you know, I was just tired of looking on social media. I was tired of looking at a screen and I just wanted to start doing something. And I had to make maps. So I was like, Oh, let me go get a needle and thread and start making some mess for my family because we can't find them, you know, paper ones or so I'm sitting here and I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 25:19

Oh my god, I

Tyna 25:20

remember how to do a stitch, like from when I learned in homak in eighth grade, or, you know, and I was like, Well, I can totally do this. And then after grandma passed away, I was like, Oh, is it okay? If I have her sewing machine and all her sewing stuff. And it was really nice to have that. And in a way it was like honoring her because she used to love to sew. And try to, you know, teach my daughter who's rather stay in a room, but it's okay. It's okay.

Miss Pinup Miami 25:50

Teenage teenagers.

Tyna 25:53

But yeah, I really, that kind of inspired me was like, Oh, it's like picking it up again. And it's really great for the studio because now I'm like, Oh, it's, it's, um, like, I made these giant pillow hearts for the studio for Valentine's Day. And my next project Yeah, I'm doing it for specially for one client as I'm making these giant peep split felt peeps. And now that I have the sewing in the area, I'm able to like, incorporate that into the studio. So giant, fluffy peeps.

Unknown Speaker 26:24

That's gonna be so cute.

Miss Pinup Miami 26:28

Well, I don't know if you've answered this one. But what is the first sewing pattern you've ever done?

Unknown Speaker 26:34


Tyna 26:35

there's a pattern, I'd say it was a mask, because it was very easy. And I could pick it up as they were giving them out at the fabric shop. So I was kind of like going around, then I've been playing with a lot of really old ones from the 50s and 60s and 70s that grandma left in her sewing items. So I made my friend some pair of pants I made you know, I'm just I just enjoy making things for other people.

Miss Pinup Miami 27:03

What was the first was the first photo shoot you ever did?

Tyna 27:08

Huh, huh, pinup wise, or I guess

Miss Pinup Miami 27:13

first photo ever? I'd like to know.

Tyna 27:17

Okay. Um, I can tell you right now, what it was. So 15 year old me was brought a progress note home to my parents that said I was about to fail the photography class. Oh, I had taken photography. And I figured that it was a very easy, easy class to skip. And it'd be easy and I wouldn't have to do anything for it. So I kind of spent the first half of the semester in the back of the class chatting with other kids who felt the same way. So I bring this progress note home saying that I'm about to fail this class. And they're like, how can you fail photography. So I got my roll of film. And I got my parents camera. I remember it was like this big clunky thing. It was an automatic camera. And I went out and I just photographed my yard and just like the tree, some bark. Just some things around, you know, some textures around the house around the house and developed them. And as I developed this roll of film, I realized, you know, whoa, this is pretty fun escalated my interest in photography.

Miss Pinup Miami 28:39


Tyna 28:41

but it's really funny because my senior project was photographed doing portraits of people through different time errors.

Unknown Speaker 28:51


Tyna 28:52

yeah. So there's like photos of like us doing like self portraits of me, like in the 60s or in the 50s. And, you know, like, in was developing them and stuff like that. So it was kind of it was kind of funny, because, you know, I went away from like high school and I, I picked up photography, I did photography in my two years of college, and then I needed a job and I got a job in a one hour photo lab. And since I liked photography, that was my, that was like, I I picked it up again. But I wasn't doing like pinup photography until, like 2008 when somebody suggested it to me. So it was kind of weird going back because it's like, it's almost like a lot of things in in my path have been like signs, but I didn't really recognize that they were signs until later on in life. I always look for the signs.

Miss Pinup Miami 29:46

That's what I always try to look for now. I'm like, what should I be doing?

Tyna 29:50

That could be like really dumb, like, you know, something dumb, like a project that I did as a senior in high school is now like my career. You know, it's kind of it's kind of strange because I remember looking for clothes. And, and all that kind of stuff. It's like, I should go get those negatives and like post them, or I'll send them to you. I'll send

Miss Pinup Miami 30:07

them to me.

Next question is why, after so many years, what inspires you to still keep doing photography?

Tyna 30:18

photography is always changing, like, if what inspires me is like, there's something else that I can do. There's always something else. It's not like, you know, when I was when I started out, we were doing films. So I was constantly like shooting, and developing, and then organizing, and there's never this drill. This industry is very hard. Because it's constantly changing. There's always so much to do. Does that make sense?

Miss Pinup Miami 30:47

Yes. Yeah.

Tyna 30:49

I always like to experiment and try new things. And it's every time somebody might try something out. And then I also get really inspired by looking at old photography, also in reading old photography magazines, because they really give me certain lighting diagrams and ideas to like, try out.

Miss Pinup Miami 31:09

Do you have a pinup that inspires you, huh?

Tyna 31:14

Pinup Miami. Cuz you are amazing. And you? Like, I'm so proud of you. Because I, I look at your social media and like she, like, oh, like you always have really great, like, content.

Miss Pinup Miami 31:31

Oh, thank you, I really do. I

Tyna 31:32

was like, I was like, you know, like with the pandemic, like I seen a lot of people like some people everybody's dealing with in their own way. And I feel like you have taken this time and have become so like, productive with changing things and doing the podcast and the calendar and like the TIC tocs. And I just I just really admire it. So I must say you

Miss Pinup Miami 32:00

owe me so much. It's It's funny, because in the pandemic, I felt so alone, because you don't really get to interact with people. So I just create stuff that I just been trying to push my own boundary. And I really liked that it's and it always like, it really makes me so happy when it impacts other people without knowing it. And I've only learned that through the podcast, through social media, through the calendar through everything that I do, because when you do it, I'm sure you know, when you're working on something you don't see how it's gonna affect you, you feel like what's gonna, you know, you have all these doubts and insecurities and, and then it's after you put it out there. It's like, okay, somebody, I just feel like

Tyna 32:41

you took lemons and made lemonade, you know, like you made like this. It's like you're in this world, you know, you have your community, and you just like, pushed forward to try to connect all of us with the different people from all around the country that you've been interviewing, and I just, I just admire that.

Miss Pinup Miami 33:01

Oh, what is your most? What is your most This is gonna be the last question. Okay, what is your most challenging project in photography and in sewing? So I guess what's the most challenging photography you've had and the most challenging sewing project you've

Tyna 33:17

had? Okay.

Miss Pinup Miami 33:20

are really both the same.

Tyna 33:22

I say my most challenging thing in photography is I will look I'm trying to do I want to do and it's a lot it's a lot of like painting photographs, so they look like oil paintings. Like I find I kind of struggle with that like this. There's a lot of visions that I have that I'd like to do, like I'd love to do like Renaissance type portraits with like big tutor type gowns and like make them look like paintings and Rembrandt lighting so that's something that like really challenges me because I'm not really good at the digital painting of it. But I'm gonna overcome it and I'm gonna and I will be get better at it. And then for sewing. Gathering is really hard. I find that really hard to do. Like I've been trying and I tried to do it with like, like a pin first and pull it and it doesn't look even and then

Miss Pinup Miami 34:24

the top I

bought a gather foot,

Tyna 34:26

gather foot.

Miss Pinup Miami 34:29

Maybe it's gonna be I bought it. It's not you can't get it to like I haven't figured out how to put it so you can get what you want. I think it just takes practice, but it's a foot and actually use it for I used it for my Hispanic Heritage dress. I use it for my Toy Story dress that I did for a lot of dresses I have gathering. I use this book that I got at Joanne's and you can also get an Amazon it looks like super big. I'll show it to you after the podcast and you connect it So it's like a sewing foot. And then it's super loud, but it's like it gathers everything already.

Tyna 35:06

Okay, so I'm not alone in this quest like this is because I find that really, because I'm like, I see it on the pattern. I'm like gathering. Yeah, I

Miss Pinup Miami 35:14

wouldn't suggest the foot for little sections. But for like large sections, then yes, I'll show

Tyna 35:20

you. Also, like, sometimes when they have patterns at the bottom, like better, like a thing, you know, like when some of your skirts that have like, the patterns that like

Miss Pinup Miami 35:32


Tyna 35:34

Yeah, they're always like, they're all consistent and like they're around. And I don't know, I have a lot of stuff to work on. I get some time now.

Miss Pinup Miami 35:42

But it's fun. I'll show you that. And that's a trick that's helped me. Do you have any questions that you'd like to ask me while you're on this podcast?

Tyna 35:53

Um, no, I don't have any questions. I just want to say thank you for having me again.

Unknown Speaker 35:58

Thank you.

Miss Pinup Miami 36:00

Thank you for coming on. I know it was last minute, but you're always on my mind. And I'm always stalking you and

Tyna 36:07

and I'm always my honor. I just can't wait until we go out again. Have it have lemonade have down? A

Miss Pinup Miami 36:15

fluffing otter?

Tyna 36:16

I'll bring fluffernutter

Miss Pinup Miami 36:18

Oh, guys, I went I went to her house. She made me this thing called the fluffing odor. It's like

Unknown Speaker 36:24


Miss Pinup Miami 36:26

fluff, which is the stuff that looks like a marshmallow open in a container. And I think peanut butter No. Yep. Oh, no butter. No, no, there's really good. I just have to check the goal when it's very

Tyna 36:38

New England thing because fluff was made in up in near Boston. So that's kind of like why we all know about fluff and others,

Miss Pinup Miami 36:45

I guess love that name. And she made it is good. There's even

Tyna 36:50

like a fluff festival in Somerville mass. Like they, they they they have a parade. And they have like, people dress up like fluff, like the containers. And I know this burlesque troupe that used to participate in it all the time. They have a whole festival in Somerville mass. I think it's called the fluff something my my son took the my computer

Miss Pinup Miami 37:14

when you find out I guess that's the first show. I'm going to

Unknown Speaker 37:18

go to the parade. parade and

Miss Pinup Miami 37:21

you can make like a white gown. Oh. With a sash that says Miss fluffernutter

Tyna 37:28

I think they do. I think they get a link later. I really am gonna send you a link. This is a game that was invented in Somerville, Massachusetts. You can't send kids to school with that because a peanut allergies these days. So the kids like it's always a quick fix. Oh, you're you're you're hungry. Okay.

Miss Pinup Miami 37:52

Well, next week on the podcast, I have Miss Charlie Leanna Murphy from the Murphy rose publishing and car culture Deluxe magazine. I'll be interviewing her. So make sure to come back and check it out. I want to say thank you. If you guys are returning, I appreciate it so much. And if you're first time listeners, I hope you guys come back. Make sure to subscribe, like leave a rating if you're listening on Spotify, or I Heart Radio or an apple. You know that simple review or rating really helps me continue to bring out content to you guys and a little smile to my heart. So thank you all for listening. Thank you, Tina, so much for being on the podcast.

Unknown Speaker 38:35


Miss Pinup Miami 38:37

I'll hear you all next week.

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